Sunday, 5 October 2008

Getting There

Well I`m here again though I`m still not completely used to the format of Blogspot. It seems to be taking me forever to add links to all the new journals and then I couldn`t work out how to add graphics to my ABOUT Me section. Thankfully Jeannette came to my rescue as she has so many times in the past and I now seem to have a vague idea how to do!

The weather has been wet and miserable all day though less cold than the last few days. Friday was absolutely freezing and felt more like the end of November than the start of October. I`m not a `cold` person but it really got to me and I just couldn`t get warm despite the central heating.

Kerry, Slava and Roman are here for the weekend and yesterday evening we babysat while Kerry and Slava went out for a meal and a well-earned break. Much as I love my Little Man he is going through a demanding phase and his mum and dad needed some time off. He certainly did keep us entertained though as he always comes out with some little gem. Yesterday we were talking about his growing up and going to work just like daddy. I told him that he could be a policeman, a fireman or even a bank manager. He looked quite serious for a moment and then said, " or a super hero!" Well, we just burst out laughing at his little joke though I think Roman was very serious about his career!

I haven`t seen Danny for over a week. I know he is seeing someone but he`s keeping very tightlipped about it. Hmmm...a mother`s instinct tells me that there is more to this than meets the eye. Watch this space and I`ll keep you informed of developments.........

A little while ago I was in the kitchen and I decided to have a quick look at the garden, I couldn`t believe my eyes when I saw a balloon lying in the bushes. How did it get there? I suppose the wind blew it there and it decided to stay. I just hope Jake doesn`t bite it because he`ll get a shock if he does.
I am disappointed that I was unable to link my tribute to Hannah to this blog. I did it right but for some reason I kept getting a `fault` message. Oh well, I might redo it as my memories of her haven`t faded and I`m sure I could do her justice all over again

I`ll say goodbye now because the family are going home and I want to say goodbye. I hope to get over to your blogs some time this evening. Bye Bye for now and take care. :o)