Thursday, 12 February 2009

Rain and Rubbish

Its been over a week since my last entry but I didn`t want to do a posting when I had little to talk about. I decided that after so long I should have something I can say. Right, I`ll begin.

As you know if you live anywhere in the British Isles the weather has been dreadful one way or another. While some of you will have had lots of snow many of us had 24 hrs of rain, I know Jeannette mentioned it in her journal the other day. Getting to work has been a problem lately because if I haven`t been avoiding deep puddles and in some places floods then I have been practically skating on the frozen roads. Yesterday it took me an hour for a journey that usually takes no more than fifteen minutes. The roads were so slippery that there were accidents everywhere and I had to keep turning round to try another route to work.

I`ve had no more silly accidents of my own since my last couple of escapades (fingers crossed!) though at work we have really been going through it the last couple of days. Yesterday a big electrical fault occured and without going into detail we have lighting but no other power at all. Luckily we have one plug socket that works where we can boil a kettle, I don`t know what we would do with a cup of tea or coffee. The tills aren`t working so we are trading manually, a bit of a nuisance but I`m coping. Hopefully it will be repaired by tomorrow. I spent much of the late morning

loading rubbish into the newly delivered skips. We have been waiting for them for over w eek so you can imagine the build up of rubbish. I smelt less than fragrant when I`d finished work and when I got home it was straight into the shower and my work uniform in the washing machine. I really don`t mind doing work like that because physical work has never bothered me and I don`t mind getting my hands dirty. Mind you, seeing as I was wearing gloves my hands weren`t at all dirty, it was just the rest of!

This Sunday I`m working all day Sunday as we are having a stock take and its all hands on deck so to speak, anyway the extra money will come in handy. As it is my hours have been cut by four hours starting on March 1st but just until the busy season which is in the Spring, hopefully that will be very soon. I`m not bothered about losing the hours either, I`m just grateful to still have a job. So many people are losing theirs as businesses collapse everywhere so I have no intention of complaining about a bit less money a month.

Kerry is doing really well and is getting things ready for the arrival of her new baby. I can`t believe its only a matter of weeks before she is due. Roman is doing well at nursery school and is looking forward to being a big brother. Actually Jim and I are probably even more excited than he is!

Yesterday Jim and I went shopping in the afternoon. I decided it was time to use a giftcard that I was given for Christmas. I originally thought I`d keep it until I needed something but then I thought I`d buy something because I WANTED it, it`s a gift, why not? I bought a nice pair of jeans in sort of dark coffee colour, it might not sound very nice but its a gorgeous colour and I also bought a red v-neck jumper. I don`t usually wear red but I saw this one and fell in love with it and had to have it. I also bought some curtains for my dining room. I bought some a few weeks ago and they just weren`t right. I couldn`t take them back because the shop has now closed down so I`ll have to save them for another time or find someone who wants them. They`re really nice and it would gbe a shame if they don`t get used. The new ones are just right and they were really, really cheap. After all the months of looking and I end up paying a fraction of the price I thought I`d have to pay. If I hadn`t already bought the other pair I`d have been even happier. Maybe I`ll put the other pair up for sale, I could advertise in the local shop and newspaper free ads.

Next weekend Roman will be staying here for the weekend to give his long-suffering Mum and Dad a bit of a break before the baby is born. They don`t get out much so it would be nice for them to be able to go out for an evening together and to be able to have a lie-in in the morning. It`ll be their last chance for some time to come. We are going to take Roman out for the day on the Saturday. Jim has suggested we go to Reading for the day but instead of going by car we`ll take the train, Roman adores trains so he`ll be thrilled when he finds out.

Oh dear, I`ve just seen the weather forecast, apparently we are to expect more snow, not a lot but then they say it will freeze overnight. Oh dear, another slippery journey to work again AND its Friday I superstitious? You bet I am! Bye for now. :o)