Monday, 2 February 2009

Snow, Snow and Still More Snow

Early morning and the cars are crawling along at snail pace

This afternoon, the back garden covered with a white woolly blanket

You couldn`t even see the road outside my house this morning

The snow began falling more heavily just after I came home from work.

What a day! Snow fell heavily overnight and I awoke to a blanket of the fluffy white stuff making the world look very bright and very beautiful. Being a lover of snow and Winter I was a little apprehensive of the drive to work. I knew the roads would be treacherous and being the South of England I`ve had little experience driving in snowy conditions. I used a long handed broom to clear the snow from my car and clear the driveway, finishing the job by throwing dishwasher salt everywhere. I actually didn`t have any problems driving apart from a couple of corners where I felt like a contestant from Dancing On Ice. Apart from that and not being able to go any faster than 10 mph the journey was fine as everyone on the road seemed to be behaving themselves for a change. The roads were much clearer on the way home and those drivers who usually behave badly did, especially the one who followed me nearly all the way home. When I stopped at a blind junction he tooted me for not pulling straight out into the main road. If he had been where I was he would have seen the car coming toward us but instead decided to tell me to hurry up...I didn`t , I just took my time and drove even slower once around the corner. The look on his face was a!

The other day I mentioned the Green Woodpecker in my neighbours garden. Well since then I`ve seen two more and after me saying that I`ve not seen one around these parts before...unless of course its the same one following me around!

I called Kerry this afternoon and after a brief chat I hear a voice say "Is that Nana? Let me talk to Nana!" No prizes for guessing who that was! Roman told me that he was going outside with Mummy to throw snowballs and build a snowman. He told me that said snowman was going to wear a hat and scarf, have a carrot for a nose. He then told me that he will make sure Mummy doesn`t fall over in the snow and hurt herself, bless him. Sometimes he says the sweetest things.

Oh yes, the spots he had are another type of excema. Kerry has been using several creams and using a potion in the bath and now she says his skin is almost back to normal now. She just has to make sure he has lashings of the cream on every day especially in the Winter when it can at its worst. I remember when Daniel was little his excema was much worse in Winter but once the sun started to shine it cleared up quite quickly again.

It had stopped snowing for a while but the sky is looking very angry and I don`t think it`ll be long before we have another lot fall on us. Hopefully it won`t be too bad and that the local authorities will grit the roads unlike last night. Also I hope Jim might be home from work earlier than usual because most of the flights from Heathrow are cancelled and he`s just sitting around waiting until its time to come home again. He must be really bored.

Anyway, must go. There are journals to read and an evening meal to prepare. Take care, stay safe and keep warm. :o)