Thursday, 13 November 2008

Happy News and Photos

AAAAHHHHHHH! Please imagine me screaming with fury because that`s what I`ve just been doing! I took 2 hrs, TWO HOURS typing out what I thought was a good entry. Then I pressed SAVE NOW, then PUBLISH POST, only to get a message saying that someone else was trying to use the same function !!! What?????...and to try again later, PLEASE BACK SPACE...and then I lost the lot. Did I swear? You bet! Did I thump the desk in anger...OUCH! yes I did!
I wanted the thank everyone for their kind words of comfort, their prayers, and how good they are making me feel, which is what I did and am doing now. Thank you all so much, they are really helping me and I will keep them close to my heart for tomorrows appointment. Thanks too to Guido for mentioning me in Call For Support, that was very kind, thank you again.
I had a phone call from Kerry just a while back to tell me that after her second scan today she was told she is expecting a little girl! A LITTLE GIRL...she is healthy and everything is as it should be for 20 weeks. Roman is not so sure as he wanted a boy so he could share his toys with. Oh well, I`m sure he`ll get used to the!

My happy Little Man on Sunday

With mummy Kerry just before they went home

I took this about 7.15 this morning. I though the cloud formation looked stunning with red sun shining through, the photo doesn`t do it justice though.

Anyway dear friends, I`ll say goodbye for now. I`ve been typing away for so long that my fingers are a little! Take care and thanks again for everything. :o)