Monday, 5 January 2009

Winter Days

I have a confession to make...I, love Winter! I like the chill morning and the hard white frosts and fresher air. I don`t even mind the shorter days when we have what I call a REAL Winter.

This is why:

I like watching the birds at the feeders eating seed and drinking fresh water.

I like to see my garden plants resting and preparing themselves for the new growth that will begin in Spring. The buds are already on the magnolia tree as are the daffodils pushing there way up through the frozen soil

I like wearing Winter clothing and wrapping up warm when I go out. I have my many pairs of boots, scarves, hats and gloves. I can`t wear them in warm weather now can I?!

I always feel better in myself when we have a proper cold Winter and not a miserable wet and mild one, like the last couple of years when I never thought the rain would ever stop.

I like walking on the hard ground when out with Jake, who might I add, seems to prefer cold weather too. Well labradors did originate in Canada where it`s not unknown to be a bit on the chilly side!

And I like the sunsets, like tonight for instance when you can usually tell if tomorrow will have a frost or not. I think we will by the look of things.

So there you have it, I`m a Winter girl. Mind you, I love all the seasons for different reasons. Am I the only one who actually likes the cold weather I wonder?

This evening we have a heating engineer coming to look at our central heating boiler. It has been behaving badly the last couple of days and I want it looked before it gives up the ghost. Much as I like cold weather I don`t want the house to be cold and I definitely can`t go without hot water. What happens is the boiler doesn`t start properly so I have to do it manually. It doesn`t switch off either so I have to do that manually too or it overheats. I don`t think its the thermostat but more likely something mechanical. Hopefully by this evening I`ll know what needs doing.

I think I`m getting a cold. At least I have a sore throat and painful sinuses but I`ve been having these symptoms on and off since Christmas. If I`m going to have a cold or whatever I just want to get it over and done with. I hate colds, viruses etc. The last BAD cold I had was November 2007 and I remember feeling dreadful and getting sympathetic looks and remarks from customers at work. The favourite comment was "Do you have a cold?" ........ Me ", I always look like this!" I didn`t!

Jim is organising another sea-fishing trip for May. Apparently the owner of the boat they usually go out on has bought a newer model which takes more people. All the usual suspects are going along and many others want to join them. I just hope there will be enough room for them all.

We were given another Christmas present from friends of ours today, guess what? Another box of chocolates...oh well, they can go in the cupboard with the others and will be eaten in due course. They also gave us a lovely wooden photo frame. It has room for one photo about 6" by 4" and three little ones. I`ll have to take a really good one of Roman or wait until the baby is born..or perhaps I`ll put photos of them both in there.

Right I`m going to make our evening meal now as the heating engineer may come at any time. Have a nice evening and take good care. :o)