Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Tuesday Twitterings

The weekend went by really quickly and here we are, Tuesday already. It`s election Day in America and it seems like there is a much bigger turn out this time than the last one. I turned the TV this afternoon when I got home and watched SKY news to see how it`s all going, I will continue to watch the race for the White house with interest.

Even though today is much milder than of late I`ve been feeling cold all day. I`ve been home since 1.30pm and I still can`t get warm, it must be the damp conditions rather than the temperature.

On Sunday morning after doing the ironing I took Jake for what was meant to be a quick walk. We were going to Kerry`s for dinner in the afternoon and and after Jim got home from work we would leave as soon as he was ready. Anyway, we walked to the field where we often go when we go outt locally. Jake seemed full of energy and I knew that a short run was out of the question. So after he`d run around the field about a million times...lol!...I decided a short walk along the country lanes would be a good idea. However, it was a dry day so I thought we`d just walk a little further, and further........and further and before I knew it we`d been out for and hour and a half. We headed back and reached home just before the rain came down. I felt great after the mini marathon and so it Jake. He wanted to go out into the garden but I gave him a biscuit and told him to rest his weary bones. He did just that and was asleep in minutes, snoring noisely...lol!

Later that afternoon we arrived at Kerry`s. Roman was on top form and happier than I`d seen him for a long time. He recently got over a bad bout of tonsilitis that left him whiny and miserable for a while but now my Little Man is himself again with his cheeky smile and boundless energy. He`s so funny because he keeps talking to his yet unborn brother or sister, starting each sentence with "hello baby, are you there?" lol! We had a lovely roast chicken dinner followed by an apple and blackcurrant crumble cake with icecream...very tasty indeed. Kerry is doing well and she`ll be having her next scan in about 2 weeks. She will then be told what sex the baby is if she wants to know. At the moment she says she would rather wait until the birth but I know my daughter and she WILL want to find out on the day of the scan, I guarantee it. I must admit I`m curious though I really don`t mind either way, a healthy baby grandchild is all that I want.

Today at work our manager decided that it`s time to play Christmas music in the shop. I was hoping that he`d wait until December so I`ll just have to put up with it...sigh. Mind you, I wouldn`t be surprised if I end up singing the songs in my sleep before the week is out...lol! We are seeling a lot of Christmas decorations now though, I suppose people see things they like and buy a few each week. I`ve got all the cards, wrapping paper, labels etc. that I need. All I have to do now is buy the rest of the presents to go with them. I think I`ll have finished my Christmas shopping very soon, I hate crowds so I need to get them out of the way before the month is out.

Because of the colder weather I`ve been putting extra bird feeders out. The goldfinches have come back in force and are eating as if they`ve never been fed before. I have a feeling that this winter is going to be colder than last year which will mean more birds plus more food. I invested in a bumper sized box that will hopefully keep me going for some months ahead, staff discount is very useful. I just hope the feathered creatures are grateful....lol!

Anyway my friends, I`m off to read some journals now. I hope you all have a nice evening, take care and Bye Bye for now. :o)