Friday, 28 November 2008

Road Rage and Other Things

Hello everyone,
I didn`t intend to leave it so long to post an entry but with one thing and another I either didn`t have the time or the inclination. We had a really nice weekend in Kent though our BIL Steve was really ill and we`ve never seen him like that before, it was a real worry though he`s a bit better than he was. Hopefully he`ll be well enough to attend the birthday party we are all going to this weekend, he`s been looking forward to it for ages and I know he`ll be so disappointed if he can`t make it. The weather was horrendous, freezing cold and very windy. If you look at the above photo you can see the sea is really churned up. It was taken on the Sunday and wasn`t as bad as Saturday when the waves were crashing over the sea wall. Jim had hoped to have a few hours fishing but all thoughts of that were put aside when he saw the huge waves. We did have a some snow but it soon turned to icy rain. When we went out I was wearing a thick woollen hat, scarf and thick gloves and I was still cold. We were shopping with Sue in Ramsgate and when we`d had enough we went into a nice little cafe and had a hot chocolate each and a mince pie. It was the nicest and most welcome hot chocolate that I`ve tasted for a long time.

On the drive home we had to go through London to take Sue and Steve`s 17yr old grandson home. As is usual for London the traffic was really bad. At one point Jim cut in front of another driver though we were moving very slowly and he acknowledged the other driver and apologised for his mistake. Thinking no more of it we turned right at the next junction when the other driver drove in front of us and then cut across and back the other way nearly driving us off the road. When we reached a set of lights the driver jumped from his car and came running over, I was terrified he was going to hit Jim as he looked so angry. Luckily Jim stayed really calm despite the man shouting and swearing at him. What that man did to us was much worse than what Jim did to him. I would think we weren`t the first person he did it too and we won`t be the last. I am so, so relieved that man didn`t do anything to hurt Jim. For all we know he may have had a knife, it was so frightening that I could hear my heart pumping and I was shaking all over all the way home. Poor Jim was blaming himself too and even though he wouldn`t admit it he was more shaken up than he let on.

Anyway, after the long weekend it was back to work on the Tuesday. It`s been a very quiet week but as we are about to go into December I would think this weekend will be much busier. All the Christmas trees are in and I`ve taken quite a few enquiries about the them. I`ve got my eye on one tree in particular and if it`s not been sold over the weekend I`ll put it to one side on Monday.

Today Jim and I went into town to pay some bills and to buy the last few remaining presents. I still didn`t manage to get all in wanted but there`s still time. Next Saturday Jim and I are catching a train into Reading and will hopefully, HOPEFULLY.....make it the last big shopping trip of the year.

Next week I really must write out my cards, wrap the pressies and put them all away. If I don`t hurry up it`ll all be done at the last minute and I don`t want that to happen. I absolutely hate rushing, it`s not good for my well-being...or anyone else who is around me at the!

Jim`s finished off the kitchen before our weekend away and today he painted the loo, all of it in just a few hours. I came home from work to find it transformed...anyone need a painter and decorator? He`ll travel anywhere and work for free, all you have to do is provide meals. I haven`t told him yet of course, that might be a bit!

Anyone watching I`m a Celebrity etc. ? I`m really into it this year even though I wasn`t going to watch it. Now I`m completely hooked by it...I think I need to get a!

Take care and have a great weekend. :o)