Friday, 10 October 2008

Happy, Sad, Deep and Meaningful


It`s been an unhappy few days. One of my work colleagues lost his wife on Wednesday and we are all feeling very sad for him. It was very sudden and they had been married for 48 yrs. He`s a very nice man and I feel for him and his family, they will be going through a terrible time.

The sun has been shining this week and I`ve been making the best of it in the garden. In my opinion gardening is very theraputic because I can be quiet and vent my feelings out there with only myself for company. I don`t even notice the time and I feel so much better afterwards, at least spritually, not always physically as my poor arthritic hands will tell you. No matter, my hands are important, peace of mind is. Sorry but I`m a bit deep and meaningful today with one thing or another, the `another` I need not mention here.

Danny is happy with his girlfriend and because of that so am I. Kerry is feeling well especially now as she can feel the baby move, another reason for me to be happy. Roman is doing well and is very happy at his nursery and I`m happy about that too. And in two weeks I`m having a day of work to go and visit a friend. I`m really looking forward to that and yes, I`m very happy!

Yesterday I was really worried about Jake, he was quiet all day and in the evening he didn`t come into the sitting room and lie down next to me. Instead he stayed in his own bed all evening, something that he just never does. This morning however he was his usual self so I can only presume he just didn`t want to leave his comfy bed, lazy so-and-so!

I do wish we had an alerts system on these new blogs, I mean I`ve quite got used to the format now but I have no way of letting my readers know if I have posted or not. Sending a mass email is the only way I can think of but maybe some poeple don`t want this. I think I`ll try that and if it works fine. If anyone doesn`t want me to do it I won`t, simple as that.

Tomorrow morning I have a hair appointment to get my roots done and a cut and blow dry. I think it will cheer me up a bit. Despite being happy for my family and friends I still feel low-ish. It might be because I have swollen glands in my neck, am I getting a cold or am I not? I wish it would either come to something or go away, I`m bored with it now!

This Sunday I`m going to visit my bother and sister-in-law. To my shame I haven`t seen them for almost two years despite only living about five miles apart. I suppose because we all lead such busy lives we never seem to find the time, perhaps we should have tried harder, two years is far too long. My brother Cliff is eight years younger than me and is my only sibling. Also we are very similar personality-wise which doesn`t make for a happy some of the time. However, I`m looking forward to seeing him and that`s all that matters. I just hope it`s a good visit.

That`s it for now though. I hope you all have a lovely weekend wherever you are. Take my friends. :o)