Saturday, 25 October 2008

Thoughts and Observations

I think I`m starting to really like Blogger after the initial hiccups. As well as keeping most of my old readers and friends, I have aquired several new ones too. It`s great to have a community seeing as how AOL had treated us so shabbily. I suppose what are a few worthless journals to a big organization like them, they just didn`t make any money for them. Never mind, we have all moved on and left them to their own devices, it might not be perfect but we can all make it as good as possible and we can forget all about them.

Kerry called yesterday to ask my advice about a recipe. After I told her what I would do I asked her about her accident of the other day. She told me that she`d not given it a though all day and knowing her as I do, I believed her. Kerry has always been able to move on to the next thing in life and not be dragged down by her past. I admire her for that as I`ve not be so lucky I`m afraid. I`m really thankful she is absolutely fine because I kept going over the incident in my mind and I know had I been in her situation I`d have been terrified. I also know I wouldn`t have been able to forget that easily. I kept asking her if all is well with the baby and she just laughed and said "of course!" It is a relief because it so easily could have been so much more serious.

The weather has been cold but sunny the last couple of days, enabling me to dry the washing outside. I`m on an economy drive and am trying to save electricity where I can, in this case I`m trying not to use the tumble dryer as it uses shed loads of electric and that means a very high bill. I have been trying to vacuum less ie. once a week but Jake has been moulting furiously and unless I want a black hairy carpet in the sitting room it`ll have to be done at least every other day. I did try to save by washing clothes on 30deg. instead of 40 but the rubber seal went black and started to smell so I soon gave that up.

Jim is decorating the kitchen at the moment and decided this morning that he would paint the ceiling before going to work. he`s done a good job but oh! the mess. He did tidy up generally but I`m going to have to give it a serious clean once I`ve done this entry, a job I`ve never been that fond of to say the least...sigh.

On Tuesday we are going shopping for paint for the walls and I have no real idea what colour I want. It has to be a very light colour so it will most likely be something similar to the present one. I might be lucky though and see just the thing but I have my doubts. Then I have to choose curtains for the diner which extends from the kitchen. Do I know what I want? Not on your life!

After the cleaning the rest of the day belongs to me and me alone. Jim`s at work, the kids are, well kerry is out shopping with her family and Danny....Danny could be anywhere, I don`t hear from him as much as I did before Sal came back on the scene. I`m not complaining though, I really enjoy a bit of `me` time. All I can hear at the moment is the whirr of the washing machine and the hum of the freezer and thats all....ah bliss!

Ok my friends, I`d better get on with the cleaning. Take care all of you nad have a great weekend. Oh and don`t forget that the clocks go back an hour tonight here in Britain. Yuck, shorter days and dark evenings for the rest of the Winter....sigh.