Monday, 17 November 2008

Onwards and Upwards!

Hello again, Welcome to a miserable Monday. It`s nice to be writing about something as mundane as the weather after last week when I was a bit preoccupied. Now I feel as though a weight has been lifted and I can continue as normal, mind you, normal isn`t really a good word to describe me, just ask my!

Kerry and Roman were here for the weekend as Slava was working away on Sunday. He stayed overnight Saturday but left here at 5am to travel to Birmingham. On Saturday afternoon we went Christmas shopping, that is, Me, Jim, Kerry, Slava and Roman went shopping. At least now I have almost all the presents for Christmas, all I have to do is wrap them. I have about a million cards to write and send and I don`t want to be like last year and leave them to the last minute. I think tomorrow afternoon would be a good time to do it, followed by much wrapping of gifts.

Many thanks to KATH`S daughter J for making this snowstorm globe with Roman hiding inside. As he is so fascinated with snow globes Kath suggested he might like to see himself inside one!

I came home from work to face a huge pile of ironing. I didn`t have time to do it yesterday as I had Roman to look after plus I had an awful headache that lasted all day long. It took me two hours and I was glad to see the back of it all. The only problem being the washing basket is almost full again so when I do the laundry tomorrow it be more of the same..sigh.

On the bright side, Jim and I are going to his sister`s in Birchington, Kent for a long weekend. We leave Friday morning and won`t be home until Monday afternoon. We`re really looking forward to seeing her and her hubby as we always have a great time with them. I know the weather`s not great but the break will do us good.

I was watching the birds on the feeders this morning and was amazed to see a large green woodpecker feeding there. I`ve not seen one in the garden before but I hope he comes back again. Have I told you about our tame robin that we feed at work? Well anyway, we feed this youngster and his brother separately or its claws and feathers at dawn. Just lately the food has attracted dunnocks and chaffinches too. This morning I looked outside and I saw a little jenny wren feeing there. We have an ancient wisteria that grows along a wall of the old cottage in the grounds of the garden centre. Wrens nest there every year and the one I saw must be one of the young born this year. Our `home grown` birds are so tame that they come within touching distance and woe betide if you don`t feed then as soon as you get to work. The larger robin hops up and down chirping until his food is there. Once or twice he has flown right at me so I get the!

I`m way behind with journals but I hope to catch up this evening. I`ll say goodbye for now and hope you all have a good week. Take care. :o)