Sunday, 26 October 2008

A Wet Wintry Sunday


It`s really wet and horrible today. After my saying how nice it was yesterday I suppose it makes sense that it would rain just afterwards. The only problem is wet weather sets off my arthritis and last night my wrist was so painful I took tablets before going to bed or I knew I wouldn`t get any sleep. At the moment I`m wearing a support though I absolutely hate it. It feels so uncomfortable but I`m not taking any chances. Also my back went yesterday evening as I bent down to put something in the cupboard....sigh. I think I`m falling apart at the moment and will have to start taking Jake`s pills, they seem to work for him though I might end up with a black, wet, shiny!

Talking of Jake, Jim took him for a long walk in the woods this morning despite the rain and he came back soaking wet but so happy. Why is it that dogs love their walks despite the weather? It can be freezing cold, boiling hot and still they want to go out. At least that is the case with our Jake. he certainly doesn`t take our feelings into account when it comes to the great! He has slept all morning and by the look of him now he`s ready to go again ...hmm, well sorry Jake but you will have to wait until tomorrow. This dog owner is allergic to rain and doesn`t want to go outside the door today!

At the moment I`m unable to add any graphics to my entry. No idea why of course but it just won`t open for me. Never mind, it can`t be helped but I`ll keep trying just in case then I can delete these few sentences. It`s so quiet at the moment, the second day of `me` time. Jim is at work but should be home by 8.30 with luck. He does stay on for overtime if it`s offered but I`m not sure he`ll want to in this weather as ghe works outside. Sometimes in Winter while refuelling he keeps dry by sheltering under the wing of a plane and gets warm from the heat of the jet engines. His own bit of outdoor central heating, along with many layers of clothing just to be on the safe side.

There`s not much else to say but thanks for reading my blog. I hope you all have a nice Sunday. Bye Bye and take care. :o)

Love Sandra