Monday, 23 February 2009

Hoping For a Happy Spring

My goodness! I didn`t realise I hadn`t posted since Friday 13th, doesn`t time fly!

Work has been busy now that Spring is approaching and gardening enthusiasts are buying their seeds for their flowers and vegetables. The milder weather is certainly good for business and as I said before, it keeps me busy which is always nice. I`ve even done a bit of gardening myself, tidying up and planting some potted crocuses and hardy cyclamen and snowdrops. I`ve put them around the trees and with luck they should spread out and in a few years time I`ll have a carpet of colour to brighten up the late Winter drabness. Many of the bulbs I planted in my hanging baskets and tubs are in flower and if I may say so, look really pretty. In the next couple of weeks I`ll be planting the seeds for my Summer flowers and vegetables and starting off the dahlias. It`s all very ambitious but hopefully I`ll get good results and will save a lot of money in the meantime.

Kerry is much better after her fainting episode last week though it still worries me that she still has another week to go until her maternity leave begins. She is very uncomfortable this time, much more so than when she was expecting Roman and she has definitely put on more weight. I wonder if she`ll follow in my footsteps and have a big second baby. I can`t see how she can get much bigger but she still has six more weeks to go yet! I`ve started to feel a little excited about the baby now. I hadn`t felt as excited as I was when Kerry was expecting Roman but maybe it was because he was the first grandchild. Anyway I found myself looking at little pink clothes in the children department in Next which is a very good sign. I had vowed not to buy anything pink until the baby is born but just a few things won`t hurt.....will they?

We had Roman to stay over the weekend and he was a really good. I did have a few doubts because he has been giving Kerry a hard time of late but once the ground rules were established ie; Nana`s in charge not!, it went really smoothly. On the Saturday we took him on a train journey into Reading for the day. We didn`t tell him about the train until we reached the station and he was thrilled when we told him about the train. He absolutely loves trains though he was a little disappointed because it wasn`t a steam engine like Thomas Tank Engine! He didn`t ask after his Mum and Dad all day and he kept us and other shoppers amused with his cheeky grin and funny comments for the whole day. While we were out I bought Roman some Disney sunglasses as he says he doesn`t like the sun getting in his eyes and some new Mickey Mouse pants just because he liked them. Roman bought some tiny pink shoes for his little sister which I`ll put by until Kerry brings her home from hospital. Including Roman in the whole process is very important and we don`t want him to feel left out. He actually asked Kerry the other day " Will you send me away to Nana`s when the baby is born?" Kerry reassured him that he will be the big brother to the baby and Mummy and Daddy love him and want him at home with them. I`ve made sure I keep talking to him about Mummy and Daddy and how much they love him, bless him. Anyway, I digress, by the time we got home again he was really tired and when bedtime came at 7pm he didn`t complain at all. In fact he fell asleep while I was reading to him and didn`t wake up until 6am. Even then he climbed into our bed and went straight back to sleep until after 8. Kerry couldn`t belive it when we told her and asked us what our secret was. Just a bit of Nana magic I! I did decide however that having children is strictly for the young. It was lovely to have our little darling for the weekend and I look forward to the next time but it`s lovely to be able to give him back again! Being a grandparent you get the best of both worlds. You get to enjoy them all day and you can give them back to Mum and Dad who can deal with the less than happy times. I throughly recommend it. :o)

We have ordered a new TV and is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. Jim has wanted one for a long time but I resisted because there was nothing wrong the one we had. But, it has started going wrong and that gave Jim the excuse he needed to buy the one he`s set his heart on...Honestly, I`m starting to wonder if he sabotaged it himself! Anyway, this new one is an all singing, all dancing state-of-the-art 40" flat screen HD thingy. Well he`s paying for it so I`m not bothered because as I said, it doesn`t matter what rubbish is on TV at least we can watch it in!

Anyway, dear friends, I`m going to try to catch up with some journals, I`m miles behind and need to see what`s been going on. take care and I`ll try to post again soon. :o)