Sunday, 14 December 2008

Weekend Catch Up

It`s a damp and miserable day and I really don`t like it. Last week it was bitterly cold but frosty and brighter, give me that any day instead of this.

Yesterday Jim and I went to the garden centre Christmas dinner. We had a nice time but the food could have been a little better and the portions a bit bigger. Never mind we had a good night out and that was the most important thing.

At the moment I`m acting as nursemaid to my son and heir Danny who has a bad case of man-flu. I don`t want him to go back to his flat as the heating isn`t very good and I don`t want him to get really ill. To be fair he does have a very bad cough and a fever and its not like him not to eat but as we all know men are pretty helpless when viruses! Oh dear, I shouldn`t laugh, I`ll probably get it next. :o( We had a bit of a falling out the other evening and I`m pleased to say it`s resolved for now but I think it`s going to happen again before long as the issue isn`t going to go away....sigh

I`ve been getting lots of Christmas cards from my JLand friends and many of them from overseas so thank you all. As I said before I`ve wrapped everything and am as ready for Christmas as I can be, not bad with still two weeks to go. Knowing me I`ve forgotten something really! The only present I have still to buy is Danny`s. I can`t buy clothes like I`ve said before or they will go back to the shop after Christmas and I have no idea what else I can get him. If I ask him he said he doesn`t know what he wants ( so helpful!) and I know he wants something to open so I can`t give him money....Oh dear, I need some inspiration.
I`ve just had a call from my brother about our Aunties funeral. He`s attending the service with me and bringing my nephew too. I must admit I`m glad to have some moral support because I haven`t seen my cousin for over 35 yrs and another of my cousins since I was 13, though I`m certain I won`t have any trouble recognising them. Tomorrow I will organise the flowers.
Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment for a filling and I`m really not looking forward to it. I would happily cancel but the nagging pain at the back of my mouth prevents me. The dentist says it just a small hole but they always say that, he probably just trying to make me feel better! Best get it over and done with before Christmas so I can eat what I like without fear of pain. Anyway my friends, I hope you`ve all had a lovely weekend. take care and I be visiting your journals soon. :o)