Friday, 27 February 2009

What to do on Monday

Oh dear, what am I going to do? I have a guilty secret and have to tell someone before I burst. Right, here goes....I like going to, I LOVE going to work...there, I`ve said it. Today we were told officially that our hours have been cut to save jobs and on Monday I have the day off and will do my normal hours for the rest of the week. The thing is I just don`t know what I`m going to do with myself. I`ll go stir crazy staying at home all day and all I can think of is to do some gardening, weather permitting. Mind you, there`s not much for me to do at the moment, just a bit of tidying up. I`ve already potted up the dahlias and cannas to get them started and I can`t plant any seeds for another fortnight. There`s not a lot of weeds to pull up and I can`t think of anything that needs doing for a while. I suppose I`ll have to catch up with some general housework AND a pile of ironing that won`t get done all weekend. It`s just that I`ll miss being at work, having a laugh and keeping busy. Note to self : Get a life!

The Spring like weather has brought out the customers in droves, a bit of sun and all thoughts turn to the garden and a bit of colour is what many of us need after a cold Winter. I mean, it`s not really Spring yet and even so March is a very unpredictable month so I don`t think we`ve seen the last of Winter just yet. I was born on the 27th and my Dad was always reminding me that the night I was born there was a blizzard and he had to cycle through it to the nearest phonebox dressed in his pyjamas and dressing gown. You`d think it was my fault the weather was like! As they say, March roars in like a lion and goes out like a lamb....lets hope so.

I went into town with Jim this afternoon to pay a few bills. While I was there I decided to have my rather grubby car cleaned. Well what a transformation, I could hardly believe my eyes. My car had practically changed colour and on the journey home it seemed to drive better now it had taken off its filthy overcoat! The only thing is, the cream upholstery isn`t cream anymore so perhaps I can spend some time cleaning it on Monday. It should take most of the day considering just how dirty it looks...sigh. I know, I DID say I needed something to keep me busy.

Tomorrow morning I have a hairdressers appointment then Jim and I are going to Basingstoke shopping and then we`ll pop into Kerry`s for a cup of tea before returning home again. On Sunday Kerry and Roman are coming here for dinner and then we are going out for the afternoon. It`ll just be the three of us because Slava is working, Jim is going to an annual fishing show that he attends every year....yawn. See what I mean about keeping busy? If I stop I`d probably fall!

The new TV arrived this morning and it`s lovely. It`s like a small cinema screen, at least it is to us. Jim confessed that he wanted it because he loves watching DVD`s and he may as well watch them in style. As I said before, he paid so I`m not arguing. At the moment he`s still sorting out the various things it does. Short of making coffee and vaccuuming the carpets there`s not much it doesn`t!

Anyway my friends, I hope you all have a lovely weekend.Take care. :o)