Thursday, 21 May 2009

Happy Days and Lost Chocolate

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Hello Everyone,

I thought I`d pop by and say hello seeing as I haven`t posted for what seems like forever...almost three weeks I think.

I`ve been working longer hours as its the busiest time of year in any garden centre and I must say I`m glad of the extra money too. The only problem being is that by the time I get home and have had some much needed lunch I have to catch up on housework and then I`m out in the garden tending to my plants. I think most evenings I have no more than an hour and a half computer time, not much when I think of the time I`ve spent on here in the past. On Monday we went to Kerry`s for the afternoon when I managed to get home at the usual time. I do enjoy being able to see them because with Roman at school and with them living further away I don`t see them as much as I used to. But then I think it`s not that bad, Roman`s Russian grandparents only see him once a year and in future it`s most likely only going to be every other year, air travel for four doesn`t work out cheap.

Speaking of working late I am always ravinous when I finish and the other day I bought a nice tasty chocolate bar, a Bounty to be exact. I ate one piece straight away and put the other piece on the passenger seat of my car so I could munch on it when I was driving along. As I was turning a corner my beloved Bounty slid onto the floor out of reach and I actually cried out "Oh no!" I waited until there was somewhere I could pull over and quickly retrieved it and ate it before I lost it again. Never has a simple bar of chocolate tasted quite as good as it did!

Last week my nephew Adam turned 18 and we attended his party in the evening. he`s such a lovely lad, though he`s hardly a lad now. he`s 6ft.5" and still growing and he`s broad with it so he looks much older than 18. I`ve always had a soft spot for him as he has the nicest nature and it was nice to spend the evening with him and the rest of his family. Next year its his younger brother Ryan who is 18 and I`m looking forward to the party!

Kerry had Sophie weighed today and she`s already 11lbs.4ozs, not bad for 5 weeks old. She is doing really well and some of the clothes she is wearing are size 3-6mths! I was looking at some of Kerry`s baby photos the other day and I was amazed at how alike they were at that age, though Kerry was much daintier than her little girl. Kerry thought that Sophie resembled ME when I was a baby though the only likeness I could see was the thick dark hair that we shared. I suppose different people see different things in one another and of course genes are passed down the generations.

The last time I posted I mentioned Roman`s conjunctivitis. His poorly eyes soon got better much to Kerry`s relief. He didn`t like the eye drops and each time they were due he had to be held down making it very difficult for Kerry, especially as she was still very sore from the caesarean. She is totally recovered now and despite a blip when she was feeling a bit depressed she is doing really well now. She decided it would help her recovery by going for walks each day and walking further afield as she felt better. The women she talks to at the school were amazed how well she was after a difficult birth. I think that she takes after me when it comes to illness or incapacity, neither of us are good patients and will do all we can to recover by any means necessary. The one thing I can`t fight completely are the aches and pains of advancing age, of which I have too many at the moment. :o( Mind you, I do curse them and it seems to help at!

Talking of ailments I have a mysterious problem. About a week ago I woke up one morning and I couldn`t open my right eye. It wasn`t sticky as with conjunctivitus but it just wouldn`t open until I did it manually. Anyway, it`s the same every morning and I know there can`t be anything too serious because I had my eyes tested the other week and they said they are healthy and they couldn`t see any abnormalities. I have noticed in photos for a couple of years that my eyelid droops a little bit this never happened before. The thing is my eye is fine all day and it only happens when I`ve been asleep. I suppose I`ll have to see the doctor if it continues though I`d rather not. I have to have a cholesteral test in a fortnight so I might just ask the nurse and see what she says.

I`m posting this in ordinary text because I have lost the colour and font change facillities on my journal, has this happened to anyone else? I must have a look at my Facebook because I haven`t been there for ages either, I don`t want to lose touch with everyone.

I really want to thank Antonella and Barb for the beautiful gifts and cards theyhave sent for Sophie, it was very kind and I know Kerry really appreciates them. She was really cynical about me having online friends but the response she has had has changed her mind completely. She thinks its lovely that people she has never met have been so kind and thoughtful....and of course she is right!

Tomorrow Jim is going on his annual sea-fishing trip with his mates from work. Danny is going too but Slava couldn`t get the time off of work this time and he`s disappointed to be missing out. Jim spoke to the captain of the boat and the weather forecast is good. Hopefully I will be able to stock my freezer with some tasty fish tomorrow evening. The one thing that is always at the back of my mind is their safety though I know the captain is a very experienced man and knows the waters like the back of his hand. I`m just glad when I get a phone call to say they`ve had a great days fishing, then I can relax at last.

Anyway, my friends, I`ll say goodbye for now. I promise I won`t leave it so long before I post again. Take care all of you and have a great weekend.

Bye Bye for now. :o)