Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Ice, Flowers and Football`s a cold, cold day, colder than Alaska according to the weathermen. Last night it snowed, almost unheard of in October, at least in this part of England. When I ventured out at 8.15 this morning for work I thought I could just jump in the car and drive wrong can a person be. I thought because we had snow I wouldn`t need to scrape the ice off my windscreen so imagine my surprise when I found the car was completely iced up. It wasn`t frost, just hard, unforgiving ice. The door locks were frozen stiff and there was no way the window I could open the windows. I asked Jim to give me a hand and before long I was on my way but for the whole drive I could hear ice cracking on various parts of the car, it sounded as though the car was falling! The roads were dreadful though with some places very icy indeed in the country lanes. As I turned into the garden centre I felt my back wheels slide away even though I was only in first gear.

It was really cold at work too though I was dressed for it. I had my trusty thermal vest, my work shirt, fleece jacket and super padded bodywarmer. I even found my fingerless gloves in my locker and wore them for most of the morning. It never fails to suprise me that even when it`s so cold we can get really busy at times. Yesterday was very busy though today was less so we still had a lot of sales. At the moment we have a huge sale with many plants either half price, 75 percent off or even for just £1. The reductions are excellent when you consider what the plants cost originally and all the plants will be as good as new by next year. I bought an Achillea for £1 that cost £5.99 full price. A great buy in my opinion.
This evening Jim and Danny have gone to see Arsenal play Tottenham at the Emirates Stadium in North London. Danny is a lifelong Arsenal supporter as is my brother and my late Dad was too. Jim just enjoys a really good game of football and to go to the new stadium to see a live match is something he hasn`t done for many years. Dan managed to get the tickets through a client of his at work. he is lucky as the tickets he gets are very good seats and he has been to see some very good sporting events for next to nothing. Jim has dressed up really warm including a hat and gloves but Dan only wore a football shirt and a big coat. Something tells me that he is going to be really cold later on. Oh well, I did warn him but do boys ever listen to their mothers..? lol! PS: Arsenal should win!

Last night it was the Hindu festival of Light, Diwali and fireworks were going off until late at night. I don`t want to be a killjoy as I know it`s a special occasion but poor Jake was absolutely terrified and spent the evening curled up by my feet in the sitting room with his head under the coffee table. He was so scared that when we went to bed we let him stay where he was instead of sleeping in his own bed as usual. I know they`ll be more fireworks tonight and perhaps for the next week. I just hope they won`t be quite as noisy as last night.
Anyway, I`ll say goodbye for now. I just heard fireworks in the distance and I want to let Jake out before they get too bad. Take care. :o)