Friday, 14 November 2008

I`m Clear ~ Thank you All!

I`m so happy and relived that I can`t begin to tell you how much. I was sure there was something sinister there and almost didn`t believe him when the doctor gave me the all clear.

Thanks to you all for your heartfelt prayers, goodwishes and caring concern, for all the personal emails that I recieved, again I thank you from the bottom of my heart...oh dear, I hope this doesn`t sound like an Oscar! Sorry but you know I joke about everything. This time however it was deadly serious and I have you all to thank for helping put me at ease. Apparently the `mass` that the doctor was concerned about was in my right breast, (anyone who is a bit sqeamish or male can look away now). My tissue is very lumpy and knotted instead of fatty like the majority of women. The knotty tissue when compressed looked like the `mass` and looked slightly different from the mammogram that I had done in 2006. Erring on the side of caution, the doctor wanted to do further tests, just in case. This time I had some photos taken at a different angle and also un ultra-sound. This time it showed up nothing untoward apart from a 2mm cyst which by all accounts, most women have anyway. I am being put back on the 3 yearly programme of mammograms now for which I am most grateful.
This afternoon I called Jeannette and told her the good news. In the conversation I told her that I feel my life has been changed. Even though I`m not ill I feel as though I`ve started to view life differently. Even Jim told me that I have been more cheerful than usual the last couple of days. I thought about this and asked him if I can return to being miserable again? " No you can`t!" says! Seriously though, I DO feel calmer. I won`t forget this scare and if it helps me become a better human being in the future, then all the better.

After the clinic Jim and I went Christmas shopping. I was so pleased that I managed to find the right sizes in the things I was looking for. Usually if I find something I want to buy for a present you can bet your life they either don`t have the size I want of if they do, they don`t have the right colour. Today I managed to buy all the things I was looking for AND at good prices too. The high streets are full of shops with sales on. The credit crunch has made it a buyers market and all the shops need customers badly. Seeing as it`s halfway through November the shops are pretty quiet, even for an average Friday.

Before I go I just want to thank The Parapet, Windsor, the clinic I attended today. They are a wonderful unit and the staff there are amazing. If you go in the door anxious or destressed they take care of you and make you feel you are the most important patient there. I felt very relaxed and comfortable and I felt in very capable hands. My conclusion was that if I ever need them again, I couldn`t be in more capable hands. Thank you so much.

Anyway, I just wanted to use this entry to let you know all is well, to thank you all again for your support. Now I must get back to reading journals so I`ll say goodbye for now. Take care and have a lovely weekend. :o)