Monday, 13 October 2008

A Nice Weekend

It`s Monday again, the weekends just fly by don`t they. I`ve had an interesting weekend. I was feeling really down on Saturday, very tense and feeling so terribly tired even after a very good night`s sleep. Danny came round in the morning and I wasn`t at all good company. I told me not to worry and didn`t stay long though I could tell he was concerned. By the afternoon I had an awful headache and I was feeling very lightheaded. I knew that swollen gland in my neck meant bad news. It`s only a small viral thing and I`m feeling a bit better though not 100%. After Dan went home me and Jim went into the nearby town of Uxbridge to do a bit of shopping, or at least I did try to find that elusive winter coat I`ve been looking for. I have at last found one but not in my size. I tried on a 12 but it was too big I need a 10. Just to see if it fitted I tried on an 8, I was delighted to say that it did but I was worried that if I put on any weight or wore thicker clothes it might not fit as well as I`d like. So a 10 is what I need so I`ll keep checking the shop to see if they`ve had a delivery.
While we were there we bumped into Danny`s ex. girlfriend Salina...sorry, I must correct that.... she`s now his present girlfriend. They`ve just got back together though it`s supposed to be secret...don`t ask! I can`t say she was thrilled to see us though she did smile. The atmosphere was very tense and I would love to have been a fly on the wall when she told Dan about her encounter. Only time will tell.
On Sunday we went to see my brother and we had a wonderful time there. The highlight of the afternoon was exchanging last year`s Christmas presents (we haven`t seen each other since the Christmas before) It was so funny. Cliff and I have a similar sense of humour, dry and a little! I`d bought him a really nice scarf and since the weather is getting cold again it came at the right time. He put it on and kept in on the whole time we were there. My present from them was a holdall full of really nice toiletries, ie. shower gel, handcream etc. It is really good stuff and one of my favourite brands. Well done little bruv! I also rought home a pile of presents for Kerry, Danny, Slava and Roman too. Christmas has come early, or late for them! The rest of the afternoon flew by as we chatted and before we knew it we`d been there for 4 hours. I now I can talk a lot but not for that long!
At work we`ve have had a collection so we can buy flowers for our colleague`s wife`s funeral and sent a sympathy card to his home. I just hope and pray that he and his family have the strength to get through this dreadful time.
Jim went fishing today but only caught two tiny little fish. I can`t see the attraction of standing around a lake for hours and end up with nothing, I`d be bored rigid. I suppose you have to be a fisherman to see the attraction but I`m afraid it passes me by....yawn!
I`ve just added a new guestbook to my blog so if you`d like to sign it (pretty please!) it`s on the left hand side. For now though I`ll say goodbye. It`s about time I read a few more journals. Take care. :o)