Thursday, 15 January 2009

A Bit Of A Letdown

Oh dear, I got home from work today to find a letter waiting for me. It was from the owner of the little cottage in Dorset where we stay every first week in September. We won`t be able to stay there anymore because she has moved in and is working locally...sigh. She has however given us the option of staying at `Whitehaven` (see above). It is owned by a lovely lady who used to look after the cottage but after her husband died she moved to a smaller place in the nearby village. How family still stay there when they visit but I`m not sure whether I`d like to stay myself. It`s a large house and is more isolated than the cottages, and they are quiet enough as it is. I`ll have to ask Jim what he thinks when he gets home from work. I`m going to miss out little bolt-hole in the country, it was like a home from home as it would have been our tenth visit this year.

We originally stayed there because we wanted to take Hannah with us. She loved it there and throughly enjoyed bounding through the fields, sometimes coming across a rabbit that she could chase and never catch. Each year she enjoyed as much as the first until her final stay when she was terminally ill and only had a couple of weeks left. Despite her illness she still paddled along the edge of the sea wagging her tail and looking at us for assurance. It was a bittersweet time because we knew she would never come away with us again but still she seemed happy to be there, and that made our stay happy too.

Then of course Jake came with us, doing the same things as Hannah but in his own leisurely way. he`s far more laid back and his attitude to life is, `Oh yeh, I liked that....right, can I have a sleep now?` Hannah`s was " That was TERRIFIC! Can we do that again, well can we????"

Anyway, we are going to go back there somehow or another so if we don`t stay at Whitehaven we are going to have to find something else...soon.

I`ll say goodnight now and I`ll let you know what we decide.