Tuesday, 7 October 2008

A Dreary Day

Hello everyone,

I`m very lucky to be here today, at least I think so! Thsi morning before I started work I made the coffee for everyone as I always do. Our staffroom is upstairs in the old cottage that is part of the centre and has an old rickety staircase. Anyway I came down stairs holding two cups of coffee when I tripped on the top step. Luckily I stopped myself without spilling a drop but for one moment my heart skipped a beat. IF I had fallen I doubt I would have got up again, at least not in one piece. I was really lucky indeed.

Later I had one problem customer after another. One complained about the condition of a wheelbarrow ( it was fine) another queried her bill even though I explained it to her several times. She then told me she was right and I must have done something wrong. I asked anothe rmember of staff to check it with me to make the customer feel better. It turned out the customer hadn`t read the prices correctly but did she apologise? That`ll be the day!

Several times I was the only member of staff in the shop because the manager had two lorries of goods to unload. I passed the time by thinking evil thoughts about the nasty customers though I did have some of my `regulars` to chat too, most of which are the nicest of people and one of the reasons I enjoy my job.

I had planned to do some gardening when I got home but because of the rain I polished and vacuumed the bedrooms instead. Now the sun has come out and it feels really warm, why couldn`t it have done that ealier, the bedrooms could wait until tomorrow...sigh. I have to get started in the garden again because I have more planting to do and some seeds to sow. I`ve written a shopping list of what I need but I`m being careful what I spend and I am learning how to be as thrifty as possible. I`ve learnt how to make paper flowerpots out of newspaper and of course I`ve no need to buy compost because I have my own ready made in the garden. In fact it looks just right for shovelling onto the garden to protect the plants from Winter frosts. It does smell a bit so I`m seriously thing about putting a peg on the end of my nose when I do it...lol! Also sowing plants from seed will make save money too and it`ll be nice to be able to say the garden is all my own work.

I had a call from Danny this afternoon and he says he`ll be round this evening after work. I wonder if he`ll have anything to say about his new girlfriend? Perhaps I`ll dig a little bit and see what I uncover...lol!

I still have a lot of things I want to do on this blog, like adding music and changing the background. I have the websites I need but I still have to work out how to do it. I`m sure I can do it but I find the format of Blogspot a bit time consuming and I just want to spend a couple of days just reading journals. I can start doing more to my own blog another day.

I`ll say goodbye for now. I`d better go and make something for the evening meal. I think Scampi would be nice....hmmm...tasty! Bye Bye for now and take care. :o)