Tuesday, 7 October 2008

A Dreary Day

Hello everyone,

I`m very lucky to be here today, at least I think so! Thsi morning before I started work I made the coffee for everyone as I always do. Our staffroom is upstairs in the old cottage that is part of the centre and has an old rickety staircase. Anyway I came down stairs holding two cups of coffee when I tripped on the top step. Luckily I stopped myself without spilling a drop but for one moment my heart skipped a beat. IF I had fallen I doubt I would have got up again, at least not in one piece. I was really lucky indeed.

Later I had one problem customer after another. One complained about the condition of a wheelbarrow ( it was fine) another queried her bill even though I explained it to her several times. She then told me she was right and I must have done something wrong. I asked anothe rmember of staff to check it with me to make the customer feel better. It turned out the customer hadn`t read the prices correctly but did she apologise? That`ll be the day!

Several times I was the only member of staff in the shop because the manager had two lorries of goods to unload. I passed the time by thinking evil thoughts about the nasty customers though I did have some of my `regulars` to chat too, most of which are the nicest of people and one of the reasons I enjoy my job.

I had planned to do some gardening when I got home but because of the rain I polished and vacuumed the bedrooms instead. Now the sun has come out and it feels really warm, why couldn`t it have done that ealier, the bedrooms could wait until tomorrow...sigh. I have to get started in the garden again because I have more planting to do and some seeds to sow. I`ve written a shopping list of what I need but I`m being careful what I spend and I am learning how to be as thrifty as possible. I`ve learnt how to make paper flowerpots out of newspaper and of course I`ve no need to buy compost because I have my own ready made in the garden. In fact it looks just right for shovelling onto the garden to protect the plants from Winter frosts. It does smell a bit so I`m seriously thing about putting a peg on the end of my nose when I do it...lol! Also sowing plants from seed will make save money too and it`ll be nice to be able to say the garden is all my own work.

I had a call from Danny this afternoon and he says he`ll be round this evening after work. I wonder if he`ll have anything to say about his new girlfriend? Perhaps I`ll dig a little bit and see what I uncover...lol!

I still have a lot of things I want to do on this blog, like adding music and changing the background. I have the websites I need but I still have to work out how to do it. I`m sure I can do it but I find the format of Blogspot a bit time consuming and I just want to spend a couple of days just reading journals. I can start doing more to my own blog another day.

I`ll say goodbye for now. I`d better go and make something for the evening meal. I think Scampi would be nice....hmmm...tasty! Bye Bye for now and take care. :o)


  1. Sorry you have had a bad day Sandra. Glad you did not fall and really hurt yourself. Still pouring down here.
    Now, you can help me. How did you get that big picture at the top of your entry. When I add a picture either from my computer or photobucket, it always puts it in the same place. I cannot make it bigger or anything. And how did you get your sidebar on the left which is where I would prefer mine???? Grateful for any help, send me an email.

  2. After 30 years of dealing with the general public, I have a pretty good idea of what your evil thoughts were! Trouble is they are unrepeatable!

  3. Hi Sandra,So happy you didin't have the fall.Be very careful next time.I have worked withthe public many yrs and I know the feeling how some just make you scream.Grr.I hope your mind is put at rest this evening about your Son LOL!!Lots to do all year round in a garden,but remember anyway "A Womans Work Is Never Done" LOL!! Lovely blog so far.Have a nice restful evening.Take Care Kath

  4. Hi,it'snot been gardening weather up here today either I too have bit and pieces to do. Maybe tomorrow the forecast is better. think you have made a great job of you new blog I can't figure out how to put little pictures on the sidebar can you help. Love Joan

  5. Glad you didn't fall. It's been very hot and muggy here today. Weird weather.
    Jenny <><

  6. Oh, I'm glad you caught yourself before a bad tumble. Laughing at your evil thoughts. Hope you get the scoop on Danny and fill us in. I think you will find changing the template and background very easy. Lots of folks to help if you have questions. It's neat we can be a bit more creative over here.

  7. ((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))I know all about bad coustomers,they can be sooooo rude.But you can also get the good ones.Like you said.I am glad you didnt fall.Have a nie night.

  8. I had to chuckle with delight about the evil thoughts you must've been having for those difficult customers. I guess, what I'm saying is I'm glad I'm not the only one who has entertained some not so nice thoughts about the customers! :-)

    I do hope the day/week improves for you and the rest of the customers are all delightful. IF that happens you better go play the lottery too! ;-)


  9. Your day sounds like many of my days. I'm glad you didn't get hurt or burnt going down those steps. I always wonder why it's so dreary out until I have to do something and then the sun is shining so nicely. Your blog is looking very nice. I still can't add myself as a follower but use my dashboard to keep up. xx

  10. ((((Sandra))))
    Don't you worry, I'm following you :). This whole thing about J-Land just stinks!
    But we will make Blogger our "new" J-Land :)
    Here is my my Blogger address: http://unfussy.blogspot.com/
    And I added you to my page :)


  11. I finally got the follow thing to work :o)

  12. our city had these big green cool looking plastic compost bins for sale 3 wks ago for $49 each. I should have bought one. It had a few things you needed to get started. It was portable and fit in a small backyard. i am so glad you did not fall down the steps! It is so foggy here today and i am chilled and can not get warm. I hope Danny tells you if he has a new lady friend. Cant wait to see more garden pics. MUCH LOVE

  13. Glad you have got tracker on. It is interesting to see how many visit your journal and from where.

  14. Glad you stopped yourself from falling, that could have been serious. Eileen x

  15. Hello Sandra, I always read your Journal over in JLand. I want to be a follower(weird word huh?)here too but when I click on FOLLOW THIS BLOG) it says error. So I will try later or tomorrow. Glad your fall wasn't serious. Marlene


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