Friday, 28 November 2008

Road Rage and Other Things

Hello everyone,
I didn`t intend to leave it so long to post an entry but with one thing and another I either didn`t have the time or the inclination. We had a really nice weekend in Kent though our BIL Steve was really ill and we`ve never seen him like that before, it was a real worry though he`s a bit better than he was. Hopefully he`ll be well enough to attend the birthday party we are all going to this weekend, he`s been looking forward to it for ages and I know he`ll be so disappointed if he can`t make it. The weather was horrendous, freezing cold and very windy. If you look at the above photo you can see the sea is really churned up. It was taken on the Sunday and wasn`t as bad as Saturday when the waves were crashing over the sea wall. Jim had hoped to have a few hours fishing but all thoughts of that were put aside when he saw the huge waves. We did have a some snow but it soon turned to icy rain. When we went out I was wearing a thick woollen hat, scarf and thick gloves and I was still cold. We were shopping with Sue in Ramsgate and when we`d had enough we went into a nice little cafe and had a hot chocolate each and a mince pie. It was the nicest and most welcome hot chocolate that I`ve tasted for a long time.

On the drive home we had to go through London to take Sue and Steve`s 17yr old grandson home. As is usual for London the traffic was really bad. At one point Jim cut in front of another driver though we were moving very slowly and he acknowledged the other driver and apologised for his mistake. Thinking no more of it we turned right at the next junction when the other driver drove in front of us and then cut across and back the other way nearly driving us off the road. When we reached a set of lights the driver jumped from his car and came running over, I was terrified he was going to hit Jim as he looked so angry. Luckily Jim stayed really calm despite the man shouting and swearing at him. What that man did to us was much worse than what Jim did to him. I would think we weren`t the first person he did it too and we won`t be the last. I am so, so relieved that man didn`t do anything to hurt Jim. For all we know he may have had a knife, it was so frightening that I could hear my heart pumping and I was shaking all over all the way home. Poor Jim was blaming himself too and even though he wouldn`t admit it he was more shaken up than he let on.

Anyway, after the long weekend it was back to work on the Tuesday. It`s been a very quiet week but as we are about to go into December I would think this weekend will be much busier. All the Christmas trees are in and I`ve taken quite a few enquiries about the them. I`ve got my eye on one tree in particular and if it`s not been sold over the weekend I`ll put it to one side on Monday.

Today Jim and I went into town to pay some bills and to buy the last few remaining presents. I still didn`t manage to get all in wanted but there`s still time. Next Saturday Jim and I are catching a train into Reading and will hopefully, HOPEFULLY.....make it the last big shopping trip of the year.

Next week I really must write out my cards, wrap the pressies and put them all away. If I don`t hurry up it`ll all be done at the last minute and I don`t want that to happen. I absolutely hate rushing, it`s not good for my well-being...or anyone else who is around me at the!

Jim`s finished off the kitchen before our weekend away and today he painted the loo, all of it in just a few hours. I came home from work to find it transformed...anyone need a painter and decorator? He`ll travel anywhere and work for free, all you have to do is provide meals. I haven`t told him yet of course, that might be a bit!

Anyone watching I`m a Celebrity etc. ? I`m really into it this year even though I wasn`t going to watch it. Now I`m completely hooked by it...I think I need to get a!

Take care and have a great weekend. :o)

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Marie Antionette Awards

Hi Everyone,

The lovely Jeannette has awarded me one of these awards (see my sidebar). They are for real people with real journals. I found it quite hard to choose my seven but seeing as a choice had to be made, here we go.

Antonella is fairly new to journalling but I find her journal interesting and refreshing.

Kara lives in Arizona and is a young Mum of two young children. Shes always sounds so cheerful and I look forward to her entries.

Missie tells all about her family in her journal. I`m always interested in what she has to say.

What can I say about the lovely Angie`s journal. Despite health problems she never complains and laces her entries with her own brand of humour. She never fails to make me laugh. On top of that, and I hope she won`t mind me saying, she`s a great cook and cake decorator and her dessert`s and cakes look delicious.

Now you all know Ally, she is another one who has a great sense of humour. What can I say, I just love her journal as does all her visitor and friends.

Linda lives in Washington and her journal is often about her road trips across America. You can learn so much from her journal and she takes great photos of her travels. If you haven`t already, please go and visit.

Joan often posts beautiful scenic photos of the mountains and lochs of Scotland where she lives. She talks about her day to day life and from her main journal there are links to her birdwatching and book journals. I enjoy reading her entries very much.

Here are the rules:

1. Please put the logo on your journal - Real People - Real Blogs.

2. Place a link from the person, from whom you received the award.

3. Nominate at least 7 if you can.

4. Put the links of those on your journal.

5. Leave a message on their journal to let them know.

6. Put the award on your sidebar/journal.

Changing the subject. The other week I gave my desk a good clear up. When I emptied out the caddy that holds all my pens, pencils etc. I had a good laugh at the strange things that had accumulated over time. I thought I`d tell you what I found.

a newspaper cutting

2 business cards...sorry make that 3

a receipt for a window blind

3 marker pens that no longer work

1 gold and 1 silver gel pens

1 pencil that hasn`t been used

a stapler

a box of staples

a reel of sellotape

a harmonica.....honest!

a glue stick

an eraser

a compass cum whistle cum magnifying glass cum mirror

2 Tippex`s`, 1 usable the other not

a small handbell

a small length of wire

a pair of tweezers

half a pair of glasses....yes, I said half!!!

14 pens that all write

And last but not least...a fly swatter!

Do you have something unusual on your computer desk? :o))

Anyway, I`m not talking about me today apart from saying son and girlfriend visited yesterday evening and I DO NOT want to talk about it. I`ll just pack the experience away in a small compartment in my mind and will take it out again! Bye Bye and take care. :o)

Monday, 17 November 2008

Onwards and Upwards!

Hello again, Welcome to a miserable Monday. It`s nice to be writing about something as mundane as the weather after last week when I was a bit preoccupied. Now I feel as though a weight has been lifted and I can continue as normal, mind you, normal isn`t really a good word to describe me, just ask my!

Kerry and Roman were here for the weekend as Slava was working away on Sunday. He stayed overnight Saturday but left here at 5am to travel to Birmingham. On Saturday afternoon we went Christmas shopping, that is, Me, Jim, Kerry, Slava and Roman went shopping. At least now I have almost all the presents for Christmas, all I have to do is wrap them. I have about a million cards to write and send and I don`t want to be like last year and leave them to the last minute. I think tomorrow afternoon would be a good time to do it, followed by much wrapping of gifts.

Many thanks to KATH`S daughter J for making this snowstorm globe with Roman hiding inside. As he is so fascinated with snow globes Kath suggested he might like to see himself inside one!

I came home from work to face a huge pile of ironing. I didn`t have time to do it yesterday as I had Roman to look after plus I had an awful headache that lasted all day long. It took me two hours and I was glad to see the back of it all. The only problem being the washing basket is almost full again so when I do the laundry tomorrow it be more of the same..sigh.

On the bright side, Jim and I are going to his sister`s in Birchington, Kent for a long weekend. We leave Friday morning and won`t be home until Monday afternoon. We`re really looking forward to seeing her and her hubby as we always have a great time with them. I know the weather`s not great but the break will do us good.

I was watching the birds on the feeders this morning and was amazed to see a large green woodpecker feeding there. I`ve not seen one in the garden before but I hope he comes back again. Have I told you about our tame robin that we feed at work? Well anyway, we feed this youngster and his brother separately or its claws and feathers at dawn. Just lately the food has attracted dunnocks and chaffinches too. This morning I looked outside and I saw a little jenny wren feeing there. We have an ancient wisteria that grows along a wall of the old cottage in the grounds of the garden centre. Wrens nest there every year and the one I saw must be one of the young born this year. Our `home grown` birds are so tame that they come within touching distance and woe betide if you don`t feed then as soon as you get to work. The larger robin hops up and down chirping until his food is there. Once or twice he has flown right at me so I get the!

I`m way behind with journals but I hope to catch up this evening. I`ll say goodbye for now and hope you all have a good week. Take care. :o)

Friday, 14 November 2008

I`m Clear ~ Thank you All!

I`m so happy and relived that I can`t begin to tell you how much. I was sure there was something sinister there and almost didn`t believe him when the doctor gave me the all clear.

Thanks to you all for your heartfelt prayers, goodwishes and caring concern, for all the personal emails that I recieved, again I thank you from the bottom of my heart...oh dear, I hope this doesn`t sound like an Oscar! Sorry but you know I joke about everything. This time however it was deadly serious and I have you all to thank for helping put me at ease. Apparently the `mass` that the doctor was concerned about was in my right breast, (anyone who is a bit sqeamish or male can look away now). My tissue is very lumpy and knotted instead of fatty like the majority of women. The knotty tissue when compressed looked like the `mass` and looked slightly different from the mammogram that I had done in 2006. Erring on the side of caution, the doctor wanted to do further tests, just in case. This time I had some photos taken at a different angle and also un ultra-sound. This time it showed up nothing untoward apart from a 2mm cyst which by all accounts, most women have anyway. I am being put back on the 3 yearly programme of mammograms now for which I am most grateful.
This afternoon I called Jeannette and told her the good news. In the conversation I told her that I feel my life has been changed. Even though I`m not ill I feel as though I`ve started to view life differently. Even Jim told me that I have been more cheerful than usual the last couple of days. I thought about this and asked him if I can return to being miserable again? " No you can`t!" says! Seriously though, I DO feel calmer. I won`t forget this scare and if it helps me become a better human being in the future, then all the better.

After the clinic Jim and I went Christmas shopping. I was so pleased that I managed to find the right sizes in the things I was looking for. Usually if I find something I want to buy for a present you can bet your life they either don`t have the size I want of if they do, they don`t have the right colour. Today I managed to buy all the things I was looking for AND at good prices too. The high streets are full of shops with sales on. The credit crunch has made it a buyers market and all the shops need customers badly. Seeing as it`s halfway through November the shops are pretty quiet, even for an average Friday.

Before I go I just want to thank The Parapet, Windsor, the clinic I attended today. They are a wonderful unit and the staff there are amazing. If you go in the door anxious or destressed they take care of you and make you feel you are the most important patient there. I felt very relaxed and comfortable and I felt in very capable hands. My conclusion was that if I ever need them again, I couldn`t be in more capable hands. Thank you so much.

Anyway, I just wanted to use this entry to let you know all is well, to thank you all again for your support. Now I must get back to reading journals so I`ll say goodbye for now. Take care and have a lovely weekend. :o)

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Happy News and Photos

AAAAHHHHHHH! Please imagine me screaming with fury because that`s what I`ve just been doing! I took 2 hrs, TWO HOURS typing out what I thought was a good entry. Then I pressed SAVE NOW, then PUBLISH POST, only to get a message saying that someone else was trying to use the same function !!! What?????...and to try again later, PLEASE BACK SPACE...and then I lost the lot. Did I swear? You bet! Did I thump the desk in anger...OUCH! yes I did!
I wanted the thank everyone for their kind words of comfort, their prayers, and how good they are making me feel, which is what I did and am doing now. Thank you all so much, they are really helping me and I will keep them close to my heart for tomorrows appointment. Thanks too to Guido for mentioning me in Call For Support, that was very kind, thank you again.
I had a phone call from Kerry just a while back to tell me that after her second scan today she was told she is expecting a little girl! A LITTLE GIRL...she is healthy and everything is as it should be for 20 weeks. Roman is not so sure as he wanted a boy so he could share his toys with. Oh well, I`m sure he`ll get used to the!

My happy Little Man on Sunday

With mummy Kerry just before they went home

I took this about 7.15 this morning. I though the cloud formation looked stunning with red sun shining through, the photo doesn`t do it justice though.

Anyway dear friends, I`ll say goodbye for now. I`ve been typing away for so long that my fingers are a little! Take care and thanks again for everything. :o)

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Positives and Negatives

I hope you`ve all been having a nice day. I have to say today was much nicer than yesterday when we had torrential rain all day long. It was so bad that myself and a colleague were sent home early as we had nothing to do except watch the rain flood the garden centre, inside and out! I went to Tesco to buy Roman`s Christmas presents though it took me ages to get there. The roads were dreadful with deep puddles everywhere. I should have gone straight home but I wanted to get the shopping over with and I knew I was going to be busy every other day this week. I managed to buy some lovely toys for him and some clothes. Now all I have to do is wrap them all...that`s my least favourite part of Christmas, I`m rubbish at present wrapping...sigh.

This afternoon when I left work I drove straight into town and bought a few more presents. I was really tired and I did what I had to do them came home again. Mind you, after stopping for petrol and negotiating the school traffic I didn`t get home until 3.45 by which time I was starving hungry and really needed a cup of coffee. So I had lunch at 4pm when it was starting to get dark. Now it`s just after 5pm and it`s time to prepare my evening meal....hmm, I think I`ll wait a!

Tomorrow I`m going with Kerry, who by the way seems to be recovering from her tooth abcess, to a garage that has a diagnostic machine. She has a recurring problem with her car and nobody is sure whats causing the problem. Hopefully it will show up tomorrow and then she can get something done about it.
Remember the snow globe I bought Roman? Well it broke after he dropped it off the step. There were floods of tears and I told him that I`d by him another. I searched everywhere for one but eventually found one in the same shop that I`d bought the first one...should have gone there first!

When I got home today I emptied the washing machine, filled up the bird feeders (the greedy goldfinches are back in force and eating like they`ve never been fed!) Reloaded the machine, loaded the tumble dryer, made me a toasted sandwich and the longed-for coffee...I`m so glad to be sitting down now as my poor feet are throbbing.

Right, I had a letter from the hospital yesterday with the results of my recent routine mammogram. They want to see me again for more tests. That does sound ominous and even after reading the letter several times I`m still more than a little worried. Apparently after the tests I will been seen by a specialist who`ll talk me through the findings. So, this is how I`m coping with the fear that something could be wrong. I`m thinking the worst because I daren`t think otherwise. I don`t want to get my hopes up and then have them dashed. So if I`m one of the lucky ones I can be overjoyed when the time comes. At the moment I will think the worst. Jeannette rang me and we had a long chat yesterday. As she`s been through it herself she gave me good advice and reassurance and I felt so much better afterwards. So THANK YOU Jeannette dear friend, thank you very much. It`s so nice to have an understanding ear just a phone call away, it makes things seem that bit easier. So my appointment is Friday morning at 9.40 and I will be there for 2 hours, please think of me then.

Anyway, must away, I feel another coffee coming! Bye Bye for now and take care. :o)

Friday, 7 November 2008

Friday Lines and Too Many Sweet Dreams!

I thought I`d better do a posting before the weekend. It`s unlikely that I`ll have time to get online Saturday or Sunday because Kerry and Roman are coming to stay for the weekend. Slava is working away for the weekend so I`ll be looking after Roman while Kerry works on Sunday morning.

I do feel sorry for her at the moment. She was at the emergency dentist this morning because she has been in agony with toothache. It seems that she has an abcess and has been given penicillin in the hope that will see it off. If not she will have to have her gum opened to see what can be done. On top of all that she has badly impacted wisdom teeth and may need more hospital treatment in the future. She`s already had some back teeth removed to allow room for her wisdom teeth to move a little but there`s not much hope of them ever growing through. I just hope against hope that the abcess and the wisdom teeth are not connected. Being nearly 5 mths pregnant and having to have delicate mouth surgery is the last thing she needs right now. I must say that I`m really worried though I didn`t tell her that of course. I just hope it will all be ok and the meds will clear it up.

We went shopping together this afternoon and Roman was on top form again and kept telling me what he wants for Christmas. Apparently he wants a massive box of chocolates that he can "eat up" on Christmas morning....and a snow globe. I decided as he`d been such a good boy today he could have his snow globe today. He was absolutely thrilled when I gave it to him and he said "Thank you Nana, I love the snow globe you bought me, thank you, it was very nice of you". He is so appreciative and speaks in such a grown up way that sometimes its hard to believe that he`s not yet 3 and a half. When they went home this evening I stood by the car waving goodbye. Then I made funny faces of Roman and he was giggling like mad as Kerry drove off. It leaves a warm feeling inside when I think of him laughing so heartily as they drove away.

Well, two days after Bonfire Night the surrounding area is alive with the noise of fireworks. Jake is lying with his head under the coffee table...again so that he feels safe from the battle that is raging around him. I know he`s fine as long as he doesn`t have to leave the sittingroom while its going on. It must be a real assault on his ears seeing as how a dogs hearing is more sensitive than ours. There are a lot of dogs and cats locally and I sincerely hope they are all indoors out of harms way.

Kerry and I have a real dilemma for December 13th. Jim and I are going out for a meal with my colleagues from work. Kerry and Slava also are booked to go to Slava`s company dinner and dance. Then it turns out that Danny has his company dinner that night too. The dilemma lies in the fact that Kerry doesn`t have a babysitter for that night now that we are going out too. Not knowing about Danny`s plans we asked him but on checking he told us about HIS meal. I offered to cancel and look after Roman but Kerry said no, they would find a solution. They did. Eventually after much thought it was decided that Kerry will stay home with Roman and Slava will go to the dinner. The week before will be Kerry`s cousin`s 30th birthday party. So the plan is for her to go there with Jim and myself while Slava stays home with Roman. At least that way they both get a night out though sadly not together.

Back to our shopping trip, both Kerry and myself managed to buy several Christmas presents each though I have decided to go back to town on my own on Monday because I can take my time looking around for gifts without having to consider Kerry and Roman. It must be really boring for him having to follow us around town all afternoon, bless him.

Anyway, I`ll say goodnight now. Take care and have a lovely weekend. :o)

PS: If you wonder why there are so many sweet dreams graphics on here, so do I. I only downloaded one and then I got all those ....weird. Now of course, I can`t get rid of them!

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Tuesday Twitterings

The weekend went by really quickly and here we are, Tuesday already. It`s election Day in America and it seems like there is a much bigger turn out this time than the last one. I turned the TV this afternoon when I got home and watched SKY news to see how it`s all going, I will continue to watch the race for the White house with interest.

Even though today is much milder than of late I`ve been feeling cold all day. I`ve been home since 1.30pm and I still can`t get warm, it must be the damp conditions rather than the temperature.

On Sunday morning after doing the ironing I took Jake for what was meant to be a quick walk. We were going to Kerry`s for dinner in the afternoon and and after Jim got home from work we would leave as soon as he was ready. Anyway, we walked to the field where we often go when we go outt locally. Jake seemed full of energy and I knew that a short run was out of the question. So after he`d run around the field about a million!...I decided a short walk along the country lanes would be a good idea. However, it was a dry day so I thought we`d just walk a little further, and further........and further and before I knew it we`d been out for and hour and a half. We headed back and reached home just before the rain came down. I felt great after the mini marathon and so it Jake. He wanted to go out into the garden but I gave him a biscuit and told him to rest his weary bones. He did just that and was asleep in minutes, snoring!

Later that afternoon we arrived at Kerry`s. Roman was on top form and happier than I`d seen him for a long time. He recently got over a bad bout of tonsilitis that left him whiny and miserable for a while but now my Little Man is himself again with his cheeky smile and boundless energy. He`s so funny because he keeps talking to his yet unborn brother or sister, starting each sentence with "hello baby, are you there?" lol! We had a lovely roast chicken dinner followed by an apple and blackcurrant crumble cake with icecream...very tasty indeed. Kerry is doing well and she`ll be having her next scan in about 2 weeks. She will then be told what sex the baby is if she wants to know. At the moment she says she would rather wait until the birth but I know my daughter and she WILL want to find out on the day of the scan, I guarantee it. I must admit I`m curious though I really don`t mind either way, a healthy baby grandchild is all that I want.

Today at work our manager decided that it`s time to play Christmas music in the shop. I was hoping that he`d wait until December so I`ll just have to put up with it...sigh. Mind you, I wouldn`t be surprised if I end up singing the songs in my sleep before the week is! We are seeling a lot of Christmas decorations now though, I suppose people see things they like and buy a few each week. I`ve got all the cards, wrapping paper, labels etc. that I need. All I have to do now is buy the rest of the presents to go with them. I think I`ll have finished my Christmas shopping very soon, I hate crowds so I need to get them out of the way before the month is out.

Because of the colder weather I`ve been putting extra bird feeders out. The goldfinches have come back in force and are eating as if they`ve never been fed before. I have a feeling that this winter is going to be colder than last year which will mean more birds plus more food. I invested in a bumper sized box that will hopefully keep me going for some months ahead, staff discount is very useful. I just hope the feathered creatures are!

Anyway my friends, I`m off to read some journals now. I hope you all have a nice evening, take care and Bye Bye for now. :o)