Friday, 28 November 2008

Road Rage and Other Things

Hello everyone,
I didn`t intend to leave it so long to post an entry but with one thing and another I either didn`t have the time or the inclination. We had a really nice weekend in Kent though our BIL Steve was really ill and we`ve never seen him like that before, it was a real worry though he`s a bit better than he was. Hopefully he`ll be well enough to attend the birthday party we are all going to this weekend, he`s been looking forward to it for ages and I know he`ll be so disappointed if he can`t make it. The weather was horrendous, freezing cold and very windy. If you look at the above photo you can see the sea is really churned up. It was taken on the Sunday and wasn`t as bad as Saturday when the waves were crashing over the sea wall. Jim had hoped to have a few hours fishing but all thoughts of that were put aside when he saw the huge waves. We did have a some snow but it soon turned to icy rain. When we went out I was wearing a thick woollen hat, scarf and thick gloves and I was still cold. We were shopping with Sue in Ramsgate and when we`d had enough we went into a nice little cafe and had a hot chocolate each and a mince pie. It was the nicest and most welcome hot chocolate that I`ve tasted for a long time.

On the drive home we had to go through London to take Sue and Steve`s 17yr old grandson home. As is usual for London the traffic was really bad. At one point Jim cut in front of another driver though we were moving very slowly and he acknowledged the other driver and apologised for his mistake. Thinking no more of it we turned right at the next junction when the other driver drove in front of us and then cut across and back the other way nearly driving us off the road. When we reached a set of lights the driver jumped from his car and came running over, I was terrified he was going to hit Jim as he looked so angry. Luckily Jim stayed really calm despite the man shouting and swearing at him. What that man did to us was much worse than what Jim did to him. I would think we weren`t the first person he did it too and we won`t be the last. I am so, so relieved that man didn`t do anything to hurt Jim. For all we know he may have had a knife, it was so frightening that I could hear my heart pumping and I was shaking all over all the way home. Poor Jim was blaming himself too and even though he wouldn`t admit it he was more shaken up than he let on.

Anyway, after the long weekend it was back to work on the Tuesday. It`s been a very quiet week but as we are about to go into December I would think this weekend will be much busier. All the Christmas trees are in and I`ve taken quite a few enquiries about the them. I`ve got my eye on one tree in particular and if it`s not been sold over the weekend I`ll put it to one side on Monday.

Today Jim and I went into town to pay some bills and to buy the last few remaining presents. I still didn`t manage to get all in wanted but there`s still time. Next Saturday Jim and I are catching a train into Reading and will hopefully, HOPEFULLY.....make it the last big shopping trip of the year.

Next week I really must write out my cards, wrap the pressies and put them all away. If I don`t hurry up it`ll all be done at the last minute and I don`t want that to happen. I absolutely hate rushing, it`s not good for my well-being...or anyone else who is around me at the!

Jim`s finished off the kitchen before our weekend away and today he painted the loo, all of it in just a few hours. I came home from work to find it transformed...anyone need a painter and decorator? He`ll travel anywhere and work for free, all you have to do is provide meals. I haven`t told him yet of course, that might be a bit!

Anyone watching I`m a Celebrity etc. ? I`m really into it this year even though I wasn`t going to watch it. Now I`m completely hooked by it...I think I need to get a!

Take care and have a great weekend. :o)


  1. Gosh that drive through London sounded horendous no wonder you were both shaken ,Can Jim fit me in before Christmas do you think ?second thoughts maybe not ! Maurice and Jim would just get together, and go fishing and neither of us would get anything done hee hee ,I hope your brother in law is better and doesnt miss the party, Where I hope you all have fun Jan xx

  2. I would have been scared as well Sandra. You never know with people these days. People have been killed by road rage. What a pig. Glad Jim stayed calm. I have most of my shopping now but just cannot get into the mood for wrapping and card probably because I have two medical appointments right on top of Christmas. Hope your brother in law continues to improve and you all enjoy the party.

  3. That's a dreadful scary thing to happen. Some people seems to get possessed when they get behind the wheel don't they? There's never a policeman when you want one either. Living where we do City driving is completely alien to us. London must be horrendous. Birmingham is bad enough.

    So sorry your trip was spoilt by this and I hope Steve is on the mend.
    love, Angie, xx

  4. What a terrifying thing to happen right or wrong there is not need for that. I had someone come out of his car and shout at me a few years ago at 7 o'clock in the morning all was quiet but I had taken the wrong lane at a roundabout. Nothing happened but the man was so angry talk about getting out of bed on the wrong side. Love Joan.

  5. It always amazed me when people act like that. Anyone (even that guy) can make a mistake when driving. I always try to remember around town, that maybe that person that cut me not from here & doesn't know exactly where they're going. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone would just calm down & relax a little? I'm sorry that you & Jim had to experience that. The bad thing is, one of these days that guy will do that to the wrong person...perhaps an off duty police officer? Wouldn't that be something? Linda in Washington state

  6. The man sounded really nasty Sandra, I'm glad you got through it. I imagine you were very shaken up by it. I hope your BIL is soon well and can attend the party. Last weekend was horrendous weather-wise. Hope you get all your shopping donr in Reading. Please send Jim round, I promise to feed him if he'll finish off my bathroom! Jeannette xxxx

  7. that would have scared me too! what is the world coming too??
    you sound like you have Christmas wrapped up..pun intended.;-)

  8. Crikey Sandra how scary!! I hate driving in London! Well I dont drive in London, John does! Your right though you never know if they have a knife or anything do you!

    Awwww Im loving Im a Celebrity at the moment! Absolutely love Ant and Dec the best! LOL. That David is really getting on my nerves and I can see why Nicola does not like him. He would give me the creeps too.

    Laine xxxx

  9. Sandra your trip through London sounded terrible ~ what an awful thing to happen ~ Driving in London is bad enough without someone behaving like that ~ I would not want to go fishing with the Sea looking as it does in your picture ~ how lovely Jim finished off the decorating ~ Ally x

  10. Very scary about that man acting like that. I don't know what I'd do?? I'm glad you weren't hurt. What's wrong with people in this day and age?? Did you hear about all of the WalMart customers actually KILLING a man because they trampled him trying to get inside the store. I get sick about things like this.
    Be careful!

  11. My goodness, Sandra, folks in London sound as bad as those here in the states. Road rage is awful and scary. Our weather is also horrendous with icy rain, sleet, wind, ugh. That sea looks so forbidding.

    LOL...I wish you were here to wrap pressies for me. I hate to wrap. xx

  12. Glad you survived driving through London, we take the train in it is just a little bit safer. We live in funny times.
    Jenny <><

  13. i hate it that that bad man scared you so..road rage is a huge problem all over! I hope your BIL is much is icy rain here tonight too...i hate cold weather. I am trying to stay on top of the Christmas stuff too. Hope you had a lovely weekend. XO

  14. Oh, Sandra, I'm so glad you and Jim didn't get hurt by that crazy driver. The economy is so bad now, I'm sure there are many people with short tempers, and with the holidays coming, too. I don't feel safe even in my own home sometimes.

  15. Sorry to hear about your run in with the irate driver! How scary is that? You are far ahead of me with your Christmas preparations........must get a move on and get Christmas all "wrapped" up. Eileen x


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