Monday, 1 December 2008

Photos and Moods

My new outfit

I hope you all had a great weekend. I must admit that even though the birthday party was really good I just wasn`t feeling in the right frame of mind for a good night out and I feel I let everyone down. I just couldn`t be as sociable as I would like to have been have been and spent most of the time sitting with Kerry instead of chatting with family and friends. My nephew whose birthday it was had pulled out all the stops and had chosen a really nice venue. The food was good and so was the was just me. I DID enjoy myself, just not enough...sigh. My mood carried through to Sunday though I did try to be nice to everyone...well no, I WAS nice to everyone...again, I just didn`t feel right. My little family

Right, on a happier note my Christmas plans are working out well, I even bought the tree this afternoon though its staying in the back garden for the next fortnight. I decided to buy it early so I had my pick of the best ones that the garden centre had to offer. As you know they come in all shapes and sizes and the less than perfect ones will be the last ones sold. Mine is just perfect though I will have to trim some of the branches so it will fit nicely into the corner of the room. The presents that I ordered online have all arrived though I wish the same could be said for the plants I ordered and were supposed to be here in November....sigh.

Thumbs up from my gorgeous boy
Tomorrow afternoon I will be either writing out cards or wrapping presents, I haven`t decided yet. I don`t like either task so I can`t say it will be a pleasure. Writing cards isn`t easy because of arthritis and it makes my handwriting look like that of the average six year old. I have no excuse for wrapping pressies, I`m just rubbish at!

The mum-to-be eating for two. She`ll probably kill me for posting this but I`ll take the!

Kerry is doing really well. She`s putting on weight and looking really radiant. The baby is kicking well and Roman is fascinated that he can feel his baby sister move in Mummy`s tummy. He`s very excited about Christmas and keeps saying that he`s going to buy lots of chocolate for everyone, himself! Yesterday Jim and I took him to Krispy Kreme donuts for a treat. Jim usually takes him there when they stay with us but I don`t usually go myself. Roman loves to watch the donuts on the conveyor belt as they go past. He just stands there with his mouth open in wonder, bless him. He had his favourite iced donut with hundreds and thousands on top. Although it didn`t take him long to devour it the evidence of it remained on his chin for much!

My BIL is much better now although it will be a while until he is completely well again. It was nice to see him at the party even though he wasn`t allowed to have a drink he was eating well again, always a good sign in my opinion. Anyway, I`ll say goodbye now. Hopefully I`ll catch up with your entries over the next couple of days. Take care. :o)


  1. Shame you just did not feel like you were enjoying yourself Sandra, you look great in your new outfit. We never have a real tree as I have written before. We used to have an artifical tree which I decorated every year, but now we have settled for fibre optic, much easier as you get older.

    I can imagine Roman and the doughnut. I bet he is so excited about Christmas. I am going to start writing cards tomorrow as well.

    You have some catching up to do lol. I have done three entries over the last three days.

  2. I think you looked really pretty in your new outfit. Your pictures were so good. Good for you picking out a pretty tree early. I hope you get to feeling better soon. Hugs, Helen

  3. Your outfit is lovely ,and your boots are like mine, kitten heels, but still dressy ,you look gorgeous, even if you didnt feel quite up to it ,I have had times like that too,so pleased you got the pick of the bunch with your tree ,got to have some bonuses working amongst them lol The family look well even the chap giving you the thumbs up hee hee bless him ,Ibet Christmas seems for ever coming to him ,whereas to us its rushing ,and still stuff to do ,as you say cards and wrapping ,though Ioften think its the thoughts of it that are the worst ,once you get underway you are ok ,and then the joy when its done Jan xx

  4. You look super in that outfit, Sandra. It's a shame you weren't feeling up to it but those things happen. Cards and wrapping....2 things I don't like to do at all either. I'm putting my artificial tree up for the third year. One day I will go back to the beautiful live one. xx

  5. Great photo Sandra, I have the same/similar Boots, and a similar skirt in the same clour (my favourite)two layers?
    I have a 6ft artificial tree,Allan bought it for me, when I lived in a lift, and 56 steps! I would love to revert back to a real one, and keep giving hints.When I was married, and had a Family, always had a 6ft,real tree in the corner of the room...But do have one growing in the Garden...with lights at Christmas.

  6. Love your skirt, Sandra. You look very smart in your outfit and to tell the truth you look happy too. So if you did not really enjoyed 100% I bet nobody noticed. I do not like wrapping presents either, maybe because I do not even have the present to wrap up yet! Lol. You daughter looks beautiful. Her hair is absolutely fantastic, so shiny!!! All the best. Ciao. Antonella

  7. Sandra, you look radiant in your party outfit! I can't believe how big Roman is getting. I'll bet he'll be a big help when baby sister arrives. I brought my "always decorated" artificial tree in from the shed Sunday afternoon. I plugged it in, straightened out a few branches & I'm almost done decorating. LOL!! Linda in Washington state

  8. Sandra
    You really do look lovely in that new outfit. I'm sorry you did not feel like being at the party. Roman sure looks like one happy little boy in that picture you posted. I'm glad your daughter's doing so well in her pregnancy.
    Good luck with your wrapping and card writing. I know what you mean about arthritis making your handwriting look like a child's. I do hope you have better moods this week. :)

  9. I hate those times when I just can't quite put my thumb on it. having a good time and yet...
    Maybe it is just the winter blues.

  10. sorry you were a bit down...happens though doesn't it??
    as for your's really pretty..purple is very popular over here at the mo...
    hope you're feeling better...

  11. I love your new outfit you look great in it. Sorry your night out was not what you needed jut ow. I am not very good in company at all now don't know why. Love Joan.

  12. Sandra you look lovely in your new outfit ~ sorry you didn't feel up to socialising ~ Love the tale of Roman and his Doughnut :o) ~ Pictures are lovely Kerry does look Radiant ~ Ally x

  13. I enjoyed your pictures! You and your daughter really favor each other and you both look beautiful. Roman is just too cute for words. I could imagine him drooling at the donut shop. LOL!
    Sorry you haven't been feeling well. I hope you are feeling better very soon.

  14. OH i hope you are doing look soooooo pretty!!! Kerry also is gorgeous...and Roman is a doll..thank you so much for sharing the pics. Sometimes it is good to just sit and watch and chat....i do that alot. I can just see Roman with the donut!! LOve YA

  15. Hi Sandra hope you are feeling better now ,your outfit looks nice .
    Glad Kerry is keeping well .Roman looks so cute doing thumbs up ,I bet he did enjoy his dough nut .
    I have been writing christmas cards this afternoon Jeanxx

  16. It's been a while since I've stopped by. I am so excited for you! A grandaughter is so special! You're going to go crazy buying clothes for her. They have such wonderful things for little girls.

    Your outfit is very attractive on you! You look beautiful.

    Take care. I hope your BIL is well soon.


  17. I love your boots. You looked wonderful. Loved seeing that precious boy. Your daughter is looking great being pregnant. Sorry you didn't feel like going sometimes we have those moods. I'm a real homebody lately and can't get out of it. I like refuse to the leave the house unless its for groceries.
    Take care, Chrissie

  18. Loved your photographs. Sorry you felt a bit down at the party but you looked very glam. We bought our tree on Sunday but haven't dressed it yet, just letting it dry out a little. Eileen x


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