Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Positives and Negatives

I hope you`ve all been having a nice day. I have to say today was much nicer than yesterday when we had torrential rain all day long. It was so bad that myself and a colleague were sent home early as we had nothing to do except watch the rain flood the garden centre, inside and out! I went to Tesco to buy Roman`s Christmas presents though it took me ages to get there. The roads were dreadful with deep puddles everywhere. I should have gone straight home but I wanted to get the shopping over with and I knew I was going to be busy every other day this week. I managed to buy some lovely toys for him and some clothes. Now all I have to do is wrap them all...that`s my least favourite part of Christmas, I`m rubbish at present wrapping...sigh.

This afternoon when I left work I drove straight into town and bought a few more presents. I was really tired and I did what I had to do them came home again. Mind you, after stopping for petrol and negotiating the school traffic I didn`t get home until 3.45 by which time I was starving hungry and really needed a cup of coffee. So I had lunch at 4pm when it was starting to get dark. Now it`s just after 5pm and it`s time to prepare my evening meal....hmm, I think I`ll wait a while...lol!

Tomorrow I`m going with Kerry, who by the way seems to be recovering from her tooth abcess, to a garage that has a diagnostic machine. She has a recurring problem with her car and nobody is sure whats causing the problem. Hopefully it will show up tomorrow and then she can get something done about it.
Remember the snow globe I bought Roman? Well it broke after he dropped it off the step. There were floods of tears and I told him that I`d by him another. I searched everywhere for one but eventually found one in the same shop that I`d bought the first one...should have gone there first!

When I got home today I emptied the washing machine, filled up the bird feeders (the greedy goldfinches are back in force and eating like they`ve never been fed before...lol!) Reloaded the machine, loaded the tumble dryer, made me a toasted sandwich and the longed-for coffee...I`m so glad to be sitting down now as my poor feet are throbbing.

Right, I had a letter from the hospital yesterday with the results of my recent routine mammogram. They want to see me again for more tests. That does sound ominous and even after reading the letter several times I`m still more than a little worried. Apparently after the tests I will been seen by a specialist who`ll talk me through the findings. So, this is how I`m coping with the fear that something could be wrong. I`m thinking the worst because I daren`t think otherwise. I don`t want to get my hopes up and then have them dashed. So if I`m one of the lucky ones I can be overjoyed when the time comes. At the moment I will think the worst. Jeannette rang me and we had a long chat yesterday. As she`s been through it herself she gave me good advice and reassurance and I felt so much better afterwards. So THANK YOU Jeannette dear friend, thank you very much. It`s so nice to have an understanding ear just a phone call away, it makes things seem that bit easier. So my appointment is Friday morning at 9.40 and I will be there for 2 hours, please think of me then.

Anyway, must away, I feel another coffee coming on...lol! Bye Bye for now and take care. :o)