Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Ice, Flowers and Football`s a cold, cold day, colder than Alaska according to the weathermen. Last night it snowed, almost unheard of in October, at least in this part of England. When I ventured out at 8.15 this morning for work I thought I could just jump in the car and drive wrong can a person be. I thought because we had snow I wouldn`t need to scrape the ice off my windscreen so imagine my surprise when I found the car was completely iced up. It wasn`t frost, just hard, unforgiving ice. The door locks were frozen stiff and there was no way the window I could open the windows. I asked Jim to give me a hand and before long I was on my way but for the whole drive I could hear ice cracking on various parts of the car, it sounded as though the car was falling! The roads were dreadful though with some places very icy indeed in the country lanes. As I turned into the garden centre I felt my back wheels slide away even though I was only in first gear.

It was really cold at work too though I was dressed for it. I had my trusty thermal vest, my work shirt, fleece jacket and super padded bodywarmer. I even found my fingerless gloves in my locker and wore them for most of the morning. It never fails to suprise me that even when it`s so cold we can get really busy at times. Yesterday was very busy though today was less so we still had a lot of sales. At the moment we have a huge sale with many plants either half price, 75 percent off or even for just £1. The reductions are excellent when you consider what the plants cost originally and all the plants will be as good as new by next year. I bought an Achillea for £1 that cost £5.99 full price. A great buy in my opinion.
This evening Jim and Danny have gone to see Arsenal play Tottenham at the Emirates Stadium in North London. Danny is a lifelong Arsenal supporter as is my brother and my late Dad was too. Jim just enjoys a really good game of football and to go to the new stadium to see a live match is something he hasn`t done for many years. Dan managed to get the tickets through a client of his at work. he is lucky as the tickets he gets are very good seats and he has been to see some very good sporting events for next to nothing. Jim has dressed up really warm including a hat and gloves but Dan only wore a football shirt and a big coat. Something tells me that he is going to be really cold later on. Oh well, I did warn him but do boys ever listen to their mothers..? lol! PS: Arsenal should win!

Last night it was the Hindu festival of Light, Diwali and fireworks were going off until late at night. I don`t want to be a killjoy as I know it`s a special occasion but poor Jake was absolutely terrified and spent the evening curled up by my feet in the sitting room with his head under the coffee table. He was so scared that when we went to bed we let him stay where he was instead of sleeping in his own bed as usual. I know they`ll be more fireworks tonight and perhaps for the next week. I just hope they won`t be quite as noisy as last night.
Anyway, I`ll say goodbye for now. I just heard fireworks in the distance and I want to let Jake out before they get too bad. Take care. :o)

Sunday, 26 October 2008

A Wet Wintry Sunday


It`s really wet and horrible today. After my saying how nice it was yesterday I suppose it makes sense that it would rain just afterwards. The only problem is wet weather sets off my arthritis and last night my wrist was so painful I took tablets before going to bed or I knew I wouldn`t get any sleep. At the moment I`m wearing a support though I absolutely hate it. It feels so uncomfortable but I`m not taking any chances. Also my back went yesterday evening as I bent down to put something in the cupboard....sigh. I think I`m falling apart at the moment and will have to start taking Jake`s pills, they seem to work for him though I might end up with a black, wet, shiny!

Talking of Jake, Jim took him for a long walk in the woods this morning despite the rain and he came back soaking wet but so happy. Why is it that dogs love their walks despite the weather? It can be freezing cold, boiling hot and still they want to go out. At least that is the case with our Jake. he certainly doesn`t take our feelings into account when it comes to the great! He has slept all morning and by the look of him now he`s ready to go again ...hmm, well sorry Jake but you will have to wait until tomorrow. This dog owner is allergic to rain and doesn`t want to go outside the door today!

At the moment I`m unable to add any graphics to my entry. No idea why of course but it just won`t open for me. Never mind, it can`t be helped but I`ll keep trying just in case then I can delete these few sentences. It`s so quiet at the moment, the second day of `me` time. Jim is at work but should be home by 8.30 with luck. He does stay on for overtime if it`s offered but I`m not sure he`ll want to in this weather as ghe works outside. Sometimes in Winter while refuelling he keeps dry by sheltering under the wing of a plane and gets warm from the heat of the jet engines. His own bit of outdoor central heating, along with many layers of clothing just to be on the safe side.

There`s not much else to say but thanks for reading my blog. I hope you all have a nice Sunday. Bye Bye and take care. :o)

Love Sandra


Saturday, 25 October 2008

Thoughts and Observations

I think I`m starting to really like Blogger after the initial hiccups. As well as keeping most of my old readers and friends, I have aquired several new ones too. It`s great to have a community seeing as how AOL had treated us so shabbily. I suppose what are a few worthless journals to a big organization like them, they just didn`t make any money for them. Never mind, we have all moved on and left them to their own devices, it might not be perfect but we can all make it as good as possible and we can forget all about them.

Kerry called yesterday to ask my advice about a recipe. After I told her what I would do I asked her about her accident of the other day. She told me that she`d not given it a though all day and knowing her as I do, I believed her. Kerry has always been able to move on to the next thing in life and not be dragged down by her past. I admire her for that as I`ve not be so lucky I`m afraid. I`m really thankful she is absolutely fine because I kept going over the incident in my mind and I know had I been in her situation I`d have been terrified. I also know I wouldn`t have been able to forget that easily. I kept asking her if all is well with the baby and she just laughed and said "of course!" It is a relief because it so easily could have been so much more serious.

The weather has been cold but sunny the last couple of days, enabling me to dry the washing outside. I`m on an economy drive and am trying to save electricity where I can, in this case I`m trying not to use the tumble dryer as it uses shed loads of electric and that means a very high bill. I have been trying to vacuum less ie. once a week but Jake has been moulting furiously and unless I want a black hairy carpet in the sitting room it`ll have to be done at least every other day. I did try to save by washing clothes on 30deg. instead of 40 but the rubber seal went black and started to smell so I soon gave that up.

Jim is decorating the kitchen at the moment and decided this morning that he would paint the ceiling before going to work. he`s done a good job but oh! the mess. He did tidy up generally but I`m going to have to give it a serious clean once I`ve done this entry, a job I`ve never been that fond of to say the least...sigh.

On Tuesday we are going shopping for paint for the walls and I have no real idea what colour I want. It has to be a very light colour so it will most likely be something similar to the present one. I might be lucky though and see just the thing but I have my doubts. Then I have to choose curtains for the diner which extends from the kitchen. Do I know what I want? Not on your life!

After the cleaning the rest of the day belongs to me and me alone. Jim`s at work, the kids are, well kerry is out shopping with her family and Danny....Danny could be anywhere, I don`t hear from him as much as I did before Sal came back on the scene. I`m not complaining though, I really enjoy a bit of `me` time. All I can hear at the moment is the whirr of the washing machine and the hum of the freezer and thats all....ah bliss!

Ok my friends, I`d better get on with the cleaning. Take care all of you nad have a great weekend. Oh and don`t forget that the clocks go back an hour tonight here in Britain. Yuck, shorter days and dark evenings for the rest of the Winter....sigh.

Thursday, 23 October 2008

A Very Special Day

I just have to tell you all about yesterday. Jim and I went to visit a special friend and her husband. You all know her of course..........Jeannette, my friend and very well known in JLand with her journal Jeannette`s Jottings.
It was a beautiful morning yesterday and there was frost on the ground. I knew the day was going to go well from the start, I just had a really good feeling about it. We travelled down to Essex with no problems, the sun shone all the way and the traffic was flowing with no hold ups. The leaves on the trees were brown and gold so all around everything was beautiful. Essex is a lovely county and it was so nice that we had the day to ourselves. We spent a few hours with friends and then we went to Southend and walked along the seafront. It was truly a lovely day in all aspects.

Jeannette and her husband Mike were as nice as I`d thought they were and we were soon chatting away like old friends, despite the fact that we`d never met, just talked on the phone and through IM. It certainly does prove that you can know a person really well over the Internet despite what some people think.

We had a nice lunch and then Jim went out with Mike to walk the two dogs Jesse and Jack. And what gorgeous dogs they are too, especially Jesse who has the most expressive eyes and the cutest pair of ears that I`ve ever seen. He really stole my heart! I could have dog-napped him but I don`t think Jake would have been too pleased when we got!

I really think Jesse liked me too!


After leaving Jeannette and Mike who we will definitely visit again some time soon, we drove into Southend so we could walk along the seafront for a few hours. It was cool and blustery but when the sun shone it felt really warm. However I was well wrapped up in my new coat!

Neither of us had been to Southend since our early twenties so we had no idea what it would be like. The old Kursaal fairground is long gone but even though the Summer is over we could see how many activities there are for the whole family at the height of the season. We walked and walked, stopped for the odd photo or two and had the obligatory portion of freshly cooked chips that everyone has to have at the seaside...and delicious they were too. By 4.30pm we were really tired and started back home. It had been a wonderful day and we had filled every moment with memorable moments.
What`s left of the Kursaal

Southend is on the Estuary of the River Thames so it is very muddy there. However, it looks so beautiful with the sun shining on the water. I just had to share this photograph.

This afternoon I had a call from Kerry to tell me what happened to her yesterday. She left for work as usual at 4.30am and while she was driving along one of the country roads near her home she had to swerve the car to miss a large deer and parked her car into a road side ditch. Realising that she was unhurt but knowing that she couldn`t move the car she tried to ring for help, only to find there was no signal for her mobile. Because she was nowhere near a house and there were no street lights she settled down in the car for over two hours until it began to get light. Then she walked almost a mile until she found a cottage and knocked on the door. An elderly couple opened the door and brought her inside and gave her a hot cup of tea while she called for Greenflag to come and get her car out of the ditch. Luckily the the man from Greenflag waved the charge of the rescue because Kerry had had such a bad morning ( he should have charged her )80 pounds because it was classified as ` bogged down` or some such nonsense. Anyway, it all turned out alright, Kerry is safe and well and her car wasn`t damaged. AND the deer wasn`t killed as it very nearly was. I am very relieved that she is safe though, my stomach turns just thinking about it.

Anyway my friends, I`ll say goodbye for now. I just wanted to let you know my news of yesterday and to thank Mike and Jeannette once again for being great hosts and for being as nice as I always thought they were.

Monday, 20 October 2008

Parcels, Rain and Rome

Oh dear, what a dreary day its turned out to be. It`s been overcast all morning and as I sit here slumped over my keyboard I can see rain drops on the windows.....welcome to winter! Its been what I call a `flat` day, the sort of day when nothing of note happens...except of course the arrival of the parcel containing my new coat....hurrah! It does fit and is now hanging up in my bedroom. I also ordered some maternity jeans for Kerry. We are the same size clothes so I tried them on...(they were a bit big around the!) They fit me so they should fit her, I just hope she likes them.
I have some photos of Danny when he was in Rome, he certainly did some sight-seeing but I have little idea of the places in the photos apart from the Coliseum which is recognizable to just about everyone.

My little boy! :o)

I didn`t realise the Coliseum was so big.

The Coliseum from the outside

A beautiful ceiling somewhere in Rome

Dan had a wonderful time there and even visited the Vatican City. He said it was amazing. Beautiful and very peaceful. He isn`t at all religious but he said it had a certain `feel` to the whole place. He visited the famous Trevi fountain but the two photos he took where very blurry...typical man! Apart from the Coliseum he must have visited just about every tourist attraction in Rome but as he hasn`t told me which ones they were and as I can`t read Latin I`ll have to save them for another day. You can see however that the weather was beautiful and very, very hot...AND for good measure while he was there it poured with rain for the whole five dare he come home with a!

Kerry had an appointment with her midwife this afternoon. Everything is as it should be apart from her due date. By all accounts she was originally told March 31st but has now been told April 7th. Never mind, the baby will be born when he/she is ready despite any `official` date. The latest names for a boy are George Alexander. They are the only boys names that Kerry and Slava are both agreed on. As far as girls names are concerned, Kerry now says Louisa and Slava is staying very quiet on the matter. Oh well, they have four and a half months to decide, change their minds, then make them up again a dozen times!

Roman is being rather difficult just lately. He won`t go to bed, when he does he gets up in the night and won`t go back again. He`s become very cheeky to Kerry if he doesn`t get his own way. Kerry spoke to her midwife about him and she thinks it might be because of the baby. Apparently it`s quite common for a young child to act this way when Mummy is pregnant. I just hope he settles down as Kerry is so tired at the moment and is suffering from sciatica. She certainly appreciates the time she has to herself when he is at nursery.

Friday, 17 October 2008

Friday Odds and Ends

Brrr...I`m really cold today, something to do with the weather I! This morning there was a real frost and I was lucky not to have to scape my windscreen as several of my work colleagues had to.
I`ve been busy getting Christmas stuff on display at work. Of course I`m only a humble assistant and don`t have to do all the hard work but there`s still been plenty to do. It really looks nice and festive and even though it`s only October people have started buying already.
I`ve been going from town to town trying to locate the coat I want in my size with no luck. Wednesday evening I decided to buy it online to save myself the trouble (and petrol) of continous shopping. I`ve just had an email saying it`s been despatched and with luck it should arrive tomorrow or Monday. This afternoon I bought a super-dooper pack of wildbird food that will hopefully last for several months as long as the goldfinches don`t get too greedy this year. They are already back in the garden after several months away, they obviously haven`t forgotten where they are fed so well. Then I went into the pet shop franchise in the garden centre and bought some sunflower hearts so now I`m well stocked up for the Winter months ahead.
Kerry is doing well although she is finding this pregnancy to be far less comfortable than the last. She`s been getting a lot of pain for which she saw a doctor. There is nothing wrong with the baby, in fact he/she has a very strong heartbeat, it`s just ligament pain plus a little sciatica. The doctor told her that ligament pain is always worse with the second baby...I remember it well! Roman seemed very happy about the baby at first but now says he doesn`t want a baby brother or sister but would rather have a dog!
I haven`t been doing as much gardening lately. Mind you there isn`t much left for me to do now. I`m waiting for the dahlias do blacken before I dig up the tubers to store over winter. I`ve planted daffodil bulbs all over the garden and I don`t have any room for more. I still have half a sack left and I`m not sure what to do with them all, most likely I`ll give them away to friends.

I keep meaning to start my Christmas shopping and get it out of the way. My intentions are good but I just don`t seem to get around to it. Perhaps next week I`ll go into town armed with a present list and have a look at cards and wrapping paper...and if it`s cold I`ll be wearing my new coat!
It will be interesting to see how the `credit crunch` will affect shoppers this year. I think there will still be crowds in the shops but people will spend much less, I know I will very careful what I spend this year because who knows how bad things will get. The good news is that petrol prices have fallen drastically because oil has halved in price since July. Funny that petrol isn`t half the price though....hmm.
Must go now though, I`m doing the washing and the fast spin has just finished, only another two loads to do now, oh and one more tomorrow. Thank goodness for washing machines, I can`t imagine having to do all that by hand! Bye for now and have a lovely weekend. :o)

Monday, 13 October 2008

A Nice Weekend

It`s Monday again, the weekends just fly by don`t they. I`ve had an interesting weekend. I was feeling really down on Saturday, very tense and feeling so terribly tired even after a very good night`s sleep. Danny came round in the morning and I wasn`t at all good company. I told me not to worry and didn`t stay long though I could tell he was concerned. By the afternoon I had an awful headache and I was feeling very lightheaded. I knew that swollen gland in my neck meant bad news. It`s only a small viral thing and I`m feeling a bit better though not 100%. After Dan went home me and Jim went into the nearby town of Uxbridge to do a bit of shopping, or at least I did try to find that elusive winter coat I`ve been looking for. I have at last found one but not in my size. I tried on a 12 but it was too big I need a 10. Just to see if it fitted I tried on an 8, I was delighted to say that it did but I was worried that if I put on any weight or wore thicker clothes it might not fit as well as I`d like. So a 10 is what I need so I`ll keep checking the shop to see if they`ve had a delivery.
While we were there we bumped into Danny`s ex. girlfriend Salina...sorry, I must correct that.... she`s now his present girlfriend. They`ve just got back together though it`s supposed to be secret...don`t ask! I can`t say she was thrilled to see us though she did smile. The atmosphere was very tense and I would love to have been a fly on the wall when she told Dan about her encounter. Only time will tell.
On Sunday we went to see my brother and we had a wonderful time there. The highlight of the afternoon was exchanging last year`s Christmas presents (we haven`t seen each other since the Christmas before) It was so funny. Cliff and I have a similar sense of humour, dry and a little! I`d bought him a really nice scarf and since the weather is getting cold again it came at the right time. He put it on and kept in on the whole time we were there. My present from them was a holdall full of really nice toiletries, ie. shower gel, handcream etc. It is really good stuff and one of my favourite brands. Well done little bruv! I also rought home a pile of presents for Kerry, Danny, Slava and Roman too. Christmas has come early, or late for them! The rest of the afternoon flew by as we chatted and before we knew it we`d been there for 4 hours. I now I can talk a lot but not for that long!
At work we`ve have had a collection so we can buy flowers for our colleague`s wife`s funeral and sent a sympathy card to his home. I just hope and pray that he and his family have the strength to get through this dreadful time.
Jim went fishing today but only caught two tiny little fish. I can`t see the attraction of standing around a lake for hours and end up with nothing, I`d be bored rigid. I suppose you have to be a fisherman to see the attraction but I`m afraid it passes me by....yawn!
I`ve just added a new guestbook to my blog so if you`d like to sign it (pretty please!) it`s on the left hand side. For now though I`ll say goodbye. It`s about time I read a few more journals. Take care. :o)

Friday, 10 October 2008

Happy, Sad, Deep and Meaningful


It`s been an unhappy few days. One of my work colleagues lost his wife on Wednesday and we are all feeling very sad for him. It was very sudden and they had been married for 48 yrs. He`s a very nice man and I feel for him and his family, they will be going through a terrible time.

The sun has been shining this week and I`ve been making the best of it in the garden. In my opinion gardening is very theraputic because I can be quiet and vent my feelings out there with only myself for company. I don`t even notice the time and I feel so much better afterwards, at least spritually, not always physically as my poor arthritic hands will tell you. No matter, my hands are important, peace of mind is. Sorry but I`m a bit deep and meaningful today with one thing or another, the `another` I need not mention here.

Danny is happy with his girlfriend and because of that so am I. Kerry is feeling well especially now as she can feel the baby move, another reason for me to be happy. Roman is doing well and is very happy at his nursery and I`m happy about that too. And in two weeks I`m having a day of work to go and visit a friend. I`m really looking forward to that and yes, I`m very happy!

Yesterday I was really worried about Jake, he was quiet all day and in the evening he didn`t come into the sitting room and lie down next to me. Instead he stayed in his own bed all evening, something that he just never does. This morning however he was his usual self so I can only presume he just didn`t want to leave his comfy bed, lazy so-and-so!

I do wish we had an alerts system on these new blogs, I mean I`ve quite got used to the format now but I have no way of letting my readers know if I have posted or not. Sending a mass email is the only way I can think of but maybe some poeple don`t want this. I think I`ll try that and if it works fine. If anyone doesn`t want me to do it I won`t, simple as that.

Tomorrow morning I have a hair appointment to get my roots done and a cut and blow dry. I think it will cheer me up a bit. Despite being happy for my family and friends I still feel low-ish. It might be because I have swollen glands in my neck, am I getting a cold or am I not? I wish it would either come to something or go away, I`m bored with it now!

This Sunday I`m going to visit my bother and sister-in-law. To my shame I haven`t seen them for almost two years despite only living about five miles apart. I suppose because we all lead such busy lives we never seem to find the time, perhaps we should have tried harder, two years is far too long. My brother Cliff is eight years younger than me and is my only sibling. Also we are very similar personality-wise which doesn`t make for a happy some of the time. However, I`m looking forward to seeing him and that`s all that matters. I just hope it`s a good visit.

That`s it for now though. I hope you all have a lovely weekend wherever you are. Take my friends. :o)

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

A Dreary Day

Hello everyone,

I`m very lucky to be here today, at least I think so! Thsi morning before I started work I made the coffee for everyone as I always do. Our staffroom is upstairs in the old cottage that is part of the centre and has an old rickety staircase. Anyway I came down stairs holding two cups of coffee when I tripped on the top step. Luckily I stopped myself without spilling a drop but for one moment my heart skipped a beat. IF I had fallen I doubt I would have got up again, at least not in one piece. I was really lucky indeed.

Later I had one problem customer after another. One complained about the condition of a wheelbarrow ( it was fine) another queried her bill even though I explained it to her several times. She then told me she was right and I must have done something wrong. I asked anothe rmember of staff to check it with me to make the customer feel better. It turned out the customer hadn`t read the prices correctly but did she apologise? That`ll be the day!

Several times I was the only member of staff in the shop because the manager had two lorries of goods to unload. I passed the time by thinking evil thoughts about the nasty customers though I did have some of my `regulars` to chat too, most of which are the nicest of people and one of the reasons I enjoy my job.

I had planned to do some gardening when I got home but because of the rain I polished and vacuumed the bedrooms instead. Now the sun has come out and it feels really warm, why couldn`t it have done that ealier, the bedrooms could wait until tomorrow...sigh. I have to get started in the garden again because I have more planting to do and some seeds to sow. I`ve written a shopping list of what I need but I`m being careful what I spend and I am learning how to be as thrifty as possible. I`ve learnt how to make paper flowerpots out of newspaper and of course I`ve no need to buy compost because I have my own ready made in the garden. In fact it looks just right for shovelling onto the garden to protect the plants from Winter frosts. It does smell a bit so I`m seriously thing about putting a peg on the end of my nose when I do! Also sowing plants from seed will make save money too and it`ll be nice to be able to say the garden is all my own work.

I had a call from Danny this afternoon and he says he`ll be round this evening after work. I wonder if he`ll have anything to say about his new girlfriend? Perhaps I`ll dig a little bit and see what I!

I still have a lot of things I want to do on this blog, like adding music and changing the background. I have the websites I need but I still have to work out how to do it. I`m sure I can do it but I find the format of Blogspot a bit time consuming and I just want to spend a couple of days just reading journals. I can start doing more to my own blog another day.

I`ll say goodbye for now. I`d better go and make something for the evening meal. I think Scampi would be nice....hmmm...tasty! Bye Bye for now and take care. :o)

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Getting There

Well I`m here again though I`m still not completely used to the format of Blogspot. It seems to be taking me forever to add links to all the new journals and then I couldn`t work out how to add graphics to my ABOUT Me section. Thankfully Jeannette came to my rescue as she has so many times in the past and I now seem to have a vague idea how to do!

The weather has been wet and miserable all day though less cold than the last few days. Friday was absolutely freezing and felt more like the end of November than the start of October. I`m not a `cold` person but it really got to me and I just couldn`t get warm despite the central heating.

Kerry, Slava and Roman are here for the weekend and yesterday evening we babysat while Kerry and Slava went out for a meal and a well-earned break. Much as I love my Little Man he is going through a demanding phase and his mum and dad needed some time off. He certainly did keep us entertained though as he always comes out with some little gem. Yesterday we were talking about his growing up and going to work just like daddy. I told him that he could be a policeman, a fireman or even a bank manager. He looked quite serious for a moment and then said, " or a super hero!" Well, we just burst out laughing at his little joke though I think Roman was very serious about his career!

I haven`t seen Danny for over a week. I know he is seeing someone but he`s keeping very tightlipped about it. Hmmm...a mother`s instinct tells me that there is more to this than meets the eye. Watch this space and I`ll keep you informed of developments.........

A little while ago I was in the kitchen and I decided to have a quick look at the garden, I couldn`t believe my eyes when I saw a balloon lying in the bushes. How did it get there? I suppose the wind blew it there and it decided to stay. I just hope Jake doesn`t bite it because he`ll get a shock if he does.
I am disappointed that I was unable to link my tribute to Hannah to this blog. I did it right but for some reason I kept getting a `fault` message. Oh well, I might redo it as my memories of her haven`t faded and I`m sure I could do her justice all over again

I`ll say goodbye now because the family are going home and I want to say goodbye. I hope to get over to your blogs some time this evening. Bye Bye for now and take care. :o)

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

All Jumping Ship

Hi everyone,

I`m so happy that I`m not alone here in BlogWorld. It`s great that so many of you are either here already or on your way over. Better to leave JLand before it leaves us! I`m starting to get used to this format, I won`t say I like it yet but I am trying to. Of course there is no going back and if I want a journal I will have to stay so stay I will.

It`s been a real cold day today with a biting wind that has been bringing the leaves down from the trees. At work colleagues have been clearing the leaves but no sooner have they done it than another gust of wind brings even more of them down. It`s not as though they can be left until later either because the garden centre has to be kept clear for customers so it`s an ongoing task for the outside staff.

Jim bought Roman`s Christmas present today and we`ve hidden it away in the loft until a couple of weeks before. I know it`s early but we want to get presents out of the way so we don`t have to rush around at the last minute. It bizarre isn`t it, talking about Christmas on the first day of!

Yesterday we heard that our nephew Robert ( Jim`s youngest sister`s son)has asked his long time girlfriend Rachel to marry him and she accepted. They are such a lovely couple and so much in love and deserve all the happiness life has to offer. I am thrilled for them both.

Anyway my friends, I shall say goodnight and hope that you all have a lovely evening. Take care. :o)