Wednesday, 1 October 2008

All Jumping Ship

Hi everyone,

I`m so happy that I`m not alone here in BlogWorld. It`s great that so many of you are either here already or on your way over. Better to leave JLand before it leaves us! I`m starting to get used to this format, I won`t say I like it yet but I am trying to. Of course there is no going back and if I want a journal I will have to stay so stay I will.

It`s been a real cold day today with a biting wind that has been bringing the leaves down from the trees. At work colleagues have been clearing the leaves but no sooner have they done it than another gust of wind brings even more of them down. It`s not as though they can be left until later either because the garden centre has to be kept clear for customers so it`s an ongoing task for the outside staff.

Jim bought Roman`s Christmas present today and we`ve hidden it away in the loft until a couple of weeks before. I know it`s early but we want to get presents out of the way so we don`t have to rush around at the last minute. It bizarre isn`t it, talking about Christmas on the first day of!

Yesterday we heard that our nephew Robert ( Jim`s youngest sister`s son)has asked his long time girlfriend Rachel to marry him and she accepted. They are such a lovely couple and so much in love and deserve all the happiness life has to offer. I am thrilled for them both.

Anyway my friends, I shall say goodnight and hope that you all have a lovely evening. Take care. :o)


  1. Not able to get on to your follow me. Keep getting the error page???
    Jenny <><

  2. Hi, Sandra!!!!! I'm waving!!!!

  3. Just letting you know that I'm following you over here! Can't let go of my j-land friends that easily.


  4. Yay!!! found you!! Ive made my blog too!!

    Congratulations to the happy couple - so lovely to hear good news!!

    What did you buy him for Chrimbo then??? You are good - I havent even thought of Christmas yet!

    Love Laine xxxxx

  5. Sorry I haven't been by your JLand Journal, but I sent you an email (I think..I must check. LOL ) I did. LOL. I just did a quick update. I hope we are able to move our JLand journals. If we have to start over I guess we do
    No, not so funny to be getting Christmas shopping done. Having been laid up awhile after surgery, my credit card, laptop, and QVC, got quite the work out. LOL Give my love to Jim, Roman and all your beautiful family. I hope to be by sooner.
    Hugs, Barb

  6. Your grandson is cute and I like his name. I'm already buying Santa for my grandson and it's packed away in the cedar chest. So I know what you mean.
    Take care

  7. Sorry I can't get you as a follower notice I am not alone we just get error will keep trying. Love Joan.

  8. Welcome to Blogger, Sandra, good to see you here. It's cold right across the country :-)


  9. Like you I have come over from AOL.Nice to meet some old friends.

  10. Hi Sandra, I have been very tardy in writing up my aol blogs so you have probably forgotten all about me, although you used to visit my Freda's Diaries blog. I have just started up my new on blog here, but not much in it yet. Still getting used to it all.
    Hopefully we can all catch up with each other now :-D

    all the best

  11. Hi Sandra
    Hope I can join you here Jeanxx

  12. Hello Sandra. I have have joined you here. I donot like the small writing. Have trouble reading it. would look better in black.

  13. Yay, I was missing you and wanting to make sure I found you before AOL closes. So glad I did!

  14. Sandra I dont know how I got here ,I dont seem to have an addy for you ,Please email me it then I can follow you Janxx

  15. Congrats to the happy couple. That's a new outfit for you now.

  16. I keep trying to follow you m'dear, but so far I'm just getting an error message. Sigh! Will carry on trying :o)


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