Monday, 20 October 2008

Parcels, Rain and Rome

Oh dear, what a dreary day its turned out to be. It`s been overcast all morning and as I sit here slumped over my keyboard I can see rain drops on the windows.....welcome to winter! Its been what I call a `flat` day, the sort of day when nothing of note happens...except of course the arrival of the parcel containing my new coat....hurrah! It does fit and is now hanging up in my bedroom. I also ordered some maternity jeans for Kerry. We are the same size clothes so I tried them on...(they were a bit big around the!) They fit me so they should fit her, I just hope she likes them.
I have some photos of Danny when he was in Rome, he certainly did some sight-seeing but I have little idea of the places in the photos apart from the Coliseum which is recognizable to just about everyone.

My little boy! :o)

I didn`t realise the Coliseum was so big.

The Coliseum from the outside

A beautiful ceiling somewhere in Rome

Dan had a wonderful time there and even visited the Vatican City. He said it was amazing. Beautiful and very peaceful. He isn`t at all religious but he said it had a certain `feel` to the whole place. He visited the famous Trevi fountain but the two photos he took where very blurry...typical man! Apart from the Coliseum he must have visited just about every tourist attraction in Rome but as he hasn`t told me which ones they were and as I can`t read Latin I`ll have to save them for another day. You can see however that the weather was beautiful and very, very hot...AND for good measure while he was there it poured with rain for the whole five dare he come home with a!

Kerry had an appointment with her midwife this afternoon. Everything is as it should be apart from her due date. By all accounts she was originally told March 31st but has now been told April 7th. Never mind, the baby will be born when he/she is ready despite any `official` date. The latest names for a boy are George Alexander. They are the only boys names that Kerry and Slava are both agreed on. As far as girls names are concerned, Kerry now says Louisa and Slava is staying very quiet on the matter. Oh well, they have four and a half months to decide, change their minds, then make them up again a dozen times!

Roman is being rather difficult just lately. He won`t go to bed, when he does he gets up in the night and won`t go back again. He`s become very cheeky to Kerry if he doesn`t get his own way. Kerry spoke to her midwife about him and she thinks it might be because of the baby. Apparently it`s quite common for a young child to act this way when Mummy is pregnant. I just hope he settles down as Kerry is so tired at the moment and is suffering from sciatica. She certainly appreciates the time she has to herself when he is at nursery.