Friday, 7 November 2008

Friday Lines and Too Many Sweet Dreams!

I thought I`d better do a posting before the weekend. It`s unlikely that I`ll have time to get online Saturday or Sunday because Kerry and Roman are coming to stay for the weekend. Slava is working away for the weekend so I`ll be looking after Roman while Kerry works on Sunday morning.

I do feel sorry for her at the moment. She was at the emergency dentist this morning because she has been in agony with toothache. It seems that she has an abcess and has been given penicillin in the hope that will see it off. If not she will have to have her gum opened to see what can be done. On top of all that she has badly impacted wisdom teeth and may need more hospital treatment in the future. She`s already had some back teeth removed to allow room for her wisdom teeth to move a little but there`s not much hope of them ever growing through. I just hope against hope that the abcess and the wisdom teeth are not connected. Being nearly 5 mths pregnant and having to have delicate mouth surgery is the last thing she needs right now. I must say that I`m really worried though I didn`t tell her that of course. I just hope it will all be ok and the meds will clear it up.

We went shopping together this afternoon and Roman was on top form again and kept telling me what he wants for Christmas. Apparently he wants a massive box of chocolates that he can "eat up" on Christmas morning....and a snow globe. I decided as he`d been such a good boy today he could have his snow globe today. He was absolutely thrilled when I gave it to him and he said "Thank you Nana, I love the snow globe you bought me, thank you, it was very nice of you". He is so appreciative and speaks in such a grown up way that sometimes its hard to believe that he`s not yet 3 and a half. When they went home this evening I stood by the car waving goodbye. Then I made funny faces of Roman and he was giggling like mad as Kerry drove off. It leaves a warm feeling inside when I think of him laughing so heartily as they drove away.

Well, two days after Bonfire Night the surrounding area is alive with the noise of fireworks. Jake is lying with his head under the coffee table...again so that he feels safe from the battle that is raging around him. I know he`s fine as long as he doesn`t have to leave the sittingroom while its going on. It must be a real assault on his ears seeing as how a dogs hearing is more sensitive than ours. There are a lot of dogs and cats locally and I sincerely hope they are all indoors out of harms way.

Kerry and I have a real dilemma for December 13th. Jim and I are going out for a meal with my colleagues from work. Kerry and Slava also are booked to go to Slava`s company dinner and dance. Then it turns out that Danny has his company dinner that night too. The dilemma lies in the fact that Kerry doesn`t have a babysitter for that night now that we are going out too. Not knowing about Danny`s plans we asked him but on checking he told us about HIS meal. I offered to cancel and look after Roman but Kerry said no, they would find a solution. They did. Eventually after much thought it was decided that Kerry will stay home with Roman and Slava will go to the dinner. The week before will be Kerry`s cousin`s 30th birthday party. So the plan is for her to go there with Jim and myself while Slava stays home with Roman. At least that way they both get a night out though sadly not together.

Back to our shopping trip, both Kerry and myself managed to buy several Christmas presents each though I have decided to go back to town on my own on Monday because I can take my time looking around for gifts without having to consider Kerry and Roman. It must be really boring for him having to follow us around town all afternoon, bless him.

Anyway, I`ll say goodnight now. Take care and have a lovely weekend. :o)

PS: If you wonder why there are so many sweet dreams graphics on here, so do I. I only downloaded one and then I got all those ....weird. Now of course, I can`t get rid of them!