Friday, 17 October 2008

Friday Odds and Ends

Brrr...I`m really cold today, something to do with the weather I! This morning there was a real frost and I was lucky not to have to scape my windscreen as several of my work colleagues had to.
I`ve been busy getting Christmas stuff on display at work. Of course I`m only a humble assistant and don`t have to do all the hard work but there`s still been plenty to do. It really looks nice and festive and even though it`s only October people have started buying already.
I`ve been going from town to town trying to locate the coat I want in my size with no luck. Wednesday evening I decided to buy it online to save myself the trouble (and petrol) of continous shopping. I`ve just had an email saying it`s been despatched and with luck it should arrive tomorrow or Monday. This afternoon I bought a super-dooper pack of wildbird food that will hopefully last for several months as long as the goldfinches don`t get too greedy this year. They are already back in the garden after several months away, they obviously haven`t forgotten where they are fed so well. Then I went into the pet shop franchise in the garden centre and bought some sunflower hearts so now I`m well stocked up for the Winter months ahead.
Kerry is doing well although she is finding this pregnancy to be far less comfortable than the last. She`s been getting a lot of pain for which she saw a doctor. There is nothing wrong with the baby, in fact he/she has a very strong heartbeat, it`s just ligament pain plus a little sciatica. The doctor told her that ligament pain is always worse with the second baby...I remember it well! Roman seemed very happy about the baby at first but now says he doesn`t want a baby brother or sister but would rather have a dog!
I haven`t been doing as much gardening lately. Mind you there isn`t much left for me to do now. I`m waiting for the dahlias do blacken before I dig up the tubers to store over winter. I`ve planted daffodil bulbs all over the garden and I don`t have any room for more. I still have half a sack left and I`m not sure what to do with them all, most likely I`ll give them away to friends.

I keep meaning to start my Christmas shopping and get it out of the way. My intentions are good but I just don`t seem to get around to it. Perhaps next week I`ll go into town armed with a present list and have a look at cards and wrapping paper...and if it`s cold I`ll be wearing my new coat!
It will be interesting to see how the `credit crunch` will affect shoppers this year. I think there will still be crowds in the shops but people will spend much less, I know I will very careful what I spend this year because who knows how bad things will get. The good news is that petrol prices have fallen drastically because oil has halved in price since July. Funny that petrol isn`t half the price though....hmm.
Must go now though, I`m doing the washing and the fast spin has just finished, only another two loads to do now, oh and one more tomorrow. Thank goodness for washing machines, I can`t imagine having to do all that by hand! Bye for now and have a lovely weekend. :o)


  1. Yes, I remember those pains as well Sandra. Poor Kerry. I have not even thought about Christmas, we have not even had Halloween yet. Our garden looks a right mess now, fallen leaves everywhere, weeds springing up but it is too cold and damp to go out there. Hope you get your new coat really soon.

  2. I hope you get the coat soon, you'll need it if this weather turns any colder! Bless Roman.... a puppy ~ sounds good to me! Lol! The baby is probably laying near the sciatic nerve to give Kerry the pain, I know how painful that is! Ouch! Too soon to think of Christmas now, I don't get much in now as I'm always over Andy's for the day. Have a good weekend! Jeannette xx

  3. Hi Sandra I was just saying to Stuart what would we do without our automatic washing machines I put mine on yesterday went out for a walk and when I came back as if by magic it was reaky to go on the line. Have a good weekend. Love Joan

  4. I had to scrape my windscreen this morning. As far as I am concerned I refuse to think about Christmas until 1st December

  5. Thanks for the email 'alert' Sandra, it was very helpful. I'm busy making a blog list which I'll add you to and then - downhill and a following wind - I shall know if there are any entries for me to read.

    As a child-free non-mother I don't know what you poor mums must go through but I do know what sciatic pain is like - can be excruciating so commiserations to Kerry. Never mind, not too long to go now. My niece Kate had a water birth last week and she thought it was a big help.

    Gosh, you've started early with the frost, haven't you? So far south as well. Our trees are wearing their autumn coats but that's about all - touch wood.

    Enjoy your weekend.
    love, Angie, xx

  6. Im glad you were able to get your coat... I ordered one and had to send it back but I didn't try it on anywhere, you got lucky. Can't wait to see a picture of it. My husband just came home with some Christmas presents for the men in the family...9 Im happy because I always have a hard time with that. Sandra

  7. You can send some of that cold weather here, I will gladly trade for this unrelenting heat we are still having. Going to be in the mid 90's this weekend.
    Have a great weekend

  8. Ah my dear friend, I've finally found you. I've saved your link so I can make sure to get alerts from you. It's been a while...delighted to see Kerry is doing good with this pregnancy. Most toddlers change their mind about a little brother or sister once they find out they have to share Mommy. I would love to get my Christmas shopping done early this year. We can hope, can't we. (Hugs)Indigo

  9. Hi Sandra, Thanks for visiting my very new "little" blog. I was so elated to find the first comments. My second pregnancy was a nightmare, I used to have pains everywhere and of course it was a girls! My son wanted a brother and he got a sister instead but I will never forget his face the first time he saw her. Worth every pain inn the world! Have a nice weekend! All the best. Antonella

  10. I bet it looks really festive where you work...and I bet your home will look the same too...over the holidays. So sorry Kerry is having a rough time of it...but soon there will be a new little one to pamper...and give so much love to. Hope you have a beautiful weekend...hugs and love,

  11. LOL Sandra, my son was not one bit happy when I had his sister. He already had an older sister and really did not like Megan one bit. Now grown, they are the best of friends. Actually, once he got over the shock of it, they got into lots of trouble as young ones.

    My furnace came on today. Ugh, I've been trying to avoid but my windshield is frozen solid.

    Have a lovely weekend! xx

  12. Hope you have a good weekend. Smiling at Roman wanting to exchange his brother/sister for a puppy awwwwwwwwwww Sorry, but Christmas shopping is not one of my priorities at the moment, I hate it! Eileen x

  13. Morning's chilly here this morning but still sunny...I keep saying i need to start the shopping too..I did get cards at least though...
    have a nice Sunday...

  14. Hi Sandra ,funny you said about the gold finches,we haven't seen any for ages on their food .|??
    Hope you get your new coat ,can we see a photo of it Jeanxx

  15. i feel for Kerry....i hope the pains go glad that your new coat is on its way. I bet you will look BEAUTIFUL in it! XO


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