Thursday, 23 October 2008

A Very Special Day

I just have to tell you all about yesterday. Jim and I went to visit a special friend and her husband. You all know her of course..........Jeannette, my friend and very well known in JLand with her journal Jeannette`s Jottings.
It was a beautiful morning yesterday and there was frost on the ground. I knew the day was going to go well from the start, I just had a really good feeling about it. We travelled down to Essex with no problems, the sun shone all the way and the traffic was flowing with no hold ups. The leaves on the trees were brown and gold so all around everything was beautiful. Essex is a lovely county and it was so nice that we had the day to ourselves. We spent a few hours with friends and then we went to Southend and walked along the seafront. It was truly a lovely day in all aspects.

Jeannette and her husband Mike were as nice as I`d thought they were and we were soon chatting away like old friends, despite the fact that we`d never met, just talked on the phone and through IM. It certainly does prove that you can know a person really well over the Internet despite what some people think.

We had a nice lunch and then Jim went out with Mike to walk the two dogs Jesse and Jack. And what gorgeous dogs they are too, especially Jesse who has the most expressive eyes and the cutest pair of ears that I`ve ever seen. He really stole my heart! I could have dog-napped him but I don`t think Jake would have been too pleased when we got!

I really think Jesse liked me too!


After leaving Jeannette and Mike who we will definitely visit again some time soon, we drove into Southend so we could walk along the seafront for a few hours. It was cool and blustery but when the sun shone it felt really warm. However I was well wrapped up in my new coat!

Neither of us had been to Southend since our early twenties so we had no idea what it would be like. The old Kursaal fairground is long gone but even though the Summer is over we could see how many activities there are for the whole family at the height of the season. We walked and walked, stopped for the odd photo or two and had the obligatory portion of freshly cooked chips that everyone has to have at the seaside...and delicious they were too. By 4.30pm we were really tired and started back home. It had been a wonderful day and we had filled every moment with memorable moments.
What`s left of the Kursaal

Southend is on the Estuary of the River Thames so it is very muddy there. However, it looks so beautiful with the sun shining on the water. I just had to share this photograph.

This afternoon I had a call from Kerry to tell me what happened to her yesterday. She left for work as usual at 4.30am and while she was driving along one of the country roads near her home she had to swerve the car to miss a large deer and parked her car into a road side ditch. Realising that she was unhurt but knowing that she couldn`t move the car she tried to ring for help, only to find there was no signal for her mobile. Because she was nowhere near a house and there were no street lights she settled down in the car for over two hours until it began to get light. Then she walked almost a mile until she found a cottage and knocked on the door. An elderly couple opened the door and brought her inside and gave her a hot cup of tea while she called for Greenflag to come and get her car out of the ditch. Luckily the the man from Greenflag waved the charge of the rescue because Kerry had had such a bad morning ( he should have charged her )80 pounds because it was classified as ` bogged down` or some such nonsense. Anyway, it all turned out alright, Kerry is safe and well and her car wasn`t damaged. AND the deer wasn`t killed as it very nearly was. I am very relieved that she is safe though, my stomach turns just thinking about it.

Anyway my friends, I`ll say goodbye for now. I just wanted to let you know my news of yesterday and to thank Mike and Jeannette once again for being great hosts and for being as nice as I always thought they were.


  1. Sandra it was a true pleasure. You could not have picked a more perfect Autumn day either. We so enjoyed it. Part of Southend shore are muddy but not at the Westcliff end where there is plenty of sand. What a rotten thing to happen to Kerry, so glad that is is o.k.
    I have done an entry about how Mike and I met today. I know I have done it before but I have changed it a bit and put on one of the photos that you took yesterday.

    Yes, you can truly get to know people over the internet and I am very glad that I met you dear friend.

  2. P.S. That should read I am glad that Kerry is o.k. Not a nice experience though.

  3. Hi Sandra...
    I feel so pleased that you all had a wonderful time together at Jeannette's.You and Jeannette look so happy that you've both met up. The photos are really lovely and i can see a couple of them maybe framed...I'm sorry to read about Kerry's awfull ordeal and glad she was ok...Best wishes and take care...Astra!

  4. So glad uou had such a nice day with Jeannette et al. Good news that your daughter was OK after her mishap. Love Joan

  5. Your day sounds perfect. Love your photos.
    What a horrible thing to have happen to Kerry. Thank goodness she is OK.

  6. I just think that is so neat that you all got to meet. I read that in Jeannette's blog.

    Scary about what Kerry went thru yesterday. Glad she is ok. We have a lot of deer here that cause us problems on the outskirts of town. Some areas worse than others. I have a friend that has hit or swerved from 7 deer in the last few years on her morning commute. She's keeping count. lol

  7. Glad Kerry is OK and glad you enjoyed your day

  8. Just did that test cos Blogger was down for a while. Sandra, I am so glad that you followed suit and put this commenting system on. No forms, no verification code. Much quicker and easier. I have emailed all on my buddy list, you have different readers, perhaps you could let them all know.

  9. Im glad you had a chance to visit Jeannette and her husband and that it was a nice day too. Sorry to hear about what happened to Kerry. I would have been so scared

  10. I read Jeannettes' account of your meeting, sounds like you got along like a house on fire! I'm glad you had a good day and the new coat kept you warm! Kerry was very lucky she wasn't hurt, I'm glad she found a nice couple who let her in, so many people these days are frightened to open their doors to strangers. Jeannette xx

  11. the pic of you two girls shows just how happy you are....glad the visit was wonderful!

  12. ps..hope you dont mind...I'm going to start following...

  13. Yes, I agree, you can make lovely friends without actually meeting them. Glad you all had such a lovely time.
    Angie, xx

  14. What a lovely day as you pictures clearly show ,you all look so right together old friends how lovely I love your new coat ,I have just done a new entry ,how do you manage to put so many pictures as well as graphics onto your blog? So very pleased Kerry was unhurt phewww Jan xx

  15. Oh, poor Kerry how frightening when you are on your own! I loved the photographs that you posted and I had read all about your lovely day on Jeannette's blog. So glad you all had such a happy day. Eileen x

  16. Grrrrr I've tried FOUR times to leave a comment and it is now nearly 330am. Take my word for it, it was a long and lovely comment. LOL I'll try ONE more time. Take care.
    Hugs, Barb

  17. Hi Sandra, Glad you had a lovely time with Jeannette last Wednesday. You are two very special ladies with a special smile! Thanks for your comments about my home land. Italy can be very expensive if you do not know the right places to go! But my part of the conutry is still unknown (and unspoilt) by mass tourism and reasonably cheap. So, if you ever want to go and visit I could give you lots of tips. Have a lovely weekend. Ciao. Antonella

  18. That was great that you got to meet a Jland friend and yes I could talk hours to people I read. Honestly we truly know them in a way nobody else does. Looks like a great time. Loved the pictures. So sorry about your daughter. I was thinking oh my goodness isn't she pregnant. Glad it came out okay. I can imagine you were sick. I would have been too. Sorry I lost your there for a minute. I couldn't remember the name of your journal. I'm a follower now so should be easier.
    Take care, Chrissie

  19. OH NO! Thank God Kerry is ok! She sure is a tropper!! i LOVE your pics and your new coat. So glad you got to meet another J lander. XOXOXO

  20. I missed this one Sandra. Wow, I'm glad Kerry is ok. That must be very worrisome to be in an accident while pregnant.

    How wonderful that you met Jeannette and Mike! Jeannette looks so good and well. Love your pictures also. xx

  21. Definitely sounds like it was a special day. Glad you had a chance to meet Jeannette and Mike. The dogs were adorable. Sounds like the whole trip all around was a pleasant day.

    Glad to hear Kerry is ok. That is frightening with her being pregnant and stranded. (Hugs)Indigo

  22. Sandra how lovely you met Jeannette and Mike loved the pictures ~ I am so glad Kerry is OK ~ Ally x

  23. Oh how wonderful! You got to meet Jeannette! How cool is that, meeting a jland buddy! It just goes to show that an online friend CAN be as close, or even closer, than any other friend you have! Recently I had somebody ask me about my friends. I mentioned some online friends, and they stopped me and said, "no, not online friends, real friends!" Like online friends are not real friends, LOL? Like they are not real people because you can't see them, LOL? Strange how people have that view...

    Anyway, I am so glad I finally got over to Blogger. I've only been here a few days though. John and I got back from his three week hospitalization just a few days ago. So that's why I haven't been around to BloggerLand at all. It is so strange here, I don't even know what to call this place. I wonder if we should call it BloggerLand, GoogleLand, or JLandII, LOL. Oh now I am being silly. I think I'll go do a poll asking everybody that question next week, in the sidebar of my blog, LOLOLOLOL.

    Love you Sandra, Krissy :)


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