Thursday, 18 December 2008

Farewell Auntie

Well I`ve not long been home after attending my Auntie Win`s funeral and I feel a bit sad but not for the most obvious reasons. When my brother, nephew and I arrived at the crematorium I saw my cousin we were all feeling very apprehensive about meeting family that we hadn`t seen for a long time, we`d needn`t have worried because we got a warm welcome. There weren`t many people there and that made me feel sad. I know that Auntie Win was 94 and many of her friends are no longer with us but I thought that her younger friends would have been there. And some more family members. There was just her son Rod, daughter-in-law Jenny , two grandsons, me, my brother Cliff and nephew Adam. None of my other cousins were there and I`m so glad that I was, so was Cliff. Auntie Win was a formidable woman to the end and I`m so glad she was exactly the same right up to the end. I`m also sad that we won`t see the like of her again in this world but I`m sure she has her place in heaven and is making her presence felt as we we speak. After the service we all chatted for a while and then said our goodbyes. It was strange because we all knew it was unlikely that we`ll meet again, our lives are so different. It`s a shame because we all get on well but thats just how it is, we`ve never been a close family which is a little sad.

I`ve been really busy at work with lots of customers buying Christmas trees and decorations. In fact I wouldn`t be surprised if we sell right of Christmas lights in the next few days. I`ve been wearing my father Christmas earrings and flashing lights reindeer badge which most of the customers appreciate. This morning I served a really nice man who told me he was 82, I couldn`t believe it because he didn`t look a day over 65. Before he left he shook my hand and then kissed it....Oh I WAS flattered! There are some lovely people out there.

Danny has gone home after his bout of flu and is back at work. It was nice to act as nursemaid for a while but it`s nice to have the house back for just the two of us. I just hope I don`t catch it or I will not be happy I can tell you, being ill isn`t an option with Christmas on the doorstep, I have far too much to!
Yesterday some Heuchera plants arrived that I ordered months ago. They should have arrived back in November but they forgot to send them. Then they sent them and the courier lost them! For the third time I emailled the company and they miraculously they arrived the next day. The last thing I can do now is plant them outside as they are far too small to survive a heavy frost. What I`ve done is plant them in pots and put them in the greenhouse to overwinter.
I have a bad headache caused I think by the stress of the day, hopefully it will subside before I have to resort to medication. I prefer not to take anything but I have a feeling I won`t get away with it this time. I can`t remember a time when I haven`t had a headache after a funeral.

Jim is still waiting to find out what hours he will be working on Christmas Day. They usually put the schedules on the notice board but this year they seem to be taking there time. It would be nice for Jim to know so as I can plan the day around him, I don`t want him to miss out. Hopefully he won`t have to work a full shift and he won`t be gone too long. Luckily he will be home on Boxing Day for the whole day and he already knows that he`s not working next Christmas. I`ll say goodbye for now and go and take something for my headache, see, I`ve given in! Take care. :o)


  1. It a sad time funerals and we are the same, we only see family at every funeral. Mum died a year ago today and with every good intention i haven't seen anyone since her funeral. Hope your headache goes.
    Jenny <><

  2. I hope your headache is gone already.... Maybe you should relax with some nice Christmas music
    take care,

  3. Hope the headache has gone now and you are feeling better. These kind of headaches I think by holding back the tears can come on so suddenly. Hope Jem gets some time of at Christmas. Love Joan.

  4. So many funerals here at the holidays it is hard to say goodbye to our loved ones. I'm glad that you were there whether others in the family showed or not.
    I hope your husband finds out his schedule so you can plan your day. I'm doing the same here my two daughters have to work one in retail the other in nursing so those things don't know holidays.
    Take care my friend. Wishing you well.

  5. Poor Sandra the headache is probably ,brought on by tension ,funerals can be very wearing emotionly ,I hope Jim soon finds out about his Christmas rota ,Maurice is off this year ,so that will be a nice change for us ,So pleased Danny is better after all the TLC from his Mum ,What a chivalrous thing for the gentleman to kiss your hand how lovely , Jan xx

  6. Hope the cold passes you by Sandra.My immune system doesn't work, so...I have picked up a cold from somewhere, and Allan is just starting with one,not unusual for us at Christmas!
    Hope your headache clears, probably tension!

  7. That is a shame that not many attended her funeral. That was a long time to live. The only time I get to see cousins is at a funeral which is a sad thing. Glad that Danny is better and I hope you and Jim doesn't catch what he had.
    I don't rightly know what Heuchera plants are so hopefully you can post some pictures later.
    I hope all of you have a very Merry Chtistmas Sandra. I am looking forward to seeing some Christmas pistures from Roman. Hugs, Helen

  8. 94 is a good age. My old friend Helen, surrogate gran, who died a few years ago was 93 and she too was a wonderful, though feisty, lady. Hers was quite a happy funeral really with everyone remembering her fondly but there wasn't a dry eye in the church when her youngest grand-daughter (12) gave a recitation.

    Blokes are all the same about Christmas prezzies; I think we get our worst headaches trying to get them something they'd like. Could you maybe get him a big box of chocs and tape an envelope on it with some money? That way he'll have something to open.

    love, Angie, xx

  9. I am glad that the funeral went as well as expected. The trouble with small families is that there are not many who can turn up, but it would have been nice if those who could had made the effort.

    Same thing with Christmas cards really. Every year I get a card from my cousin Drew and his wife. I have not seen him since I was 12 and he was 17 and as he lives in Ireland we are never likely to meet again. Yet still the cards come, not at any other time, only Christmas.

    I hope your plants survive in the greenhouse, maybe give them a bit of extra warmth like some straw around them. You must be so busy at work.

    Hope Jim does get to spend some good time with you on Christmas Day.

  10. Funerals are sad affairs by nature, but even more so when there are few others left. Hope your headache is gone.

  11. Hi Sandra, Hope you;re well now and you headache went away without any pills. Sorry about not being able to see you extended family often. I miss my family a lot. We all live in each other's pocket in Italy which can sometimes be a nuisance, but most of the time is a great help. I'm very close to my family in Italy although I don't see them more than 3-4 times a year (my parents more often). Have a nice weekend. Ciao. Antonella

  12. I'm glad you attended the funeral, pity other family and friends didn't. Our lives are so busy now that we lose touch with family don't we? I hope your headache has gone. That's a bit mean not to let Jim know what shift he's doing. I did all my staff shifts back in early November. Glad Danny is well again, I know what you mean about having the house to yourselves! Nice isn't it?! Jeannette xx

  13. Sandra...doing some late night catching up with sorry, with all my issues with my daughter, I did not get a card out to you and you both...hope you know you and your family are special...and yes, I got your beautiful card...thank you so much. So sorry about your dear sympathy goes out to you and the entire family. Hope that headache is long gone now...stress can do that...knowing all my stress, I have not had a headache, but heart aches so much. Have a very Merry you, Roman...Salva and Kerry...Danny and Jim!!!!!


  14. I'm not extremely close with most of my family which I find sad also. I'm sure you had a headache from the day's events.

    I bet you add so much Christmas cheer for your customers. I love to see folks with all the Christmas gear on and love the Christmas music.

    I know having Roman around will make your day so special. xx

  15. did you get a photo with your cousins? It is so nice that you went to your aunts funeral and honored her. I hope your headache is long gone and that Jim is home most of Christmas too. love ya

  16. Oh Sandra, I'm so far behind with my journaling. I'm sorry for the loss of your Auntie. Like my mother in law, she lived a long life. If I only live to be 2/3 that I will be very lucky-sadly I don't take very good care of myself. That really needs to change.It was so good seeing so much family that we had not seen in years even tho at a funeral. I will try to catch up with your entries. I've missed reading you.
    Hugs, Barb


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