Saturday, 31 January 2009

Orchids, Woodpeckers and Cold, Cold Weather

There`s been no more crash, bang but a bit more thud and ouch since my last entry! The new oven glass will be here in a few days and with luck I`ll manage to slide it into the door in one piece. I sincerely hope so because I can`t afford any more disasters this! The thud and ouch refer to Thursday when I decided it was time to water the orchids...all eleven of them. Most of them are kept on the bedroom window sills until they come into flower. Then I bring them back downstairs and keep them in the living room. It just happens at the moment that none of them are in flower so all of them are upstairs....and there lies the problem. I thought,in my wisdom, that it would be a good idea to carry them all downstairs on a tray saving me the trouble of several journeys up and down the stairs. It was a VERY bad idea. !) there were far too many of them and 2) when orchids are dry they are very, light and therefore top heavy. Can you see where this is going? Anyway... as I was walking downstairs one of them started to wobble on the tray, I tried to balance it but it had knocked over another, and another resulting in a domino effect. I could only stand and watch as one by one they tumbled down the stairs spilling their compost. My stair carpet resembled a woodland floor and so after checking that the orchids weren`t broken I set about clearing up the mess. They were more than fine, in fact there wasn`t even a broken leaf between them and when I`d finished cleaning about half and hour later I set about repotting them all. The finished result was they looked better than before they were thrown down the stairs but I can assure you that I won`t be doing THAT again soon. Next time I`ll bring them downstairs in carrier bags....why didn`t I think of that before!

Oh yes, and the ouch bit was when I was demonstrating to Danny how the oven glass broke. I placed my hand on the hob where I laid the glass last week but it was still hot from where Jim had recently used it...and yes I did say OUCH! But I have to say that I haven`t really been in the wars all week. The orchid incident is just one of those things that happen to me. I have to say I`m safest when driving (work that out!) sitting down or! and no I don`t sleep when I`m!

Changing the subject, its getting much colder again after the last few mild weeks. They are forecasting snow on Monday and Tuesday with a bitterly cold easterly wind blowing in from Siberia. Well I don`t know where its blowing from but I`ve not long come in from walking Jake and it was seriously cold. I`m quite a fast walker and I usually get warm while out walking but not today, even though I was dressed in my warmest clothes I was glad to get in the warm again. I think Jake was too as he dashed in as soon as I opened the door.

This morning I saw a large Green Woodpecker feeding in next doors back garden. I`ve never seen one this far away from woodland before. I took lots of photos and spent ages watching it through binoculars. I just hope the people in the house opposite don`t think I was watching them. They always get dressed in front of windows without ever closing the curtains first. Its not a case of me looking but you can`t exactly not see them. Obviously they aren`t particularly modest but if you were getting dressed in front of a window and saw someone looking through binoculars from the house opposite, what would you think? lol!

Not the best photo but it gives you an idea. His red is bright red and its a pity it doesn`t show up better here. I couldn`t believe he was ground feeding for so long, easily 20 minutes. Mind you he kept looking up to have a good look at his surroundings. Yesterday at work I saw a Red Kite with part of his wing missing. It didn`t stop him flying and he seemed oblivious to it. I wondered what might have caused such an injury to such a large bird of prey.

The other day Kerry told me that after telling Roman off for some misdemeanor he told her that he wanted to "Live with Nana"! She told him that she would help him pack his suitcase which helped change his mind, bless him. I had visions turning up on my doorstep with his little suitcase in hand...hehehe!

Anyway my friends, Ill say goodbye for now. Have a lovely evening and keep warm. :o)


  1. Roman is so cute i bet you wouldn't mind if he showed up with a suitcase for a long visit! I am glad the orchids were not damaged because i know how much they mean to you...i recently also burnt my hand on the oven and boy, did it hurt! My part of the U.S. has had unbearable weather in the last week. I hope your cold front leaves quickly. MUCH love.

  2. Poor you but afraid I was laughing at you coming downstairs with your plants and the toppling over. Glad there was no damage. Don't worry about the Red Kite they moult primary feathers and secondary feathers every year, one at a time. Great Green Woodpecker picture
    Love Joan.

  3. Sounds like you should have stayed in bed for most of this last week. But I'm glad to hear you weren't seriously hurt. I'm glad my orchids (silk ones) are foolproof. When my grandson was born, I found a cute plaque that said "When mama says no, call 1-800-GRANDMA" My daughter made the remark that no little kid would ever do that but I guess Roman proved her wrong. Have a good weekend...Linda in Washington

  4. Sandra I am glad none of your Orchids were damaged ~ I thought that was a good idea to put them in carrier bags :o) ~ pity you didn't think that before you decided to carry them downstairs ~ It has been freezing here today and we have snow forecast ~ Love the picture of the Woodpecker ~ and I thought it was funny that Roman wanted to come live with you but changed his mind when Kerry said about packing his bag ~ I know for sure you would take him in :o) ~ Ally x

  5. I have just been watching the weather forecast ,snow is on the way ! Ipopped to the shop earlier and yes it was cold ,so pleased you managed not to damage your beloved orchids ,dont you feel daft ,afterwards? Oh dear, himself is getting very independant lol Jan xx

  6. Isn't it an awful feeling - you know they're gonna go and there's not a thing you can do about it! My dad used to call it 'a lazy man's load'!! I call it efficiency, it's just the risk assessment that went astray somewhere.

    Heck, though, not even the end of Jan and you've already exhausted the disaster fund! I think you should just stay in bed with a hot water bottle and a good book. There, does't that sound better?

    love Angie, xx

  7. (((Sandra)))
    Your journal looks so pretty!
    If your neighbors can't take the 2 seconds to shut their drapes, then I guess it's show for all! (lol)
    I miss seeing woodpeckers. We had them at the old house but now it's just too crowded here and they went away :(.
    You had a heck of a week. Don't become accident prone like me OK? lol
    Huggers, Gayla

  8. I did not dare to laugh at your "mischiefs" if can call them so, as I've lost count of my daily little "accidents". I must have "rolled" down the stairs a million times, once even holding the hoover...Just wanted to say that I love the music on your blog. Some of the songs I had totally forgotten and they've been a pleasant rediscovery! Have a nice Sunday. Ciao. Antonella

  9. Flipping orchids He-He they were cetainly flipping by the sound of things Sandra LOL!!Lets hope thats your three now all done and dusted with this week.Good to read you managed a new oven door.Ouch!! about the hotplate though.As for the neighbours good grief what are they thinking of.My Grandchildren are always saying I'm am going to live at Grandma's I'm told LOL!!They are so funny arn't they.Iv'e not been out today at all and Roosters been over since yesterday, but it's been far too cold. I havn't wanted to move.Oh! the thought of the snow next week just makes me shivver more HELP.It will be me then thats playing at all fall down LOL!!Have a lovely Sunday.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

  10. Oh, Sandra, I agree with some of the other comments. You should just go to bed, but I guess it would just fall with you this week. LOL Thank goodness tomorrow begins a new week.
    When Krysten would spend time with us in the summer,when she was a child, she would cry to stay instead of going home with her Mom and Dad, when they came to get her. Of course, I didn't want to hear her cry, but still it felt good to know she loved us so much.
    Have a great weekend, my friend.

  11. OMGoodness...about the neighbors thinking you could be spying on them.toooo funny!..thx for sharing the pic!..glad u arrived safely down the stairs...;)

  12. I am glad that you were not hurt during the oechid falling and glad that you saved them all. I can picture Roman showing up at your door with suitcase in hand LOL. I have never seen a green woodpecker, Guess we don't have any of those around here. Helen

  13. Hi Sandra ,glad you didn't hurt yourself or your beloved orchids when you fell down the stairs ..thank goodness for a bungalow ..we have been here four years yesterday ,how the time flies .My white orchid shed the last of its flowers yesterday so like you said now its perhaps resting time ?Roman made me laugh,bless him wanting to come to stay with you .My grandson told me he saw a red kite while on a trip with his school last week .Keep warm and safe Jeanxx

  14. Goodness, Sandra, you've been having quite a time of it. LOL..I seem to have two left feet also, as my mother says.

    The woodpecker is so pretty, and so is your green grass. I have no idea when in the world I will ever see my grass again here. There's at least 2 feet of snow. Take care and be caeful. Enjoy your Sunday! xx

  15. Wow, what a week you have had happy your beautiful opchids were aaved. A green woodpecker...never have I seen one. Interesting!
    I loved the story about what Roman told his Mom...she had the right answer too, LOL Kids, they do tell what is on their mind! LOL
    Hope we don't get the snow predicted for Tuesday...we need a break, all of us do. Hugs and love,

  16. Phew....lucky you didn't break your orchids! We have snow tonight..........but as yet only a light dusting. Wonder what tomorrow will bring? Eileen x

  17. Glad you Orchids were not damaged Sandra, you must have quite a few. I only have the one because they are so expensive to buy. I shall be re-potting that next week thanks to you.
    Lol at Roman. I could imagine him standing on your doorstep. No doubt you have the snow, for once they got the forecast correct. Hugs xxxx


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