Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Spots and Cheese

It seems that Winter has taken a back seat for the moment and the temperature has risen since my last post. I must admit that it is nice to have a rest from the cold despite my love of the freezing, frosty days.

Well the news is that the central heating was fixed and for two days it was running better than ever. Then it reverted back to how it was before the the engineer repaired it. It is still better than it was but the boiler needs several things done to it which is going to cost a LOT of money, more than we had hoped but less than the cost of a new boiler. Now we are waiting for the repair to be done but it`s not a matter of urgency, we have heat and thats all that matters right now.

Kerry, Slava and Roman have returned from Russia safe and sound. They brought us presents and Roman brought home spots....lots of them. In fact he was very proud of them and wanted me to see them as soon as they arrived at our house. Kerry was worried that it might have been measles but the doctor here had no idea and could only guess that it was an allergy or perhaps viral. Whatever it was it didn`t give him a fever and he was as cheerful as usual though a bit itchy. He was given piriton to relieve the itchiness and all thats left now is very dry skin. Kerry and Slava captured some good footage of Roman sledding downhill in the snow. After a few runs with Daddy he wanted to do it all by himself. Even though the hill was quite steep and he is so little he didn`t fall off and had several more goes before they eventually went home, it was -17 which is too cold to stay out too long. Kerry said he didn`t once say he was cold though his little ski suit must have had something to do with that. I`m going to try to get the video footage on to You-Tube and see if I can upload it onto here.
Poor Jake has been very unwell the last few days. He ate some turkey fat mixed with seed on Saturday that I put out for the birds and by the end of the day he was very, very sick. On Sunday morning he was still unwell but I wasn`t at all surprised. I starved him until Monday morning when I gave him just a small amount of food and each further meal I give him a little more each time. He`s much better now and had a long run this morning in the woods. In future I`ll make sure any bird food is right out of his way, mind you I didn`t think he could reach the turkey fat....daft dog!
There`s a lot happening here but as I`m sworn to secrecy I can`t tell anyone about it just yet. I made a solemn promise and I`m won`t break it though when the time is right I`ll tell you all about it. Watch this space!

When I arrived at work today there had been an attempted break-in. After a search there didn`t seem to be anything stolen but they got into the staff room and my locker had been opened. Thankfully I don`t leave anything of value in there and now the lock is all but broken I won`t be doing so again. Hopefully now they know theres nothing worth taking they won`t be back.

I should have spent the afternoon shortening some new curtains to hang in the dining room but I feel really tired today and will leave them till Saturday when I have all day. I think January is a very sleepy month now that the Christmas and New Year festivities are over. Now that is in the past I can look forward to the birth of Kerry`s baby in April, the time will go quickly now, perhaps not for Kerry but for me it will.

I want to thank Antonella for the two awards, see below:

I think its lovely that someone likes me and my journal enough to give me an award, thanks so much Antonella.

I must do some nominations of my own in the next posting.

I`ve realised at this advanced age that New Year resolutions are only made to be broken so I haven`t bothered this year. The closest I`ve come to making one is to give up chocolate and I`m still working on that. Also to eat less cheese but its more likely that the chocolate will be the first to go. I love cheese in very shape or form and it will be the very last food I ever give up. In case you`re about to tell me that too much of it is bad for me, I know though I try not to think about it...lol!

Anyway, on that savoury moment I will take my leave of you. Take care. :o)


  1. So glad that Roman had such a super time and that his spots were nothing serious. Perhaps a change of food? I love cheese as well, I do not think I can ever go without it but I always have the low fat type these days. Good job you had nothing of value in your locker. I wonder if I can guess what your news is, I think maybe I can, but I could be wrong.

  2. I hope you get that heating up to par soon. Glad that Roman will be ok. Also glad that there was not anything taken from you home of importance. Hugs, Helen

  3. I laughed at Roman being so proud of his spots! Lol! Kids are so funny! I can't wait to see the video of him sledding! Sorry your boiler is going to cost so much to get fixed, it's something you can't put off thouigh isn't it? I'm glad you keep nothing of value in your locker at work and hope the thief won't be back. January is always a grey dark month to me after the festivities of December, I can't wait for it to pass! Jeannette xx

  4. Sandra I love cheese as well as chocolate would find it hard to give either up :o) glad Kerry Slava and Roman are home safe and sound ~ Hope Romans spots have disappeared ~ glad there was nothing of value in your locker ~ wondering what your secret is I did guess one thing I wonder if I am right ~ Ally x

  5. I'm glad your family had a good time in Russia..... was it -17 F or C It would make a big difference wouldn't it? It is going to be -12 F. here tonight. The coldest this winter

  6. That was funny about Roman and his spots. I'm glad it's nothing serious. Was there a change in detergent?

    Giving up cheese would be so hard for me, I LOVE it and I think I eat a little everyday.

    Sorry to hear someone got into your locker but, I'm glad they didn't get anything of importance.

    As for the heating situation - I've been dealing with those issues as well. I'm glad you have heat and hope you can get it fully fixed soon.


  7. Glad the family had a good holiday it must be wonderful for Roman to see a different country so young and to visit his other grandparents. We had a couple of mild days with rain and wind but cold and sunny today much nicer. Love Joan.

  8. Yes it has been milder Sandra so I made the best of it seeing as i'm decorating.Bet you wers o happy when Roman was back to tell you all his little tales LOL!!I only eat choc at Christmas it never bothers me other times,not realy a lover to be honest but as everyone else I love cheese.Hope Jake Gets well soon and now go get those curtains done.Oh! almost forgot I bet I can guess your secret . He-He.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

  9. I'm with you on the 'Cheese', but try to limit it....
    Lovely sunny Day, after much rain,but I'm unable to go out much just now. Saturday was too cold to go out :>(
    I also 'think' I know what's ahead, but then...?

  10. Your fish gadget is very additictive ;) Glad that Jake is feeling better and i hope you get that video of Roman posted. Hope his spots have gone x I wanna know the secret........

  11. A secret - a secret - SANDRA'S GOT A SECRET!!!!
    I shall just have to hang on your every word until all is revealed.

    Glad your boiler can hang on for a bit. I hate being cold, don't you? That's one thing that puts me off having wood floors laid, n case it feels cold.

    The R:ussian holiday at this time of year must have been magical for Roman.

    Poor old Jake! And I bet he still won't learn his lesson and will keep on eating the birds' food. Our Sally does that. I always say she's got a stomach like a dustbin and a mouth like Gateshead!

    love, Angie, xx

  12. Hi Sandra, sreangely enough, when my daughter was little, she used to get spots every time we went to Italy. The doctor said it was probably due to the different kind of milk she was drinking. Apparently it was fatter in Italy! Glad they had a great time in St Petersburg. Hopefully you will manage to get the video on here. I wouldn't know where to start. As I am a very nosy person, I'm now intrigue about the secret happenings at yours. Please don't let us wait too long! Wish you all the best. Ciao. Antonella

  13. Glad that Kerry and family made it home safe and sound although I think it's funny that Roman liked his spots. Hope Jake is back to his normal self again. They are always into something, aren't they?

    Send me some of that warmer weather..lol. That's terrible that someone broke into your work and pretty darned scary. Congrats on your 2 awards! xx

  14. Since I am so far behind, I'm combining all my comments for the entries I've missed. I hope you don't mind. First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR (belated) sounds like your children had exciting nights. How fun for Roman to play in the snow in the middle of the night.
    Glad you got your car fixed without much trouble. My car is 12 yrs old now and it looks almost new. I know that things are going to start going wrong with it but I just can't bear to part with it.
    I'm just like you. I LOVE winter. As long as it isn't icy. I can drive on snow but I will NOT leave the house if it is very icy. Living in Texas, they are just not as prepared to handle a town this large covered with ice & snow. And it's usually gone in a couple of days. I love wearing sweaters. I love watching kids in what little snow we do get. It shouldn't be 70 in January but it isn't unusual. We've had a mild winter. Fall was harsher I believe. LOL I do hope your heater doesn't go out. I'm also like you. I don't like it to be cold IN the house. Sorry Jake got sick from the bird's turkey fat/seed mix. They WILL get to that stuff if there is anyway. I bought one of those pub height dining tables & I didn't think Frodo (our long hair chihuahua) could get up on the chairs. However one day the girls left partial sandwiches on the table and when I came in there was no meat left on the bread. I do believe the little booger got up there!I really didn't pay that much attention to the leftover, so I didn't think much else about it. We'll see though.
    Soooo you're keeping a secret, eh? I can't wait to hear what it is. Sworn to secrecy? By? No hints? I have an idea. And I'll stay tuned.
    Happy Belated New Year to you and yours. Stay warm and dry. (How DO you decide which pair of boots to wear? LOL )
    Love N Hugs, Barb *queenb



  16. Hi Sandra ,congratulations on the awards you were given .
    Glad to family got back safely from Russia,hope Roman spots that he was proud of soon go .
    I wonder what your secret is ????? Poor Jake !
    Love Jeanxx

  17. Roman obviously ate or came in contact with something he's allergic to. Or I wonder if it's a light case of the chicken pox? Anyway, I'm glad that they arrived home safe and sound. Why is it our heating systems always go out in the winter when we need them so desperately? I needed my furnace repaired last May. Not quite as critical as Dec-Jan. I happened to turn it on one cool morning & realized it wasn't working properly. The man came & fixed it and that fix was probably cheaper than if it had been in the dead of winter. Gabi hopes Jake is feeling better. And as for your secret~we're patiently waiting......Linda in Washington state

  18. i hate it that Jake was sick...so glad he is better....i wanna know the secret!! I hate not knowing! LOL
    It is below zero here and half a foot of snow coming down. Phooey.
    SO glad Roman and family are home safe and sound and i wanna see that video too. I hate it that your boiler is acting up. Be safe. XO

  19. That was so cute about what Roman said about his spots. Happy Kerry and her family arrived back safely. Wish we had your warmer temps..cold cold cold, here. Have a lovely midweek...hugs and love,

  20. I hope the rest of the week goes well for you.

  21. Congrats on your award Sandra... much deserved, of course :o)

    So, you've gone all mysterious on us? Heee... can't wait to hear your news!!


  22. If it's not measles it could be a form of Roseolla. It's a virus that causes you to break out after a fever. I still get it to this day which is rare in adults and repeatedly. It's usually a one time deal in kids, not unlike measles.

    Sounds like it was a fun time to be had in Russia. Glad to hear you didn't lose anything of value with the break-in. I hope they are able to fix the furnace soon for you. I'm looking forward to the news your keeping secret. (Hugs)Indigo


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