Monday, 16 March 2009

Scary Trees and Sculptures - A Weekend in Pictures

An ancient pollarded beech tree Looking up

This tree sculpture is simply amazing

and so are these...mind you, the dogs love them!

Roman pulling his pretend miserable face

Just look at his gorgeous wonder his girlfriend Connie wants to marry!

It`s been a lovely weekend. The weather has been marvellous, very sunny and very warm, just how I like Spring to be. As you can imagine I spent every spare minute in the garden weeding and tidying up. Between us we`ve now cleared all the beds of weeds and I can honestly say that the main heavy work is behind us....well apart from the small matter of digging out a new flower bed and making a raised bed for planting veggies! Never mind, the work is what it`s all about. A garden is a living thing that is never finished, theres always something to do and something that needs changing. Now I can think ahead to what plants I need for the Summer though as I`ve planted lots of seeds I shouldn`t need to spend too much.

The photos above were taken by Jim in Burnham Beeches woods. The beech trees there are very old and the have to have their upper branches removed (pollarded) to keep them from falling over under their weight, also it helps to allow light through to the forest floor. He also took the photos of the tree sculptures there. I think they are amazing and whoever the artist was he or she is very talented. The other photos were taken on Saturday night when we went out for a meal to celebrate Slava`s 30th birthday. It`s not actually his birthday until March 30th but Kerry thought it best to bring it forward in case she didn`t feel up to it then. She has only 3 weeks to go now and is feeling very uncomfortable. The midwife has told her that the baby is laying with her back against Kerry`s spine which will cause her extra pain during labour...very helpful to point that out I`m sure! Then the woman tells her that she will very likely have a long labour as she had a C-section first time around. Something tells me that the midwife wouldn`t win any prizes in tact and diplomacy!

Anyway, I`d better keep it short as I have lots to do ie. read journals, answer emails etc. Take care and bye bye for now. :o)


  1. gee now it will seem extra hard after what the midwife said unless your sweet daughter has a good stubborn streak. I hope she does!
    Our weather is nice today, up to 60 but we still have huge piles of snow
    ps... you Grandson is so handsome and is looking like a big brother already

  2. The tree pics are realy good Sandra well done to Jim and thankyou for sharing them.I heard on the weather you were to have it good where you live over the weekend.A kittle sun here but still very cold and the same today.You are way way ahead of me in the gardening Sandra.I havn't even started yet LOL!!Roman gets more like his Daddy I think every time I see him."Happy 30th Birthday " early to Slava glad you had a good time.I wouldn't have been too pleased with what the Midwife had to say.You are right about her having no tact.Prayers Kerry suprizes them all and has a very easy labour.Have a lovely week. Take Care God Bless Kath xx

  3. I love the tree pictures! Oh my gosh, Roman has lost quite a bit of his baby features. He's turning into a little man these days. I'm waiting for a few more weeks of warmer weather to weed out my gardens to get them ready. Wow, 3 weeks until due date. Soon there will be a beautiful littl girl gracing your lives. (Hugs)Indigo

  4. Those trees are amazing. Great pictures. That midwife shouldn't be telling Kerry all these things. I hope she has an easy time of it. Helen

  5. Debateable whose side that midwife is on! If I had heared that I would have put in for a second c-section right away. It'll all be worth it in the end thoug, I'm sure.

    love, Angie, xx

  6. Hi Sandra, lovely photos of the tree sculptures and of Roman. I had two caesarians and I swear on them. The second one happened in the UK and I did not feel a thing! I'm not that brave and proud to want t "normal" birth! I hate pain! All the best to Kerry. I'm sure she will be fine in a way or another when she hold her lovely baby in her arms!. Ciao. A.

  7. Amazing trees..and yes, my dogs would use them too...LOL Roman is just too the pout..and always love the smile. Sounds like Slava had a great birthday...and Kerry will be fine..she a good Mom to look after her...and God too...hugs and love,

  8. What great photos of the trees & of you and Roman. I love his pretend miserable face. Kerry's midwife isn't doing a whole lot to ease Kerry's state of mind. She's NOT a mindreader!!! We're praying for a short and relatively painfree labor for her.
    luv n hugs, Barb *queenb

  9. Love the trees, I can see they must be a dog magnet. Roman is sooo handsome.
    I want a raised bed this year, I grew a lot of veggies in pots last year which was quite successful.
    Good luck to Kerry fingers crossed for an easy delivery! xx

  10. Awwww... there is that sweet boy. Roman is gorgeous you'll be beating away lots of girls when he starts flashing that smile in high school.
    Oh man now you're making me nervous for Kerry and you. The worst time I ever had in my life was when I was in the delivery with my daughter. I cried because she was having such a terrible time and there was nothing I could do. I will be praying for all over you. I cannot wait to see the baby.
    Kyan is very excited about his baby coming. I think he will be a very kind big brother. Is Roman excited?
    You'll have to send me your mailing address to my email at so I can send him a card when he is a big brother.
    Take care, Chrissie

  11. Hee Hee ,that miserable face doesn't look very convincing does it ? how lovely .Those tree scultures are amazing ,poor Kerry all uncomfortable ,not long now OOO all excited Jan xx

  12. Great pictures Sandra. Yes, it is getting very near now and you must all be very excited! As for the garden, we have lost another tree, that is four on that side of the garden and there is so much work to do. I think we will put in a lot of shrubs and just leave it. Happy St. Paddy's Day.


  14. The tree sculptures are fabulous. Poor Kerry having that midwife.............I believe in saying it as it is but she doesn't know for a fact that it will be a long labour so why worry her? Roman is looking as handsome as ever. Eileen x

  15. Hi Sandra ,what a lovely boy he is ..we know its not a really sad face ..not long before he is a big brother .What had that midwife got to gain by telling Kerry all that !!! Hope she has an easy time now and that will show her !!!
    Interesting trees and hugs ..

  16. Loved the pictures they are amazing ~ and yes my Boys would make good use of those trees :o) Roman looks so grown up all of a sudden he is a young man :o) ~ I cannot get over that Midwife saying those things to Kerry ~ somehow I don't think she will win "Midwife of the year" :o(

  17. The trees are amazing! And little Roman is as always a doll!
    I wouldn't want to hear that stuff from my midwife. She should plant those seeds in Kerry's mind. Sheesh! I'm sure it will go good. Happy Bday to Slava!!

  18. I meant that she should NOT plant those seeds.

  19. Great photos. Happy Birthday to Slava. mark

  20. u r a fucking whore. and u have a ugly ass son and on top of that u are a saggy FUcK


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