Friday, 10 April 2009

Good Friday Blues

Hello everyone,

Well the baby still isn`t here and by the look of things she isn`t in any hurry either. She was due on Tuesday and according to Kerry`s midwife is most likely quite happy to stay where she is, warm, fed and comfortable. Of course Kerry is NOT at all comfortable and is thoroughly fed up with her pregnancy and just wants to get it over and done with. The thing is that because of her previous caesarian section she can`t be induced the same as someone who has had a normal delivery. She has been told that if she doesn`t start labour by Tuesday she will see the hospital consultant who will probably recommend another caesarean. I have to say that she is very unhappy about this but I have told her they wouldn`t do this without a very good reason and her health and the baby`s comes first. If they say a section is the way to go then so be it. She wants to experience childbirth the natural way but I reminded her that if she had been born 100 years ago neither she nor Roman would have survived the birth as he was lying acrossways and could never have been born naturally. A terrifying thought but true nonetheless. I must confess that secretly both Jim and I hope that Kerry has the section because even if she does start labour she has been warned she is a high risk and we are both very worried.

We saw Kerry and Roman yesterday and he told us he really missed us and that he hadn`t seen us for ages....actually it was last week but I suppose thats a long time for him. He told me that he "loved me and that I`m his very best friend ever" Mind you last week he said that to Jim!

Even though its Good Friday I had to work this morning. The weather is wet and a lot cooler than it has been of late, not at all what a garden centre needs on a Bank Holiday. Mind you it hasn`t stopped a lot of people coming out and buying all they need for there gardens. The plants we are selling are especially good this year and many customers having been complimenting us on our stock and the latest layout in the plant area. I always tell them that a great deal of work goes into it to make it as good as it is and its all down to our outdoor staff which numbers no more than more that four on a good day. Most days its just two.

My own gardening efforts are reaping rewards but some of the seeds I planted have failed. We had a sale of plug plants at work and for only 80p I bought lots of them and transferred them into pots when I got home. Now I won`t have to buy any bedding plants and at this rate I`ll have lots left over. At the moment nearly every window ledge in the house, and many shelves have seedlings on them. When its warmer at night they can all go in the greenhouse and I can have my house back again. We have bought some new fence panels, some trellis and a garden arch for the garden as I`m turning the area around the greenhouse into a raised bed for veggies. It won`t be very big but just big enough to grow some nice fresh produce. As it is I`ll be growing my own runner beans this year.

The last fortnight I`ve had a really bad cough and a painful throat. I thought it was just a virus but it just didn`t seem to improve at all and by the 11 day I`d had enough and saw the doctor. He said my throat had become infected from what was most likely a virus to start with. After taking antibiotics for just over forty eight hours I feel so much better and my cough has almost disappeared. My throat doesn`t hurt at all though my voice hasn`t come back properly and is still a little squeaky. I more or less felt alright by day but at night I just couldn`t sleep for coughing so its a relief to sleep easily at last .

Anyway my friends, I hope you all have a very Happy Easter and that the weather is good to you. Take care.


  1. Sorry to hear about Kerry. As you know Becky had two c-sections as well. They were not going to take the chance with the second baby after all the panic and trouble first time around. As long as the baby is healthy, what does it matter? I know Becky wanted a natural childbirth as well but it was not to be. It will not be too much longer now one way or the other.

    I shall be planting some of your Cosmos seeds next week. They reckon we are in for heavy rain this weekend although we have had nothing here yet. Well done with all your seedlings. Your posting is very pretty. Hope you got my card o.k.

    Big hugs my friend xxxxxx

  2. I was beginning to think I had missed the announcement with being out of commission so to speak so I checked up last night. Still cold up here I have not planted any seeds yet and have lost some packets I bought earlier in the year, have been searching, no luck as yet. Hoping to get started in the garden this weekend the forecast is for some sun. Haappy Easter Sandra. Love Joan

  3. Hello Sandra, I have been thinking of you all and Kerry in particular and when I saw your mail..........I thought "she's arrived". Kerry must be feeling so uncomfortable now and I hope things start to happen very quickly for her. Whatever happens she has to go with the safest option and be guided by the medical staff. Fingers crossed you soon have some good news. At least it isn't only us oop north having abysmal weather at Easter! It is quite cold around here. Take care. Eileen x

  4. I will be thinking about Kerry and she will be in my prayers ,Ahh well maybe this time next week you will be dancing a little jig ,oh bless Roman ,what a charmer he knows the right things to say hee hee , Jan xx

  5. Make it the 14th.My favourite DIL's.Keyoard still out of order till Saturday Missed letters Sadra.Hope Kerry soo has it over with.Luvly post.Luv Kath xx Take Care "Happy Easter" xx

  6. I thought this would be the 'Announcement' too :>)
    Hopefully, quite soon!
    We have awful weather,pouring Rain, and very cold, but not unusual at Easter.I keep buying plants, and things are doing well considering.
    Enjoy the Weekend

  7. keery Kerry in my thoughts...Happy Easter weekend!

  8. Poor Kerry. Never mind, Baby can't stay in there forever. She'll be sorting out poo-y nappies in no time!

    hanks for a great read. I tell you it's just like having a natter over a coffee,

    Easter Blessings
    Angie, xx

  9. I hope Kerry goes ahead and has the c-section for her and the baby's safety. Glad that you are feeling better. You and Jim have a great Easter, Roman also. Hugs, Helen

  10. Hi Honey, I'm thinking seriously of gardening myself. My landlord won't let me do much, so I am thinking of container gardening. I don't know if you know much about it, do you? I'm thinking of perhaps veggies. That would be so awesome, as vegetables are so expensive here. I was wondering if you had a good site, or new anything about container gardening? We have very large pots we could use and a nice spot to put them in that is shady but at times also sunny. I think it would work well. We could fense it in so the college students wouldn't steal this time. What do you think?

    Good look on your daughter having her baby...

    Love you,

    krissy knox :)
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  11. Hi Sandra, I'm sure Kerry is getting very impatient. How I remember that feeling with both of mine. It will be a shame if she can't have a natural delivery if she wants one but she's got to do what's best for her & the baby. I've actually bought a few geranium starts & planted them in hanging baskets. Hopefully they won't drown or freeze to death. Glad to hear your're feeling better, Linda in dreary Washington

  12. I too, was very excited when I saw you'd posted thinking Kerry had the baby just by her due date. I know from experience how tiresome it is to get by your due date. My first son was due 8/26 (1973) and wasn't born until 9/13!! The say my due date must have been calculated, but I was sure when I conceived!PLUS he weighed in at nearly 9lbs, 23" long and head full of thick hair!!! It was like he was a month old already. LOL So I just think they come when they are ready. LOL
    We have had such dry weather and SO much wind. We need rain so badly. Could you send some of that wetness our way? :)
    Well, we're keeping Kerry in our thoughts & prayers (as you all are.) Take good care and give that precious little Roman an extra hug.
    Luv n hugs, Barb


  14. Happy Easter to you all, Sandra

  15. OMGoodness I don't blame you both for secretly wanting her to just have the Csection. I understand where she is coming from, but like you said in other times she would not have survived. I will pray that your new grandchild arrives soon and safely and that your daughter does not have problems and can heal quickly to care for her new baby and son.
    Roman is a doll and he reminds me of my grandson with his manners. Kyan tells me he loves me so much and I'm his bestest friend too.
    Tonight was cute. He asked me to come over to his Mommy's belly and talk to the baby. So I talked to her stomach and he smiled then he talked to her stomach and said Baby that is NayNay. LoL. Then he looked at me and said with a huge smile.. NayNay he loves you. That was so precious. Our new baby doesn't come until October so I will be on pins and needles then myself. My daughter had a terrible ending to her pregnancy and hard delivery. I cried so much for her while in labor. I was so scared for them both. So I know what you mean when you say you worry for your daughter and the baby.
    Hope you all have a blessed holiday.
    Take care

  16. A special baby is worth waiting for. The garden sounds great. Have a good Easter even if it is raining. Last year it snowed so ther's an improvement already!

  17. Happy Easter to you and Jim Sandra ,and all the family ,Hoping all goes well for Kerry
    Love and hugs


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