Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Photos and Updates

5 days old

With my gorgeous grandchildren

Roman practising his reversing skills

In our garden on Sunday, the weather was really hot and sunny.

Later that evening

Looking over daddy`s shoulder, can you see the likeness with Roman?

Roman "repairing" his car tyre with Jim`s spanner. He has conjunctivitus and his poor eyes are all swollen and sore.

No grandad, I am NOT amused!!! Do you like her pretty little pink dress?

Hello everyone,

I`m sorry I`ve been so long posting another entry, I don`t know where the time goes just lately. If I haven`t been working extra hours I`ve been at Kerry`s or she has been here. I think recently I`ve only had about an hour online per evening. Sophie is doing really well as is Kerry now. Kerry is on iron tablets which have certainly given her a boost and you would never guess she`d had a difficult c-section just 13 days ago. Sophie is getting bigger each time I see her and I can`t believe how different she is from Roman at that age. She is very laid back but so alert, she holds her head up really well and is always looking around to see what`s going on, almost as though if she doesn`t she will miss something important. Kerry is feeding her herself anymore and her midwife agreed. Because Sophie is so big she is very hungry and is now on a special formula for big babies. She sleeps really well at night and only wakes for her feeds and sometimes she sleeps through them too. Kerry is really enjoying motherhood second time around and I`m sure its because she is more relaxed having done it all before. Roman has conjunctivitus and has very sore, swollen eyes at the moment. Kerry tried with drops from the pharmacy but after a couple of days she had to take him to see a doctor who prescribed antibiotics. Getting the eye drops in is almost like a military operation. Roman refuses to let anyone put them in so he has to be held down by Slava while Kerry administers them. Its not that he`s scared of them because he laughs and runs away, its just that he refuses point blank even though he knows they are to make him better. It is just one of the things he has taken to doing since Sophie was born. He really loves her and he doesn`t say anything bad about her but his behaviour has changed towards Kerry and Slava. He`s fine with us and he gets lots of cuddles as always. I think its just an uncertain time for him while he gets used to Sophie being a member of the family after being the centre of attention for so long. He`s a happy little boy usually and I`m sure he`ll get there in the end.

On Sunday evening we took charge of Marshall, a German Shepherd who belongs to friends of ours while they go away for a few days holiday. In the past Roman was a little afraid of him being such a large, if soppy dog. This time however he spent ages playing in the garden with our friends two children and Jake and Marshall following them everywhere. It was lovely to see Roman playing with a couple of older children (9 and 6) who he hardly knows and having a great time....he`s really growing up now.

On Saturday Jim and I visited a garden centre that had been recommended to us. I only wanted to look around and see what their plants were like but, oh dear, I came away with a beautiful Japanese Maple (Acer) which cost a fortune, but I don`t begrudge a penny and will be going back for another when I`ve saved up for it. My philosophy is, I don`t smoke, drink or gamble, I pay my bills and take care of my family so I will spend my money on what makes me happy...and that of course is my garden. Jim has put up a archway across the path near the end of the garden and put heavy-duty trellis on either side cutting off the bottom of the garden from the main area. The point being that the bottom of the garden is where the greenhouse is and where I`ll be growing vegetables. I`ve planted the Acer in front of one side of the trellis and the one I`m going to buy next will go on the other side. I have so many ideas for the garden this Summer that I can`t wait for the good weather. I have so many young plants to go out once it is warm enough and I`m hoping for some beautiful flowers from them all. I`ve planted runner beans and three different types of tomatoes this year and I`m hoping they will all thrive and bear fruit.

Anyway dear friends, I`ll say goodbye for now and hopefully will be back to tell you more of what`s been going on of late. take care and I hope you are all well. Oh yes, and I`m trying to catch up on all your journals too! Bye Bye. :o)


  1. Those are awesome pictures. The baby does look just like your brother.
    Poor Roman I hope his eyes heal soon. Little booger we have to hold Kyan sometimes too.
    I know he'll be fine when he adjusts. I feel Kyan will have the same issues when his sibling arrives.
    Glad to hear that Kerry is doing good and getting better.
    Can't wait to see the garden growing. I wish I could do that here, but I have to many animals that tear up everything. I need my own greenhouse that I can lock up.
    Take care and enjoy your time with the grandkids.

  2. Glad all is going well the family the baby is beautiful. Your garden is looking great. I too have lots of baby plants waiting to go out I can hardly see out of the kitchen window anymore. It will be a while yet but I do have my mini greenhouse to graduate them to soon if the frost stays away . Love Joan

  3. I think she looks a lot like Roman especially when he was smaller. I can tell she is really growing. What better way is there to send you money that on garden plants? Great pictures of them both. Hugs, Helen

  4. What a lovely girl! What a pretty little dress. I agree that she looks a lot like Roman. Hope Roman gets better soon. I'm sure he's dying to give her lots of kisses. Big hugs. Ciao. A.

  5. Beautiful little girl and handsome little boy. It's going to be a wonderful summer for the whole family. And just think, next year at this time, little Sophie will be toddling around the yard with big brother. Linda in Washington

  6. Aww what wonderful photos. I can't believe how much Sophie has grown!! And she DOES look like Roman. Jim doesn't look a bit proud. LOL How lucky you all are. Enjoy!!! Can't wait to see your garden in full glory.
    Luv n hugs, Barb

  7. the pics are great...thx for sharing...poor Roman hope he feels better soon...take care...keep those pics coming..

  8. such darling pictures... hope romans eye gets better very soon.



  10. Thank you so much for posting those gorgeous photos of Sophie and Roman. I can certainly see the resemblance, in fact it was there in the previous ones too. Glad to hear that Kerry is feeling much better............it is so exciting being a Grandma for a second time! Envious of your Japenese Acer - I would love one. Eileen x

  11. Sandra Sophie is beautiful and she does look so much like Roman ~ I do hope Romans eyes are feeling better by now ~ Loved all the pictures ~ thanks so much for sharing them with us ~ Ally x

  12. Oh Sandra, Sophie is so beautiful ,of course you know that but you are prejudiced ,but she really is a lovely Baby ,and yes she is just like her big brother ,who Im sure will adjust ,Hey I bought an Acer last week lol ..love Jan xx

  13. What great photos and she looks so much like Roman...and he is growing up so fast before our eyes....You and Jim look so relaxe with your new Granddaughter...hope you and the family have a nice weekend coming up...hugs and love,

  14. Hi Sandra ,beautiful photos ,loved the one of you and your gorgeous Grandchildren ,baby Sophie is so pretty..have a lovely weekend .....love and hugs ..Jeanxx

  15. The baby is adorable!! She looks like her handsome brother!! Definite resemblance there! They are both such treasures. I always enjoy the pictures you post. Thank you for sharing these.
    I hope your garden grows very well. You have such good luck with plants. I'm sure things will be blooming like crazy!
    Looking forward to more pics as your grandchildren continue to grow.

  16. Hi Sandra, This is my first time reading your blog. And I agree with everyone She does look like Roman.Im saying a prayer right now that his eyes heal in Jesus name. Stop by my blog and leave me a comment and add yourself as a blogger buddy.Also my friend Bobbie at missbhavensblog.blospot needs some freinds could you send a few her way. Have a Great week

  17. Beautiful photos Sandra. She is adorable.

  18. Your garden sounds lovely, I hope we all get some gardening weather soon

  19. Sophie's an absolute treasure Sandra! I can see a likeness to Roman too. I'm sure he'll soon get used to having a little sister to take care of. It's hard when they first get a new sibling and mum and dad can't focus on them like they used to. I hope Roman's eyes are better now. Sorry I'm late here but I'm trying to catch up after my computer crashed! Jeannette xxxx


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