Wednesday, 26 August 2009

I`m Still Here!

Hello, it`s me!

It`s almost a month since my last entry and I`ve done so much in that time. The only problem being that I can`t remember exactly what, at least in the proper order of events that! Anyway, I`ll do my best and try to update you before my mind goes completely blank. I apologise now for the randomness (is that a word?) of the entry.

Right, since Roman`s birthday we have been to a theme park, Paultons Park in Hampshire. Perfect for young children and their famillies. None of the rides are really scary and Roman was able to go on most of them. Paultons is set in beautiful countryside, well away from main roads etc. There is a small zoo there, pretty gardens to walk around too. I would thoroughly recommend it to any of you who would like a nice day out with the family. We had a fantastic day there and Roman was in his element.

A few days after the trip to Paultons I had a weeks holiday from work and went to stay with Kerry and the children. Jim was working most of the week and I didn`t want to spend my days doing nothing, I just have to be busy and at Kerry`s there`s always something to do. I left strict instructions on what to do each day in the garden, what to water and when and to watch the tomatoes for signs of blight. As it happened the garden was to be the least of my worries but back to that in a minute. I enjoyed helping around the house, doing the gardening. Poor Slava`s tomatoes had the dreaded blight and we had to throw the whole crop away as it was too far gone to save. I put some new plants in as slugs had had a feast on the marigolds and they had little Summer colour left. We went out every day and I got to know Sophie much better and we came to an understanding. We were friends at last and she did me the honour of smiling for the whole time I was there. Somehow I think we have seen the last of "grumpy Sophie" and "happy Sophie" has replaced her for good! I managed to convince her that I, her Nanna was a nice person who would always be there for her the way I am with my Roman. While we were there Kerry showed me Roman`s school uniform that he will wear to big school in September. I must admit it brought a lump to my throat seeing his brand new grown-up boys clothes. When did my darling little boy become old enough for school and where did the last four years go? I just don`t know, he`s seems so grown up though he still enjoys a cuddle, though not quite as much as he did. Sometimes I say to him teasingly that he is still my baby. He says very forcefully, " No I`m NOT a baby Nanna, I`m a big boy now!" That told me didn`t!

My big boy playing footie with Daddy and Uncle Dan

Of course I mentioned the garden being the least of my problems, well you`ll love this.

What happened was on the Saturday, the day before I was due to come home I had a phone call from Jim. He had been calling every day but not first thing in the morning. This time he sounded worried.

JIM: I`ve been stung by a bee!

ME: Are you sure it`s a bee and not a wasp?

JIM: Well it`s lying dead on the floor and it`s furry so it must be a bee...oh and I pulled the sting out of my neck.

ME: But you`re ok?

JIM: Yes, but it hurts, where`s the AfterBite?

ME: Top shelf in the wardrobe.

JIM: Thanks, I`ll see to that first then I`ve lots to do this morning, I have to get the suitcases out of the loft for Kerry and Slava. See you tomorrow afternoon.

ME: Ok Love, take care, Bye!

Well Kerry and I went out for the day with the children and I thought no more about the phone call. We spent the day at Beale Park, a small zoo with a few kiddie rides set in lovely surroundings by the river Thames, there are some lovely places near to Kerry. Anyway, after the day out we went for a meal in a nice family restaurant, again set in beautiful countryside...Oh dear, there I go! By the time we got home it was 7.30 and almost as soon as we got in the door the phone rang...I just knew it was Jim and there was a problem.

Jim: You won`t believe what happened to me.

Me: Do I need to sit down?

Jim: laughs...No but I have to tell you I`ve had a bit of an accident.


Jim: Erm...well, when I went up to get the suitcases, the ladder collapsed on the way down, taking me AND the ladder with it....down the stairs...erm...I`m a bit bruised, well no, make that VERY bruised...and a bit battered...and I`ve sprained my ankle and my neck and shoulders are really sore....

How on earth did you fall?

Jim: Er...I didn`t tighten the ladder properly and it just gave way.

Anyway, this continued until I was convinced he was alright and he didn`t need me to come home, Kerry would have brought me home right away but he insisted I stay. I made him promise not to do anything even slightly dangerous until I was home again. He promised and said he was going to bed, the safest option in my opinion.

I spent half the night tossing and turning about his accident and what could have happened. He could have been seriously injured or even killed and he was on his own, it didn`t bear thinking about what the consequences could have been. The next day he arrived and I was shocked at the state of his injuries. He was covered in black, red and purple bruises. His ankle wasn`t sprained after all but was really badly bruised. Roman thought his grandad looked wonderful, a real hero. Not everyone`s grandad had bruises like HIS!

Over a fortnight on, the bruises are still there though faded somewhat, they are still sore and Jim hads decided to have a loft ladder an expert. There`s no way I will allow him up that ladder again...ever!

I myself had some blood tests last week. I`ve been having these waves of fatigue for the last few months and I`m fed up with them. One minute I feel absolutely fine and the next I feel completely exhausted. The exhaustion passes after about 30 mins but I want to know what`s going on. The doc says I might need some more vitamin B12 injections, oh great, they are really painful. Or maybe vitamin D, common in older people he says...thanks Doc! Or maybe diabetes. On a serious note, I really hope not. Either way, I will know for sure by Friday, I`ll let you know.

Kerry, me and Salina with Sophie...she weighs almost 16lbs now!

Kerry and family are in Russia at the moment and will be home on Monday evening. Kerry has called me a couple of times but has to call from her in-laws home so she can`t say to much. I asked her if she was enjoying herself. Her exact words were, "Oh you know!" In simple terms that means she`s not. Oh dear, I had a feeling she wouldn`t, she`s going to tell me all about it when she comes home. Anyway, after this long, rambling entry I`ll say goodbye before you all fall asleep!

I`ll be visiting as many journals as possible this evening and will comment too. I hope you are all well and having a good day. Bye for now. :o)


  1. Whew, what a lot to catch up on! I am so glad Jim was not seriously hurt as he could have been. We have always had a proper loft ladder although Mike finds it hard work going up there these days. I hope your tests come back fine. Incidentally, with diabetes you feel tired all the time and have a raging thirst and get up several times per night to go to the loo and a lot more often during the day. You have not mentioned any of that so hopefully you do not have it.

    Glad that you and Sophie are now friends lol xxxxx

  2. Glad that you had a nice visit with your family. I hope Jim continues to get well. Cute pictures. Helen

  3. Keith has got a brilliant loft ladder, though not of the conventional type. It's one 'lift' of an extending ladder and when he's done using it he shoves it back up into the loft space. And, yes, it's a bit dangerous too so I'm eternally gratefuk that we haven't got any stairs for him to fall down. I'm always afraid that one of these days he will give one of the water pipes up there a wallop with it and our old Nemesis, water bringing down the ceiling, will pay us a visit.

    Good to hear from you again! I'll have to try and get an entry done soon. I'm like you: time goes by and things happen - but WHAT? And WHEN?

    love, Angie, xx

  4. I can definitely sympathize with Jim. I took a header down my own basement stairs 3 days ago. The bruising can't fade fast enough. It's hot and wearing short sleeve shirts outside is out of the question. I look like someone pelted the heck out of me.

    Glad you got some one on one time with Sophia. Can't wait to hear about Kerry's trip to Russia. (Hugs)Indigo

  5. Hope the bruises heal quickly...cant wait to hear about Kerrys trip with the inlaws...but most excited that Sophie likes her g'ma!...

  6. Lovely to read your latest entry but sorry to learn of Jim's terrible accident! Hope he is feeling much better. Sophie is really coming on now, such a beautiful little girl. Would love to see a picture of Roman in his school uniform when he starts in Sepember. I see you have a comment in Chinese! Beward of this, it could be rather rude! Good luck with the blood tests. Eileen x

  7. I enjoyed seeing Sophie's photo and am glad she is smiling for you now. Congratulations to Roman on his 4 year old birthday. Time has been going by quickly it seems. Salty was only a year something old when I got him as a stray in 2004 and now he is middle age. I have been on my ladders for hours on end putting up siding and now painting. I do little except rest when not working on this house going on since 2004. I enjoy the small front room that has the large window and I am using as living space. The 2nd story addition will be taking another year so I am planning on painting area's until I am able to do the siding next year. My goal now is to get the space closed in so I can use the space inside as a work area. I had a head cold yesterday and the weather is changing today. So today I am taking it easy and will do some indoor tasks as it will cool off tomorrow into the mid to upper 70 degree temps. I hope Jim is healing up well from his fall and my last fall from a step ladder was hopefully the last I will have. I landed on my back falling only a few feet, but it was still painful. Now I must be extremely careful working on high ladders outside and make certain I am safe. Thank you for visiting me. You are one of the few people still commenting as I have been away for many months. mark/salty

  8. Poor Jim! I hope he's healing up now Sandra, that could have been much more serious. I hope you can find out what's wrong with you, I keep getting those periods of feeling faint but all my blood tests came back as perfect according to the doctor! I'm glad you all had fun at Paultons and you made friends with Sophie! I suppose it'll be harder as you won't see her as much as you did Roman but I'm sure Roman will put in a good word to Sophie for you! Take care Sandra. Love Jeannette xxxx

  9. Hi Sandra,

    I loved the pictures. I hope Jim is doing better these days. Roman is getting older and he seems to be enjoying himself. Give him a huge hug for me. I hope you are feeling better. I am glad you are still around. Do have a nice weekend and take care.

  10. Great you're back and everything is well. Love the picture with all the girls. Sophie is becoming a right little lady. So beautiful! Like mum and grandma. Wish you a lovely weekend. Ciao. A.

  11. Ouch ..poor Jim ,I hope he is feeling better now ,I do hope you get good results from your Doc ,loved looking at your pictures , Jan xx

  12. Oh my, I do hope Jim is ok. But so happy to hear you had a few days to spend with your precious ones. It's easy to get behind in reading blogs...especially when the weather is nice & there's so much to do outside. Linda in Washington

  13. Hi Sandra sorry I haven't been sending comments as been to Majorica for a week and before that a caravan holiday for a week as a friend has in Darlington .So sorry to hear about Jims fall,hope he's got over it now I too had a bad fall like that from a height and broke my wrist !!! poor Jim .Sorry you haven't been too well hope its nothing too much ,as we keep getting older one thing after another seems to crop up Jeanxx

  14. I hope you are feeling better. Let us know of the test results.

  15. First, I'm so glad to see a post from you my dear friend. I'm always curious about what's going on with you all across the pond. I loved the photos & am thrilled you got to spend your holiday at Kerry's. I loved the picture of all you "girls." You all get more beautiful every day. Sopie is absolutely adorable. I can't believe how big she's getting already!! As for Roman heading off to school-well, I can hardly believe it again. Then again, my oldest granddaughter turns 13 next month & is in 7th grade. Gulp. She is already a beauty & as she blooms, I told Chad (oldest son who just turned-36!!!) that he is going to have to beat the boys away from Ashley's door. When they go from that baby stage to that beauty stage-I cannot get over. It won't be long till the boys are asking her for "study dates" first. LOL Oh I don't envy him going through that. I'm glad we're through with that.
    Poor JIM!!! A bee sting and a terrible fall. He sounds just like Richard. Rich could have broken something and said, Oh, it's nothing. Oh men.They cannot admit when it's worse than it is.
    I do hope Kerry was able to enjoy some of her trip to Russia.
    I am so worried about YOU and your health. You have to take care of yourself. Else, who take care of Jim?? Please keep us informed and do what your dr. says.
    Always good to hear from you . Take good care. Luv n hugs, Barb (queenb)

  16. Stopping by to say Hi Sandra. Hope all is well with you!

  17. Sandra,
    Found the bad news about Jake on your Twitterfeed. I am very sorry to hear about this, and wish you strength in taking the right decisions regarding him. I know only too well that as a pet owner, you have a responsibility for their welfare and well-being. You're in my thoughts.


  18. Sandra I read a post asking for support on the support blog. I have never checked into Twitter.
    Anyway I am so sorry to hear about Jake. I am sending up prayers right now for him and the family. May God heal his body and take away his pain and may he give you an uplift about all of this. Please post here soon and let us know how he is doing. Hugs, Helen

  19. Just stopping by to say I'm thinking of you and your dear little dog as I just read the Call for Support Blog. Prayers will be going up.

  20. coming by way of call 4 support, just heard about dear jake, please accept my sympathy dear friend. i remember when you lost loving hannah, & she was put on our pet memorial. it's there for jake too, when you need it. {{{}}}
    i lost my 2 long time companions, this summer. :'( so, my heart goes out to you. spend this time, with him spreading lots of love.
    all those gone before, will be waiting at the rainbow bridge to welcome him.
    le me know if i can help in any way.
    a prayer for jake, & for the family.

    God bless...

  21. Sandra, I am glad that Guido put this on Call for Support, I did not know what to do but it is easier to break the news to people. It is so unfair that Jake has this when he is only six and a half. I know from our telephone call that he is in no pain at this time due to the medication he is on. Enjoy every moment, as I know you will. All of us will be thinking about you and him.

  22. P.S. I know when you are up to it and ONLY when you are up to it, you will do a little tribute to him on your journal and have him added to Sugar's wonderful memorial.

  23. ((Hugs)) I just heard about Jake hon. This news is so sad to hear. I know how much he means to you. Pickles is joining me in prayers on the smoke for her friend Jake. You're in my thoughts dear friend. (Hugs)Indigo

  24. Bringing special thoughts for Jake... and gentle hugs to you....

  25. Hi Sandra, thankfully I have got you again (thanks to Jeanette) I will now get you on my lsit so I don't let you "go" again ! Great that you had a good time on holiday...por old Jim ! hope by now he is well and truly over his fal and that a new loft ladder has been ordered... Really sad to read about Jake, we get so attatched to our animals it is awaful wehn they are ill and we can't do anything.
    Much Love for now Sybil xx

  26. Hello Sandra
    Jeannette has just told me of your devastating news about Jake. I just had to come on here to say how very sorry I am to hear this news. I know how much Jake means to you and how loved and cherished he is and I am really upset by it all. It is with a heavy heart that I say all best wishes to you and I hope that Jake does not suffer at all. I will be thinking of you.
    Love Eileen x

  27. Sandra, sorry about your dog. It is so hard to hear bad news about a beloved pet. I hope he doesn't suffer. Linda

  28. So very sorry to hear about Jake, it is so heartbreaking. Please know my thoughts & Prayers are with you and sweet Jake. Sending you my best.


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