Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Hello Everyone!

Hello everyone,

I know it`s been a while since my last entry but it`s better for me if I don`t post too often now. I find I just don`t have that much to say of interest anymore but I don`t want to stop altogether.

I want to thank all of you who expressed sympathy and support when we lost Jake. It was a real hammer blow losing him so soon after the diagnosis and was all the sadder given his age. I can`t believe that on Christmas Day it will be a whole month since we lost him but I think what with work and the build up to Christmas has been thr distractions I needed to get through the sadness of it all. I still miss him terribly but I can now look forward to the New Year when we will get a new furry companion to share our lives. I have already spoken to the Labrador Lifeline Trust and they told me to call as soon as we`re are ready and they will find us a dog. They found us Jake and I know there will be another labrador in need who we will welcome into the family.

To change the subject, Jeannette kindly nominated me for a Valued Blogger award which I was honoured to accept. Now I have to nominate between three and five people who I value the most out of all of you, well that`s the theory. I actuall value you all but have decided after much thought to go with three people who have been there for me since the start. So here they are.

Jeannette of

I know Jeannette nominated me but I must nominate her back. She helped me when I started on AOL blogs when I had no idea what I was doing and have never looked back. Over the years we have become friends, exchanging emails, IM`s and phone calls. We even met in person once when Jim and I spent the day with her and her lovely husband Mike. So I just couldn`t leave Jeannette out of this however I look at it.:o)

Then of course I have to nominate Angie.

What can I say about Angie? She has a wonderful sense of humour in everything she writes. She comes over as very warm-hearted and is the sort of person I could be friends with if I only lived in Yorkshire! She has disabilities but never seems to let them get in the way of living her life to the full. If you haven`t read her blog, go over and see what I mean.:o)

And last but not least I nominate Ally.

Ally joined AOL blogs not long after me and I`ve always enjoyed her stories of the area she lives in, her family of course her two Jack Russell terriers who have special personalities of their own. Ally will often email me and ask after myself and my family which is a nice gesture. I always think the little things count for a lot don`t you? yep, Ally deserves this award. :o)

This is the Valued Blogger award for you to collect and place in your sidebars.

All you have to do now is nomate your own three to five Valued Bloggers. :o)

Life has been very hectic here. Work has been fast and furious with customers buying Christmas trees, wreaths, crackers and decorations. It had been fairly quiet but the last week it has really picked up. As for me I finished the majority of my present shopiing some time ago and its all wrapped and put away. The only thing I haven`t done is write out mt Christmas cards in time. I will apologise to all my American friends who usually recieve cards from me. I`ve decided that I`ll send ecards instead because I missed the last post for the USA last week. :o( As for my British friends you`ll all get your cards in the next couple of days if the Royal Mail keep up the good work. Fingers crossed then!

Last evening Jim and I attended Roman`s school Nativity play in which he played a sheep. He is one of the youngest pupils in the school and I think he did really well. Of course Roman was the most talented of them all and if you ask me it takes a lot of skill to be a really convincing! The eldest children in the play were only seven and the youngest, like Roman only four. Considering it was 6pm when it started they did very well seeing as they were all very tired at the end.

Sophie is 8 mths old today and is such a lovely little, well not so little girl.

Enjoying her dinner just like her big brother!

Anyway my friends, I can`t go without wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New year. Bye Bye for now. :o)

Love and Hugs

Sandra xxxx


  1. Hi Sandra lovely to hear from you ,my , how Sophie has grown Bless her she looks a lot like Roman in this photo .
    My head misstress asked if I wanted to watch the little ones play at school yesterday it was smashing ,lots of ours were 4year olds but budding actors,loved the sheep and the angels .One little lad was dressed as an angel along with lots of girls ,he looked so sweet .
    Wishing you and ,Jim and all your lovely family a very happy Christmas and all the best for the new year 2010.Pete and I are retireing on Friday,so i only have two days left at school
    Love and hugs

  2. congrats on your blogger award. :)
    did i send you a memory tag for jake? i know you requested one & i thought i made it, but only see hannah's on your side bar. let me know if i failed to send it. { }
    thoughts & prayers to your household as Christmas approaches.
    God bless...

  3. Hi Sandra ,like you I missed the post to our US friends but will probably do the samw as you ,Sophie is sooooooo beautiful ,bet you knew that without me telling you lol ,I would love to have seen that very special sheep ,(little lamb)...have a lovely Christmas Jan xx

  4. I'm so sad that you're grieving so for Jake. I know how hard it is.I do hope the hustle & bustle of the next 2 weeks help fill the void. Will Roman & Sophie be there for the holidays or are they traveling? Are you ready for Christmas? I can't believe it's here already. I didn't think I was done with the girls' gifts...that is until they were ALL wrapped! I've overdone it again. I do have one thing to get for my daughter then I HOPE I am finished. I should be cleaning house or finishing my cards, but HAD to check the computer first. LOL
    I am THRILLED that you & Jim will be getting a new little furry one in your lives after the Holidays. That is wonderful news. If anyone needs a lab in their lives it is you two. You just seem to be the most loving of parents to them. I didn't know Hannah I bet, but I know she was well loved as Jake. My Jake is a being a big old baby since his leg injury & ACL surgery last JULY! If you even look at him wrong he thinks he's hurt. LOL He's quite the actor. Take care of yourself & Have a blessed Christmas & joyous New Year.

  5. I had to come over to Firefox to leave a comment as AOL don't work half the time since Time Warner has pulled out.
    Sophia looks so cut and looks so much like Roman. I bet he looked cute as a sheep.
    Do not worry about us here in the USA. You have sent us one the last two years and I didn't get any sent over there. I did send some this year but you might see it at Valentine's day LOL.
    Looking forward to see a new pup here one day when you both are ready.

    Merry Christmas to You, Jim and the rest of the family. Hugs, Helen

  6. Thanks for nominating me Sandra. As you know I already have it and it is my sidebar but I will add your name as a "giver". Glad you picked the other two although it seems that Ally does not write anymore. I hope it will prompt her to do so.

    Sophie really is growin now. Nathan and Daniel have their plays tomorrow morning. Nathan will say nothing about what it is or what he is doing but she does know that Daniel will be singing, if they can get him to open his mouth lol. He hates being in things with lots of other children.

    Mike and I wish yourself, Jim and all the family a truly happy Christmas and a healthy and happy new year looking forward to the arrival of a new furry friend.

  7. Hi Sandra,good to read another posting from you.Your choice of Awards I well agree with though as Jeannette said Ally like many doesn't seem to be blogging much nowadays.I miss her tails about Nin and Barney as we will all miss yours about beautiful Jake,but maybe your next furry friend will give you plenty to write about.The garden centres here which I have been along to have been heaving.Wow how Sophie has grown,there not babies two minutes are they.Hope Roman enjoyed his play acting LOL.I managaed the USA mail to blogger friends and j/land,but the last two and I sent them thru airsure as the last post for royal mail had gone,it's a little more costly but I needed them to go.Have a wonderful Christmas and A Very Happy New Year.Take Care God Bless Kath xx



  9. Sandra,I'm so glad that you've decided to go ahead and get another labrador. I know it'll bring you a lot of joy and help in the grieving process. I look forward to hearing all about him/her! I bet Roman was the best ever sheep! Lol! I miss Ally too, she's a lovely lady. Maybe she'll start blogging again, it seems so many have given up completely. I just haven't had time while working full time but I am trying to add my Australia photos little by little! Have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy new year to you Jim and your lovely family. Jeannette xx

  10. I am sending my thoughts that you have a very wonderful Christmas with your family. I enjoyed reading about Roman and Sophie, along with all the nice comments. The very best to you, mark/salty

  11. Happy New Year Sandra and Jim.

    I share your thoughts for as you know I've not written much lately either. Have plenty of thoughts and activities, just not always compelled to put it in writing. Perhaps this year it will pick up for me.


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