Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Time I posted

I thought it was time I posted something, I hadn`t realised it had been so long. Much has happened since my last entry, Christmas and New Year have come and gone and now we are heading towards the end of January.

I`ve been recovering from a bout of shingles which I first noticed on Christmas day though at the time I just thought I had an irritating rash as I had my hands full with the celebrations. Not so; I saw a doctor after Christmas and before New Year and he confirmed what Jim already thought. Kerry and Jim both had it years ago so I knew what it looked like. I was prescribed anti-viral tablets that I had to take FIVE times a day...I gave up after two because they made me feel worse than I already felt and all they are supposed to do is send the virus `back to sleep` as the doctor referred to it. I must admit that I felt absolutely exhausted for some time and to make matters worse I had probably the worst cold I`ve had in years at the same about feeling miserable! I decided once I started to feel better that a course of tablets to boost my immune system would be a good idea and I`m taking one per day and will continue that way right through the Winter or at least until I feel back to par. I`ve not taken any time off work because it wouldn`t have made any difference. I like to keep going because if I sat around at home I would end up feeling even worse than I already did. I must admit to still feeling some pain from the shingles but that will go in time. If it irritates too much I just take a painkiller and apply calamine lotion to the site, it does help.

Anyway, thats enough about me and my ailments. Now for something else a bit more cheerful. We`ve booked our flights and a lovely villa to stay in in for our holiday in Florida in October. We are trying not to talk about the arrangements in front of Roman where we can so as not to over excite him too much. He is really looking forward to it but October is a long way off when you are only 4. He keeps reminding me however, that he will be 5 when we go away. My grandson FIVE, I can hardly believe it. Mind you, Sophie is 9mths now and as different to Roman as chalk and cheese. They LOOK like brother and sister but where Roman is sensitive and thoughtful Sophie is loud and boisterous. When Roman was a baby he was shy of other children but Sophie loves their company and will reach out and grab them if she can, laughing as she does so. Even though she is 9mths she wears clothes for 12-18mths so that gives you an idea of how big she is. Not tubby but well built and tall. If she carries on growing the way she is she`ll be bigger than Roman before too long!

This was taken just after Christmas. I didn`t use a Christmas photo as Sophie had conjuctivitis and her poor little eyes were so swollen and red.

I took this one of Roman a fortnight ago in Black Park. We had a lovely time that afternoon.

We contacted Labrador Lifeline Trust in the new year to see if they had any dogs that needed a home. We were offered a young chocolate bitch but she wasn`t what we were looking for and it wouldn`t have been fair to take her on if we weren`t sure. So we are waiting. It is very hard being without a dog because Jake left a huge hole in our lives. We both miss him very much and another furry friend would help to fill the void. We are prepared to wait for the right one especially as we have the grandchildren to consider. No dog is perfect, especially a rescue but that won`t matter if it feels right. Any dog owner will know what I`m talking about.

Anyway, I`ll say goodbye for now. I`d like to promise that I`ll publish another entry sooner but knowing me I probably won`t. Take care all of you. :o)

Love and Hugs

Sandra xxx


  1. Sophie is looking more like Roman on every picture you post. You would think their roles would be reversed being of different sex of children. I hope you and your family enjoy your fall stay in Florida. I also hope that you soon find a dog that will fit into your family. I know how much you miss a beloved pet after they are gone. I hope those shingles get gone soon. My son has them under the skin but they have never surfaced. He says they hurt and sting a lot. They are on his upper body. Hugs, Helen

  2. Lovely to have an update Sandra. I've never had shingles (touch wood)but I know it's not pleasant. Florida eh? That;ll be nice. At any rate warm!

    love, Angie, xx

  3. Oh you poor thing. I undestand shingles are very painful. what tablets are you taking to build you up again ? I could do with some ,Roman and Sophie are very alike, though its funny however much they favour each other all children have their own personality ,I have nine Grandchildren ,and each one is different Jan xx

  4. sorry to hear you had a rough start to the yr, hope you feel better for the remainder of 2010.
    the vacation sounds wonderful, but it's awhile off yet. plenty of time to get ready for it.
    loved the pics of the kiddos.
    you're right, wait for the 'right one', i was waiting, when dazzle happened into my life. she's so special! i can't imagine being without her now, even monkee is starting to like her. ;)
    hope you post again soon, i try to update wkly.

  5. sorry to hear about shingles.very tc,love mort x

  6. OMgoodness, you poor thang!...I hope you are doing well, shingles is no fun at all!!!
    The g'baby pics are adorable!!!
    good luck on the pet...You'll find a match!
    take care

  7. Oh we are going to Florida in March. Be watching the blog and I will post from there, I hope. :-)

    Just wanting you to be aware - October is in the hurricane season. So as long as you stay abreast of the weather forecasts all will be fine in case you need to evacuate. I say that only b/c it seems the tourists seem to be the ones caught in danger unknowingly. In FL you have to evacuate sooner versus later b/c the people are so numerous it is hard to evacuate everyone at once. Listen to me, probably scaring you to death!!! You know me by now that I embrace my own fears wholeheartedly! So just ignore me and watch the weather daily while down there ha!!!!!
    I'm enjoying reading blogs tonight. I've given up facebook for the evening and it has been quite nice. Oh..shingles. I've not had them but know someone with them currently that started on their right side on their head and forehead. Itching and misery and pain. Takes a couple of weeks or longer to rid of them. I am sorry you have to endure this. I guess most of us have the virus in us and it comes out again in some as adults (chicken pox virus). I've written a book as if this is my own blog page.
    lol Good to hear from you and visit you.

  8. Hi Sandra lovely to read a posting again from you.Oh!!Sophie is so cute LOL!!many pics of my Grandchildren all face splattered with food,don't they make you laugh he-he.Roman growing up into a lovely little boy isn't he?.Don't mention shingles,OUCH Iv'e had them and they nearly drove me nuts, believe you me,(not that I arn't) heeeeee.Florida how lovely.I'm put off flying, a little just now for going abroad,but hoping to go to the USA next year once more for next to my eldest Sons 40th.Just booked a weeks coach tour for Eastbourne in August,got to get in early or they get booked up,where we'll go before that has to be decided as yet.I hope you soon find a little furr to suit you,I understandhow much you will miss Jake (Hugs).Sophie's Tommee Tippee brings back memory's(I used to love a bit of juice in one of them)when the owner wasn't looking Heeee-eeee.Byeeeeee.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

  9. Hi Sandra I didn't get an alert for this entry but I spent today with Jan (while the men went fishing !!) and she told me you had posted ,sorry to hear you had shingles ,Petes Mum had it once and said how painful it was ,you are run down i should think and mix with so many different people at the garden centre.Roman and Sophie are alike in looks ,they don't seem to be babies long ...take of yourself love and hugs ,Jeanxx

  10. Hi Sandra, Sorry about the shingles. My dad had it a few years ago and it was very painful. Hope it's gone by now. Your grandchildren are magnificent. Sophie has grown so much that it's really difficult to recognize her from the first baby pictures. Hope you will get a nice new dog soon. We would like to get one too but we keep on postponing as we think we are not ready yet. Too much to do already! Wish you all the best. Ciao. Antonella

  11. My Mom had shingles and took Lyrica which controls nerve pain. I take the same medication at a lower dosage. It controls pain through nerve connections in the brain. Whatever your course of action is I hope it does not last long. I think I will ask about the vaccination for shingles in years to come. It is approaching 35 degrees F and I think I will walk Salty and head to shopping in town. Salty will be in his dog house/pen with some rags for warmth until I get back. It is to get very cold this weekend, but we will stay warm with plenty of wood ready to go in the woodburner. I have several more years of wood since the May 8. 2009 storm that caused huge loss of trees. Some of the cutting I do is with a handsaw and it is exercise for my left shoulder. My left arm gets numb and I am trying to break down the scar tissue and build new muscle. I am having a little success with the pain, but I definitely feel more muscle. I have not made any new posts in my blog. I enjoyed reading about Sophie and Roman. mark/salty

  12. Hey Sandra, thanks for visiting my blog today. OOOOH Florida!!! I love it there, I took my two when they were little. Then John and I took his and my children in 2004. Ive been four times and would love to go again!

    Sophie looks gorgeous!! Awwww and how Roman has grown! where does the time go??

    I understand what you mean about the dog. Awwww I hope you find a dog that suits you.

    Laine xxx

  13. I am SO SO sorry to hear about your bout of the shingles. I hope you are through the worst of it. I haven't had them but my MIL did & she was so miserable. Bless your heart. I'll be thinking of your & pray you recover quickly.
    I cannot believe how big Sophie has gotten. And Roman too. He'll be 5! How the time a flown. Give them a hug from me. They are so sweet. Our granddaughters are growing up so fast too. We will be celebrating the birth of grandtwins around the end of June. A boy & girl it looks like. I won't be convinced until they do another ultra sound. For SURE I know one is a boy, but as for the girl, I'm not convinced yet. She was just 15 wks when they did that ultrasound. She will have another one at her next appt. They will be positive then. We are over the moon at having a grandson, but will be happy with healthy babies.
    Tom is going to college now & he & shelby & kenzie are still living here. I know he'd rather be back to work for the Railroad but if that's not going to happen anytime soon he needs to be mapping out something. I owe you a long email. We've all been sick ourselves off and on all winter. Well it's hearly 5:30am and I haven't been to bed. I fell asleep earlier and couldn't go back to sleep. So I have been trying to get around to a few blogs.
    I didn't know when you were coming to the States. I so wish it weren't so far from Texas to FL. It's probably close to 2000 miles. Anyway I know you will have a fantastic time & take loads of photos.
    Am sorry that you haven't found the right fur to take the place of Jake. But I know what you mean about it having to be the right one. Our jake actually stood up on his back legs so Richard would pick him up & put him in the chair with him last night!! That is the first time since he had his surgery on his ACL that he has stood up on his own. I SO hope that it's a good sign and he's finally getting over it. He's become such a baby & yelps even if someone makes a sudden move around him.
    Take good care of yourself. I'll try to get you an email written soon.
    Luv n hugs from cold West Texas, Barb
    We have had two snows of about 5" since the day before Christmas. AND rain AND ice. This January was 3x wetter than normal. THAT is great for this area. I'm loving the cold winter, but Richard has had his share of it. LOL
    Luv you!!

  14. Sorry to hear you had shingles, I hope it's all cleared up by now. Florida is beautiful, Andy and I went three years running, I know Roman will love the parks! It's best to wait till the right dog comes along, it's so easy to rush and choose one that's not suitable. You'll get one eventually and I know you'll love it! Sophie is gorgeous, she looks so much like Roman! Jeannette xx

  15. Sandra, how are you doing? Let us hear from you. I do so hope your shingles are "put back to sleep," so to speak. John has had them so many times, and it can take months to get rid of them, or make them dormant again, I guess would be the proper way to put it. Sandra, I am very concerned that you stopped the antiviral, because even though the medicine only makes the shingles go dormant, it's very necessary that it does. The shingles must go into a dormant state for you to be well again. I hope you are consulting with your doctor about this, if the shingles are still there, and if they ever return. Watch out for them, and if they do return, please go to the doctor immediately -- shingles can kill you. They almost killed John. Okay, I'll stop being your Mommy now, LOL. Please let us know how you are doing. Love you,

    krissy knox :)
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